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Sadly, I think we're going to have to be removed from the July BFP list. Dp's numbers haven't been doubling properly. I don't know where that leave us. I'll keep you updated. Today is her first day off of progesterone, so we're expecting blood within a few days. ugh.
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Oh no, I am so sorry to hear that. How are you doing?
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KSDoulaMama, I moved ya! I hope this cycle is the one for you!

spcd, I'm SO sorry to hear this news. :-( Please KUP. I hope you and DP are hanging in there... Thinking about you.
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Spcd- sending lots of love your way...
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Blood today and lots of it. Just trying to keep her fed and comfy. I guess we're back to waiting. We'll check in with the RE in a few days to see when we'll be ready next. I had a feeling this was too easy....
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I am thinking of you and dp, spcd.

Take good care of each other.

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Oh spcd, I'm so sorry to hear that. That's so hard. Courage and strength to you both at this rough time.

Just a warning -- the progesterone drop can produce postpartum-like symptoms, like severe depression. I wish I'd been told to expect that.
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spcd - I'm so sorry.

FTMpapa - Welcome back!!!!

AFM - I'm back in the game (waiting to O) after an incredibly long (45 days!) break cycle. I'm still going to acupuncture and choking down the herbs he prescribed. Also re-introducing clomid. Hopefully this will be the perfect storm.
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PF, can we talk about the herbs? When my acupuncturist gave them to me, she suggested that they might taste "a bit medicinal."


It was like mud with a little poo mixed in for flavor. Were yours that bad too?!

Anyway, welcome back

spcd, I'm thinking of you two. I'm so so sorry. I really hope you are doing OK, well, as well as possible.

AFU, we are waiting to know, I guess. We did one insem last night and another this morning. I am so crabby this cycle. I want this two weeks to be over so I can either be pregnant or on a break. I'm OVER it right now.
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Milletpuff - hahahahahahahaha. Exactly. I was with DP and my mother the first time I had them and it really triggered my gag reflex - so I asked them both to try it and they both said it didn't seem so bad to them. I couldn't believe it, but my mom suggested that perhaps that why they are prescribed for me.

The taste is bad - the the after-taste will kill you. Ugh. Right now my strategy is to drink it room temperature (seems to go down easier than hot, or even cold) with a chaser. I alternate sips between herbs and OJ.
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You are a better woman than I, then. I went immediately out to the health food store and got a kit to put that shit in capsules. ABSOLUTELY NO WAY was I ingesting that in it's pure form. I mean, it makes me want to barf when I *burp it up* an hour later! I'm sure I will encounter grosser things on my road to and through parenthood. Hopefully I won't have to eat them though!
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FTMpapa welcome back!

AFM, I go in for a beta hcg today
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wishin'&hopin' FX for you!!! Can't wait to hear an update.

pf and mp, moved ya!

AFM, glad I finally got the ff crosshairs... 7/8 DPO and waiting for blood. Usually have a 14 day LP, so it's probably going to be a while yet.
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BetaHCG #1


next Beta on Friday.

Stick baby stick!!!!!!!!!!
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woohoo!! congrats wishin'&hopin'!! :::

stick to the pole little bean!

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Congrats Wishin' & Hopin'! Stick to the pole, little bean!


AFM - nothing to report. Still don't know what I'm doing next month, sitting this month out, again.
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Originally Posted by wishin'&hopin' View Post

next Beta on Friday.

Stick baby stick!!!!!!!!!!
YAY!!! :: Congratulations!!
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Congrats Wishin'& Hopin'!!!

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spcd, i am soo sorry...

wishin', congrats!

lyndzies, can i ask you a question about the instead cup? you used one on your last cycle, right? can you tell me more??

anyone else, have you used the instead cup or anything like it??

afm: i am on cd 8 and patiently waiting... i really want to try a morning insem but i don't have the time on sat mornings to lay around and relax (i have this summer job thing) so i am wondering about the instead cup so i can insem and go on with my day...

hope all is well with the rest of you... i think of you often.
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Hi all,

I'm back after taking the summer off and traveling with the fam. This past cycle we did clomid for the first time (which I'm totally ambivalent about given that I don't have a high FSH - ugh) and a trigger shot for the first time. The clomid moved my ovulation up by 4-5 days! And so I ended up having to inseminate (with my lovely midwife) in a hotel room at an academic conference. That was funny. Nothing like carrying a giant nitrogen tank through a hotel lobby surrounded by hundreds of your peers....

Anyway, it's good to be back and could I be moved to the TWW?

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