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Nursing Mamas TTC August

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The plan forAugust

Waiting to be Ready

: Waiting to Catch the First PP Egg! :
Little Shepherds

: Waiting to O :
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*Evie's Mama
*Grahnola Mum
*henny penny

: 2WW :
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A fresh new thread!! How exciting :

I'm still waiting to O - SoCaliMommy, will you please add my chart? Here's the link: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/24431e
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updated list to here

I ended up removing anyone that didn't post at least 1 time in July.

MahnaMahna~ Added your chart

Burnindinner~ on af finding you.

Tenk~ on waiting to know.

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Thanks for the new thread!!

This month is all messed up for me b/c of my own craziness. You'd never believe I'm actually a calm, level person irl. lol I guess i'm 8-9dpo and will try and hold out a couple more days to test since I totally don't feel pg in the slightest. I'm expecting AF to show thurs. or friday. and just trying to psych myself up to temp & opk next month so I can't be so nuts.
and OT: We just got some news: DH got the unofficial job offer (official to come Monday or Tuesday) and we'll probably be moving to Alaska in the next couple months. I'm decluttering like a crazy lady in case I have to pack a house in the first trimester.
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What a crazy first month of TTC and waiting for my first PPAF! I suppose I can stay in the TWW for now, as I still don't have a bit of spotting. I am at 11 dpo today, and my temp went down a few 10th degrees yesterday, and then right below coverline today. Still, no spotting, but we'll see!! Still a waiting game for now

Good luck this month ladies!!!
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I can't believe it's august already!
DH and I will try to conceive next month. I'm pretty sure I'm O'ing right now(or will be tomorrow) but we want to wait until the next cycle.
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Originally Posted by xekomaya View Post
We just got some news: DH got the unofficial job offer (official to come Monday or Tuesday) and we'll probably be moving to Alaska in the next couple months. I'm decluttering like a crazy lady in case I have to pack a house in the first trimester.

wow! what a big move - congrats to your hubby!!
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xekomaya~ Congrats to your hubby on the job.

juleslane~:: Af stays away for you.

I'm still waiting on temps to confirm O. I just hope i don't end up with Af around the time i have to make a 7+ hour drive to NV to pick up MIL for her to visit for a few days.

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Thanks for the new thread!

Wow on the move XM! That is cool.

I don't have much to say, just wanted to get subscribed to the new thread.
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Holy cow, I'm O'ing right NOW, I have cramps, feel my cervix moving open/closed (whatever) and have EWCM with spotting. OMG, I've never spotted while O'ing, I'm so excited, and we BD last night and will again and 2 days ago, OMG, I so hope this is it. AND, were officially on vacation in Hilton Head SC, it's raining, but who cares, no worries.

Thanks for the new thread SoCali, I'm feelin lucky this month and hope that lots of us get to move...
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Yay! For a new thread/month!! Since when did time fly so fast??!!

Tenk: You better get to the lovemaking!!!! You know, spotting while ovualating is EXTREMLY FERTILE!!! Here's to you catching that eggie!!!

ColumbusMomma: Yay for a new job!!! Let's hope all goes well, hubby makes a little more money and you have a bun in that oven soon!!

SoCal mama: I'm actually in the 2ww sorry forgot to mention that!!
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From what I have seen as a lurker you ttc'ing nursing mamas rock, so I thought I better jump on your train.
DS is almost 23mo, definitely still nursing and hopefully won't stop anytime soon. He is still a super erratic sleeper. I am counting on luck to help me ttc because I don't think I have the energy to do all the charting etc. My cycle historically has been very text book though the last two months were weird. I just had my paragard IUD removed last month so this is the first cycle for ttc and I am waiting to O (CD6)! My first ppaf was 4/08 for interest sake.

I am counting on you ladies to give me some of your great juju
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Just checking in for August! Still waiting to O but feeling super nesty already and cleaned out the garage today (big job)! Dh says I'm brooding a little early !
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just checking in still no PPAF Ds is 14 months today. and still nursing like a mad man. good luck to everyone this month!!
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hey momma's

glad to see everyone doing goood, Iam sooo ready for AF to be all she brought was cramps and dirreah with her totally not a fun.

i cant stay my baby started crying again he wants to be nursed again soo be back laters
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I'm here. Just got back from our trip to AK. DD was sick most of the time and it didn't stop raining but it was good to see the family. I don't know where I am in my cycle or if I am even having one. Whenever DH and I BD I bleed for days. Does this happen to anyone else? It's nothing new to me but very annoying. I have a doc appt in a week and I will ask then.

Tenk....Yay on Oing! What does it feel like? Pinching or crampy?

Columbus...Congrats on the new job!!
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Well I suppose I can be moved to Waiting to O. AF just arrived....first time since DD was born almost a year ago!:

Here's a link to my chart http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/28ac80

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Originally Posted by Lovin_Life View Post

Tenk....Yay on Oing! What does it feel like? Pinching or crampy?
It was very spotty pain, I mean very localized and not all over, so I had really pinchy pain in my right side, then in my left side, and it was pretty uncomfortable, and now it's gone and my cervix is closed low and very hard....YAY!!!! This morning however, my hips and left leg down to my knee are killing me (which happens every month around O, and I guess I've been O'ing early than I thought. which is good this time because we didn't BD last night after all.
Yesterday we were going back and fourth regarding names (prematurely for unconceived baby) and I get to name this one YAY!!! so I'm going to give him a list of 20 names and he'll pick the combo he likes. I know it sounds weird, but that's the only way we could agree. Whoot!!!
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So ir's been weird. Today is 13 dpo for me- definiteley the longest LP I've had since DD's birth. I keep feeling crampy, though which makes me think I'm not pregnant. When getting preg with DD, the months I had cramps were the months it didn't work. The month I had NO symptoms was the month I got pregnant.
On 11 dpo, I had a slight tinge of pink on my mama cloth that I've been wearing. I tested with a dollar store test yesterday (12 dpo) and got a BFN, but I didn't use morning pee. I only have one more test to use between now and Tuesday- on Tuesdays the dollar store has 88 Cent Tuesdays were everything is 88 cents. Sure, I suppose I could pay the full dollar to get a test before then...
Also I don't know my temp for Saturday because we went camping and I forgot my thermometer. Today, however, it's the highest it's ever been...

So I'm wondering if I should use this morning's pee for a test or wait until Monday or Tuesday.

Also, last night I dreamed that I gave birth to a 20 pound boy. It was a fast birth and I had the tiniest tear from it.

ETA: So I gave in and used the test this morning. Negative. Of course AF hasn't shown up either.
Maybe I've hit menopause at the ripe old age of 23? Not pregnant, no period.
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********** can i be moved to 2ww. ********** (im using my phone so i cant bold- hopefully that was attention getting haha.) although af is due in a week and i really really doubt this is my month. unless of course practically imaculate conception exists =)
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