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Abolish our Afflictions for August in Albuquerque

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Its the best I could do
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I like it. Though I don't want to abolish my affliction, I would like it to lesson just a bit.
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Wow what a title.

ASF, the pill did nothing for my bleeding, didn't change it at all Mirena took all bleeding away totally. I'm all about weighing pros and cons, and with that much bleeding it might be worth looking into.
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Nice thread name Doularn Now lets hope it manifests for those of us who need it!

Sorry about the AF issues ASF, I'm afraid I don't have anything to share that might help, but here's a

Emans - How are you doing in the realm of temporary single parenthood? I live there part time myself with dh gone so much. It pretty much sucks, but I guess I'm sort of used to it.
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Eh fine so far, D spent the bulk of his first year here spending 4 days in CO and 3 here, so I'm not used to it currently but I've done it before KWIM? For me at least it's a mental game, nobody is coming to save me at the end of the day so I need to wake up with a different attitude. It also makes me realize both how little and how much he does all at once (if that makes any sense at all).
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It makes perfect sense! I know what you mean.
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Elm, on the midwife.

ASF, YIKES! I hope you're resting today!

Eman's, I hope the time flies by.

So nobody adopted any kittens today. There were plenty of people interested and a couple of people were seriously considering adopting one but no dice. On the plus side, one woman said she was interested in being a foster family, so that's good news. And a volunteer told me they adopted many during the week which is unusual.
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About the title, I had dh open the dictionry to find 'A' words. Its the best I could do on short notice.

And Eman- Its really not single parenting, its double parenting.
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rach - i still went to karate because if i am bleeding that much by *sleeping* really how much worse could it get? I just dont get it - it is so lame.
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ASF, I think you're crazy to have gone to karate. I've bled that much and all I wanted to do was sleep.
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Well, i had skipped on thursday because i took the kids to the pool instead so i needed to go. He is having me belt test so i should show up every once in awhile.
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I wrote up a long reply but the board ate it.

Basically. . .

ASF, try the mirena. Seriuosly. . the IUD thing isn't so bad once you get used to the idea. And it will probably really help with the crazy bleeding! I mean, you could always do a D&E, but if they can't find anything wrong the bleeding will just come back after a while.

Elmh, glad you like the midwife! That's so important, especially with your history!

Emans, good luck going solo! I would suck as a single mom because after 2 days I start to go crazy without help!

Rach, sorry no one adopted the kitties. It seems like a lot of people are afraid of the commitment. . maybe the economy makes people less certain?

As for me. . things are still weird. I've felt good the past few days, but maybe too good. I'm trying to figure my brain out and I'm just totally confused.
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Remember to call if you need anything.

So why does Miss M feel the need to sprinkle playdoh balls all over a newly mopped floor?
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Because God forbid a clean floor remain clean.
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If it makes you feel any better, N went while coloring the tile floor with black crayon.
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Okay so I got sleep last night and woke up feeling fabulous! I cracked the whip on my kids, each has a new job that they are responsible for doing daily. And I told Dh he was responsible for making sure the coffee was set for the morning, among other things. And I said to all of them that everyone was old enough to do jobs and that we all were going to work together as a team. Because Mommy was burning out and if they wanted to continue having a mommy we needed to share the work.

So we will see how it goes. But now that I feel a bit better I can keep up with the reminders of what the kids need to do instead of not caring or have the energy to get on everyones case (including Dh).

Or I could be living in a fantasy world again...

Open gym? tomorrow? Other wise I have to get school supplies. Eman dont forget to register wed or thur. we are going thursday since horses are wed.
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doularn - no open gym this week - it is registration week
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Are we doing anything? I know open gym is cancelled, but what about the park or someone's house?

S2 has been up since 4am. I've been mostly awake since then too, but at least I got to stay in bed.
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We are supposed to go to the pool with gymnastics friends today (don't know if it's actually happening but R is excited). Is anyone free tomorrow?

Glad you are feeling so much better DoulaRN. Hopefullly you can find a plan the family can stick with. I'm so burned out on the house I'm tempted to pull some of the crap my mom used to do that I hate and swore I'd never do. But I'm just so tired of all it.

COMommy I only got FAQ's not a wavier, am I just missing something?
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we could do a little something tomorrow or friday probably. It is killer hot outside right now though.
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