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WHAT DO YOU LOOK LIKE Diaper Mamas!!!??? - Page 2

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here we are:

love these threads!
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Look Down mine is in my siggy..... you have to click on one of the kids and go to the albums..... but that is me in there....
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I have not had a picture of me in eons

but I am tall and sexy.........LOL! :LOL
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Okay here is me....

Way back....

and now

hopefully this works....
if not go to
they are both in the gallery
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That is IT!!!! I am gonna learn how to use this darn computer & post pictures!!!
I love seeing you all!!!
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Here's the whole fam damnly.
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Let's see... this one was a few weeks ago: http://wisemanfamily.us/weesmas.jpg
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Wooohooo this is fun!

Wow all these pics are great, but Jess, that pic of mom&babe is simply breathtaking in it's beauty... I don't think I have any dreamy pictures like that from when DS was a newborn and now I'm wishing I did! Heres me with ds, ds alone, me&DH when pregnant by the lake last summer, and me&DH on a dinner date 2 years ago.... any votes on whether I should go back to blonde (been coloring my hair brown for one year)???

ETA the link!!! duh. http://f1.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/sas...eyla/my_photos
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Angelica, I vote you should go back blonde.. you look beautiful!

Ok.. I wasn't going to post here but I will because it is fun to see pictures..

This is me in 2000 (at a lighter weight :LOL ):

This is me giving Nathan a kiss (that's all you get to see of the current me!):

And here's Nathan about 2 months ago in a Stacinator So Simple followed by him about 3 weeks ago in a Mosaic Moon:

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I love pictures! It's so nice to see what everyone looks like. Makes it more personal.

So, here's us! The whole fam ... fuzzy kids too!

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Click the link in my sig - there are pics of me in the gallery!
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okie dokie.. here i am

This was taken this Christmas at about 8am LOL

Lemme know if it works!
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Alright..I'll bite... me and the smallest one
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Alright, here we are in September....Jonah is a huge chunky man now! :LOL


Thanks for posting photos ladies, it is fun!
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Here I am when Karina was about 5 days old:
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Originally posted by 15yrsbetweenboys
No, yours didn't work for me-it asked me to sign in. BTW, did you just call me? The phone rang and rang and I found it just as the caller hung up-nursing/sleeping ds dangling from my bosom as I galloped through the house
people probably wonder why every time i answer the phone it is after 3 - 4 rings and i am out of breath.

KensJen: what is that maoon sling you have??? i want one! it looks snuggly soft!

Anyways, my pics are in my sig. Me, my DH and of course my son is in all of them!
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