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Help! Flat Warts!

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Please Help! I am in need of a flat wart remedy. For the longest time I had a single one on my leg and had no idea what it was so I continued shaving as normal not knowing what it was or that shaving spread the virus. Now I have tons on my legs and am terrified I will spread them further and spread them to my children and husband. Has anyone had these? How can I get rid of them? The dermatologist just suggested to stop shaving the area to prevent further spreading which I have done. But there must be something else I can try. Any help is appreciated! I am desperate!
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Oh Mama,
I feel your pain. I had them for 10 years all up and down my arm. I never gave them much thought but when they started spreading, I wanted to do something about it. I tried freezing, scraping and a whole host of other painful ways to try to remove them and nothing worked. Finally, I read that Oil of Oregano is a powerful anti viral so, I started it (you want the wild with a high percentage of cavrecol) and within 2 weeks they were completely cleared up.

I've since heard that Olive Leaf is a better antiviral but, the Oil of Oregano worked for me.

Good luck!
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Also, if you have access the "latex" from an unripe fig or fig leaves works to remove warts. It might take a few weeks though.
Just pick a fig and put the white sap stuff on your wart.
If you have access to a fig tree that is.
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Subbing to this thread as I have been looking for a way to get rid of them for a long time! Amcal can you elaborate on the dosing with oil of oregano and where to purchase?
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I've heard of using oil of oregano too. It sounds like it might work best for your situation.
I had some spreading around my fingers and used apple cider vinegar on them 1-2x/day. Gave them attention, rubbed the area during the day. They cleared up pretty well with that. In a big way, I think consistency is the key.
There's a homeopathic remedy wart wonder I also tried once before, and I had success with that too for some stubborn warts on my feet. That's also a topical treatment, dunno if that would be best for 'tons' or not.
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Pink Gal - there are several brands of Oil of Oregano - I got mine at the health food store. This is the one I used:

You want wild oregano with a high percentage of carvecrol.
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go to a dermatologist. They can laser them off in under one minute. I had a bunch removed after having them for a year and trying all home remedies out there to get rid of them. After a single treatment from the dermatologist, I am now flat-wart free!
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Thanks for the replies! I did go to the dermatologist and got a few frozen off but a few came back and there are some new ones. My copay is $30 so I cannot afford to go every time I see new ones. I think I will try oil of oregano to try to fix it from the inside out and be "proactive" rather than reactive. I would love to hear other's success stories. I need a pick me up as these warts have got me down a bit. Pink gal...keep me posted as what you will be using and if it works! I would love to keep in touch.

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