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July is OVER!

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Can you believe that here we have spent 9 months anticipating July to be here and now it is over. I have loved reading everyone's birth stories, and I must admit that I am having a rough recovery. Not feeling up to doing anything yet, and my baby was one of the first born.

I feel like the second he was born that a clock started ticking and the newborn stage will be over soon.

I can't help thinking that I just want MORE!
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I'm just depressed that July is over and I am still pregnant. I hope you feel better soon!!
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to both of you. I'm also feeling like the clock is ticking and that my DS will be grown up before I know it.
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I don't think I have the baby blues, but am also feeling very sad that it is "all over". I am so happy for my little guy to be here, but I truly love the whole anticipation of being pregnant and birthing experience. And we're almost sure that he is our last, so I am sad about not being able to go through all of that again. (However, while I was pregnant, I was dying for it to be over with.) ha ha. Such is the life of a woman.
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Yeah, still a little bummed that July is over and I'm still PG. DH and I pretty much knew and mentally prepared for going past our EDD, but it just never occurred to us that would mean August. Which is fine, but it's hard not to get discouraged when the days go by. I love seeing and reading all the birth stories, though. That's been very encouraging!
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*scratches head* What do you mean July is over? I thought it was still January...

Wait a sec, where did this baby come from?!

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