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Originally Posted by larzanna View Post
so bearing weight on legs early means early walker???
Not necessarily, my son could bear weight on his legs when he was just a week or so old, but now at 11 months he is still not walking - cruises like mad, however.
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Originally Posted by simplykate View Post
My DD was two weeks late (at least) and could hold her head up a few days after she was born. Now she's seven weeks and has complete head control and supports her entire weight on her legs and practically balances!
I remember my midwife saying that "post-term" babies are lot's of time advanced because every day they're in there there is so much important stuff happening.
Mine is the same, and also almost two weeks late (and in fact, I think we gave birth around the same time, mine is also almost seven weeks!)

he can definitely hold his head to 90 degrees, is starting to smile spontaneously and can even mimic me sticking out my tongue (so it seems anyway!) the docs and nurses at the hospital and now at his appts always remark on his 'strong' legs as well, since he can shimmy a good distance with them (but like the OP, can't hold both butt AND head up yet)
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Ds (10 weeks) has really good head/neck control, too. It was one of the first things I noticed, when he was handed to me in the hospital! 45 minutes after birth, and he's rearing his head about. His pediatrician commented on it as well, at his 2-month visit. It also seems that he'll be an early roller. That said, I don't think he's particularly 'advanced', YK? I'm sure there will be other developmental milestones that will come "late".
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My daughter had great head/neck control from birth. She could sit up at 3 months without falling, crawled at 5 months and started cruising as soon as she found the living room table. She walked at 9 months. Now, she's a very typical almost 5 year old.

My son couldn't hold his head up at all until around 6 weeks. Then surprised everyone by crawling at 3 months and cruising by 4 months. He didn't walk til 10 months though. He's still slightly physically advanced at age 2.5, but nothing major.

Being physically advanced has nothing to do with being intellectually advanced. And there are a lot of problems with very young children being physically advanced (Did you know 3-month-olds don't understand that walls don't move? They'll just keep trying to go through it.)
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My son does that too.  And he rolled over at 6 days old. Now he got circumcised so no tummy time for a bit. 6 days is crazy though, right?  Maybe it was a fluke. 

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Originally Posted by Jasonk View Post

 Now he got circumcised so no tummy time for a bit. 

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Not sure how this was bumped but Alexam you perfectly described my 8 year old...
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