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Exemption letter

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We are planning on providing the following exemption letter to the kids' preschool this fall. Do you think it looks ok? Should we add/remove something in it?
Thank you
To whom it may concern,

We, [mother's name] and [father's name], parents of [DC's name] request an exemption from mandatory vaccination based on our religious beliefs, as permitted by NJ Statute 26: 1A-9.1 and Section 8:57-4.4.

NJ Statute 26:1A-9.1 Exemption for pupils from mandatory immunization; interference with religious rights; suspension. Provisions in the state sanitary code in implementation of this act shall provide for exemption for pupils from mandatory immunization if the parent or guardian of the pupil objects thereto in a written statement signed by the parent or guardian upon the ground that the proposed immunization interferes with the free exercise of the pupils' religious rights. Effective Nov.11, 1974.

Section 8:57-4.4 A child shall be exempted from mandatory immunization if the parent or guardian objects thereto in a written statement submitted to the school, preschool, or child care center, signed by the parent or guardian, explaining how the administration of immunizing agents conflicts with the pupil's exercise of bona fide religious tenets or practices. General philosophical or moral objection to immunization shall not be sufficient for an exemption on religious grounds. Effective Date: October 20, 2003

We believe that we were created by God, in his own image and with a perfect immune system. We believe that immunizations are a lack of faith in God and His perfection. We do not believe in administration of immunizing agents, as it conflicts with our belief in God.


Mother's nameFather's name

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Without knowing the particulars of your state it looks fine to me. Not too much info, not patronizing, included the state statute...
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I think it is perfect and to the point. Nothing more needs to be added. Good luck. Let us know how it went.

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I will be submitting it to the preschool sometime in the next few week. Will post updates.
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