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Anyone shared kefir grains? How?

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I bought some water grains about 2? months ago. Just enough to make one jar of kefir. I understood (at least I thought I did) that water grains did not readily grow in number. However, in the past week I have found myself overwhelmed by rapidly reproducing grains...I don't need this many. I'd like to share them w/someone but how do you do this? I mean how would I package grains to send them across the country? Is this even feasible? What would you do w/a surplus of grains? Can they be dried or frozen or something?

Thanks for ANY advice!
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My water kefir grains grow like crazy too! I started with about 1/3 c and ended up with several cups of them in short order! My kids love to eat the grains with a bit of maple syrup and a twist of lemon or grated candied ginger as a dessert. Great probiotic treat!

You can freeze them or dry them to have some for back up. There are instructions here on Dom's website: http://users.sa.chariot.net.au/~dna/Makekefir.html

You can mail them by double bagging them in a ziploc bag, then I wrap bubble wrap around that and tape it with packing tape and then put it in the video tape size flat rate box. So far I haven't had any problems. Some people recommend only shipping dried water kefir grains, but with priority mail, I honestly haven't had any problems mailing fresh ones.

You can also try listing "water kefir grains for free" on your local craigslist if you want to just give some away. I've given them away via our local parenting listserv.

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Thank-you so much for your input! I think I'll freeze 'em til I find someone locally who needs them. Dom's link is really helpful. Thanks!
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Oh my goodness! If you'd be willing to ship them I'd gladly take some off your hands. I've been looking EVERYWHERE for water grains and can't find them. I'd be happy to pay shipping

I've gotten milk grains before and all the person did was double bag them - just pop the kefir grains in a bag with a bit of the kefir liquid and double bag. They do need to be mailed priority and the boxes are free
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If you're shipping them in liquid--triple bag water kefir. The weight is greater than milk kefir and that can stress the bags a bit. The postal service has this thing about packages leaking on their employees so best to be on the safe side
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If either of you has extra water kefir grains still, and is willing to ship, I'd love to have some, too. I'd happily pay shipping. Thank you.
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I'm looking for some water kefir grains if anyone else have extra. I'll of course pay shipping. thanks!
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I would love to have some water grains shipped- I let mine go too long and they're past the point of no return. I'd be more than happy to pay shipping!

thanks, Kelly
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