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freezer and pantry meal ideas for post-baby.. ?

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I'm trying to start thinking about a list of things to cook/prep or have 'stocked' in our pantry before our first son's arrival in December. Ideally I'd like about 3-4 weeks of meals. We live close to a store but there will be a lot of snow so the less we have to go out the better.

So far my list looks like this, for the freezer
pesto, spaghetti sauces
raviloi (mushroom, cheese etc)
fruit for smoothies and pies etc
veggies (for curries, stir-fry, soups)
chili (meat, turkey and veggie options)
frozen chicken, steaks, burger meat etc
knodels (cheese, spinach and apricot)
spinach breakfast quiche?

For the pantry:
dried beans
instant soups
chicken stock
homemade jams
milk powder
flour/etc for crepes/breads/etc

Can anyone think of some other options as well? I did see the freezer feeding thread and took some ideas off of that.. if it makes a difference, I prefer low fat, high protein or fiber based meals if/when possible.
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I am planning on doing this as well for my LO due early Nov. It looks like you have a pretty good list going. I wanted to suggest making up some bean burritos and then freeze. It would make a quick lunch or dinner even and I would think they would even be easy to eat while nursing.
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Your list looks great but I would suggest some yummy snacks, like some healthy muffins or oatmeal cookies. I froze some banana bread before my little ones were born and it was nice to pull it out when guests came over. Also, I noticed you want to stock up on stuff to make bread, I would recommend making the bread now and freezing it. I can't imagine having time to bake bread during those early weeks...

Also homemade applesauce and soups to freeze...
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I'm planning to make some enchiladas for freezing before our baby comes.

I like your list... and plan to take some ideas from it!
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homemade applesauce and soups, oatmeal cookies are great suggestions!

would you cook the cookies then freeze or just freeze the dough to cook 'as needed'?

Also any specific suggestions for soup(s)?
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Here's one of my accountings of what I needed/had on hand for post partum last year. It worked great for us for 6 weeks of meals. I think I still have a few things left! Sorry the formatting is a bit off.

Post Partum Menu

38/36Pancakes need: Earth Balance, maple syrup in stock
19/36Zucchini Fritata (baked in muffin tins)
7/36Wafflesneed: Earth Balance, maple syrup in stock
0/6Como Loavesneed: sliced cheese, tomatoes, bacon
12 boxeskashineed: bananas

4/6 Shredded Chickenneed: goat cheese, tomatoes, onions
0/6Kidney beansSalad Greens, cucumber
0/6whole wheat bread need: almond butter

8/6 loavesquick breads
5/8 dozencookie dough
2/3 dozenmuffins
2/4 dozengranola bars
0/100applesauce cups

Gyros (2 person svg) 4need to make a meal: tzatziki sauce, pitas, tomato, onion
Hamburger Buddy (6 svg)Parsley to top
Neopolatin meatballs (40) 10 per servingcook pasta, sauce, garlic bread
Roasted eggplant marinara 4 Servingpasta, garlic bread, salad
Sloppy Joes 4 svg. buns, salad, side veg
Ribs 4 svggarlic bread
Broccoli Beefcook lo mien noodles
mac and cheese with peas
pasta e fagioli soup 8 svgbread
short ribs in wine sauce 4 svgcook egg noodles to go with
lamb with apricots, etc 2 svgside veg, salad, couscous
SW veggie pot pie 2 svgsalad
beef stew 8 svgbread

9/6mozzarella and pizza cheese
4/6 browned sausage
5/6 pizza dough
2/6pizza sauce
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oh yes! pancakes are any easy make. I love breakfast for dinner.

any suggestions for easy lunches?
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Soups, stews and chowders!!

Make huge batches and freeze in various sized portions (I did some 2 cup and some quarts). My faves were veggie beef, chili, chicken/corn chowder, bean & sausage type soups, chicken noodle (or rice), etc.

I also made quiches and froze the slices individually.
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I need to do this, too! I'm so glad I ventured in here.
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My favorite PP foods were comfort foods-- I was really craving things like homemade mac and cheese, breaded chicken with mashed potatoes/peas, chicken tortilla soup, frozen homemade cookies (not the dough, the cookies).
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So far I'm working on:

lasagna w/ veggies and tofu "ricotta"
bean and cheese enchiladas (although I like the single serve bean burrito idea)
Chile and corn biscuit casserole
Lots of soups:
Chicken Gumbo
Veggie Minestrone
Black Bean Chile
Butternut squash

I have a pretty full pantry, so I'll just plan to keep that stocked.
Good idea to stock up on breakfast staples
I may freeze some muffins and bread if I get around to it.
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