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Roll call!!! Calling all mom's of 3 year olds!! 1999 babies!

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Saige was born Jan.20,1999.I was wondering how many 3 year olds we have out there,and how everyone's liking this age.
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We have a few weeks before ds joins the 3yo club. I absolutely love this age. He's so funny! He sings and jokes and comes up with the most amazing things to say. He's compassionate and friendly. Yes, there are times when he whines or complains or gets demanding, but they're usually pretty understandable and we get through them. We try to enjoy every minute of his cooperation, knowing it could change any day! Mostly we're just grooving on having him in our lives. My dh had a tough childhood -- tons of energy and nobody who understood that he couldn't turn it off. So we were ready for a child like that. This is such a joyous surprise!
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My ds is not 3 until sept. I am in denial and giong to stay in the toddler forum for 4 or 5 more years

We are having fun too:cool: But the past few weeks he has started having temper tantrums. I feel like he is on the edge of not taking naps but still tired of he doesn't sleep. Do your 3's still take naps?
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NAPS???? *snort* yeah,right!! Not since she turned 2!!!
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Matthew will be 3 Septemer 29th....no naps....no diapers either!! Yahoo!! That's been the biggest milestone achieved....that and talking up a storm!!
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Duncan turned 3 in Feb. My children never have the "terrible 2's" ....nope.....they have the "tyrannical 3's" as I call them!

1999 was also the year I turned 40

Duncan is giving up naps, slowly. I will miss my "downtime" when he no longer naps at all. He is a very active little boy.
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Janelle will be 3 this Saturday!

no naps since 15 months - argh! and she must be up for 13 hours before she'll go to sleep.

not fully potty trained yet - working slowly on it.

talks role plays and makes crafts extremely well - starting to help cook and clean - although makes more messes than she helps clean

I guess I like this age - or should I say - I like my dd - no matter what age.
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Oh yes the tyrannical 3's. Els' 3 Ones, I've observed the same thing. Been there, embarking on that road again in about three weeks, when my youngest son celebrates his birthday. Oh, and I turned 41 in 1999.

He naps, but sometimes not 'til 5 pm or later. He wakes up two hours later ready to roll and if we try to wake him up earlier, we can't rouse him. He's independent and strong-willed like his older brother and likes to push mom and dad to their limits, but metamorphoses into a total sweetheart at other times.

Even though it's a challenging age, it's a very fun time as well. His imagination runs wild and he is forever making up wonderfully fun games and scenarios. I'm gonna enjoy it while I can, because he's growing up all too fast.
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DD will be turning 3 in a couple weeks, and although she can be very adorable and sweet at times, I am definately looking at a case of the "tyranical three's". She has been potty trained since 18 mos (that's not as great as it sounds, though) and has completely given up naps now. She still gets up at night occasionally, and I am just thankful that it is occasional and that she's pretty good about going back to sleep. Her new thing is being a "baby". You know, "I can't walk- I'm a baby" or ""Help me eat- I'm a baby" and of course "Wipe my butt- I'm a baby". I'm sure that some of her new found independance is frightening to her and causing this desire to "be a baby again", but at the end of the day- man is it tiring LOL
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So does three officially leave toddlerhood behind and start the childhood years?

My ds is growing up sooo quickly. I have a love-hate relationship with this age. The tantrums I could do without but he's sooo lovable And so stubborn and opinionated and huggable and cuddly now. He was NEVER a cuddily baby but now he loves to curl up with you and "nest" on the sofa or anywhere.

Naps at home are a thing of the past but he still takes them at daycare. We've successfully potty-trained YIPEEEEE during the day and he usually stays dry at night. He has a HUGE vocab. and speaks wonderfully, even if I do say so myself. His hearing is being checked soon as we have some worry about that. He's just blossomed so much and a lot of the time I am exasperated but love him dearly

Oh, yeah, let's pretend is a high priority right now. The latest was Matthew Mommy bird and his two baby birds. He fed us "worms." Gotta love him!!
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Rebecca is 3, but she was born in 1998, barely (Dec. 25th)!

No naps except rarely, out of diapers since early October, never stops talking (she was using sentences at 18 months, God help us! ), and is starting to exhibit that dreaded 3 1/2-year-old behavior I've been warned about. Right now our biggest issue is backtalk when she doesn't get the answer she wants. Yet at the same time, she has become extremely demonstrative of her love for us, always telling me and dh how much she loves us, hugging and kissing us, and telling me I'm so beautiful!
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Saige is really in to pretending and dress-up and stuff like that right now.I feel like she is at a new stage where she's mostly outgrown all her old toys,but I'm not sure what to get her to replace them.She loves crafts and doing physical things (dancing,ect).I wish she had more girls to play with-she's so girly! She loves to cuddle and be a little mommy and her boy-friends (which is mostly what she has ) just arent interested,or they hurt her feelings by rejecting her.
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Leah will be 3 in 1 month! Tyrannical 3's is right! Actually, I have really enjoyed the 3's! She is capable of doing so much for herself but still needs me! the Best of both worlds!

She also is really trying to figure out where the boundaries are, questions everything. We can really have good conversations now! Enjoy this time! It is over too soon. BTW, Leah's bday is May 1998. I will turn 38 one week after she turns 4.

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My little guy, Jaden will be 3 next monday,
and you know I really enjoy this age, two was very hard for us, we just didn't understand each other, but now he's my little buddy. I'm feel like I'm gettting a break right now since two's were hell. He is very excited about EVERYTHING and wants to help in the garden and the kitchen. I want to get him a little wheel barrel for his birthday but haven't be able to find one that isn't complete junk. He's a compost hauling fool!

Jaden id doing the same baby thing, he always talks baby talk, he'll point to something and go "AAAAgoogoogaga"
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DD will be 3 on May 29. I feel like I'm really getting to know this very complex person, this little girl with big opinions, this little stinker who figured me out a whole lot sooner than I did her! The Twos were very Trying. I see the Threes being Terrific and Terrifying and a little Tyrannical. She never ceases to amaze me with her commanding me to save the earthworms in the street after a rainstorm, her artisitic masterpieces (she's big on faces), and her concern and love for her friends and family.
Hey Saige, most of dd's friends are boys, too! She's invariably more rough and tumble than they are, but when she gets together with her one girl-friend they are the roughest and tumblest little girls I've ever seen. DD is still very much a girly-girl, right down to the pink flowered shirts (she chose herself) that she lifts up to nurse her baby dolls.
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Michael was 3 in November. So we are in the 3 1/2 camp really. What a whirlwind! He still very much needs his naps--and so do I! I hope he doesn't give them up. But on the other hand, it would be nice to not have afternoons disrupted for him. We stay longer to do the things he loves.
He is really into dramatic play. He assigns personalities and jobs for every object he picks up. He is also a "airplane man," a "hospital man," a "garbage truck man" and anything else you can imagine. For some reason (is this a boy thing??) he wants nothing to do with dress up.
I love that he is figuring out everyone's roles. He loves to watch people going about their day doing their jobs. And he says Pa Bill is your daddy! He says the most insightful things it blows me away sometimes. And he has kept his fabulous belly laugh.
Of course he is frustrated very easily. I am still working on the patience that was supposed to magically appear when I gave birth, so I am not the mother I want to be.
I keep trying to remind myself though that he is at the age where he has a brain full of connections, has not really started pruning them yet, and is on full overload.
We survived potty training, he weaned in August and is learning to sound out some letters. We still get comments from everyone about how serious he is. And sometimes I worry about his lack of friendships. He has some, but we are moving next week so will be starting over. '
I love reading about all your children and learning from you all. Thanks!
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Fullcirclesb - i am the mother of soon to be 3 year old twins and am enjoying every minute, though some times are very trying. I found some great small wheel barrels at Harbor Freight, here in Southern California. I believe they have a website. You can check it out. My boys still nap close to two hours every day which is so valuable to me. But I hear them stirring to gotta run.......
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Rylee turned three this past Saturday. She is potty trained now, but I must take no credit. She woke up about 4 months ago and said, "mom, i want to wear Blue's Clues underwear." We bought some and that was it. I didn't try ANYTHING before that. She never had an accident. About a month ago we got rid of nighttime diaper too. I like this age; the goods are fantastic, but the bads are quite bad. I can't say anything because her personality is JUST like mine and my dh. That is probably why it makes us so nuts. But the good stuff is great. She is old enough to take fishing, and she loves it. She fits on the little kids rides at Worlds of Fun (Kansas version of Six Flags, but no nearly as cool).
We are planning on a full summer of camping, and she can't wait. I think the neatest thing is seeing her as a person, instead of a baby. I didn't see this until I we got a 22 month old little boy who has been placed with us for awhile, and when he falls, she kisses his ouchies, and if he needs a drink, she climbs up on her stool and get a dixie cup full of water, and so on. SHe went from being the helpee, to the helper, in just a few months.
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Welcome to mothering twinmama!!
Thanks for the wheel barrow tip, I'll check it out.
Two hours every day!!!OMG! I wish, we have a hour of imposed quiet time just so that I can keep sane.Twins are lots of fun though, I have worked for several families that have had twins, double the trouble, but definately at least triple the fun.
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Feb 1999 Theodore here.....

I so agree that the three year old in my house hold is so much more challenging that every before this age! Along with my one year old Theodore can drive me nuts. You what he did the other day? Here is the story:

We were at the Library in town and I told him that he needed to finish up on the computer so we could go get our pictures from CVS. So, he closes the game and I'm getting Issac into the back pack and then when I'm done I look around to find that Theodore is missing Yea, missing!!! He wasn't in the building, courtyard, parking lot, sidewalk in front of the library, nothing! After 10 minutes of looking all over (many nice parents helping) the police are called. A few minutes later a police car pulls up in front of the library where I'm standing and who is in the back seat? Theodore! He had taken it upon himself to walk to CVS, all by himself! OMG!

What to talk about throwing me for a loop. Any one else's kid do this before? Please, say yes. I feel that I have an alien on my hands. And to boot it didn't phase him in the lease. Oh, yea I failed to mention that a town worker snatched him from the middle of main street! He was in the process of crossing the street when someone spotted him. We could not see him from the library because where he was the the library are about a quarter of a mile away!

Does it get better? I hope so.

Other wise, the Three year old is great. Great talker, helper (when he wants) and his imagination is through the roof. I love to watch him work.

Well, if you have words of wisdom regarding Mr. Independence let me know.
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