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Roll call!!! Calling all mom's of 3 year olds!! 1999 babies! - Page 2

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Feb. 99 Joseph Martin

I love this age, although I could cry over the fact that he really is no longer a baby. Wait-- he'll ALWAYS be MY baby! Okay, I feel better now.

He talks so well, we can actually have "conversations!" That is the best part, I think.

Every age is wonderful. I'm glad there are so many other mamas of three year olds here!

Love you all!

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3 - already?

My oldest son Jake will be three June 2 and WOW how time flies. I would have to say this age is trying for me. With a 5 month old also I feel guilty alot of the time because I just don't have the ability to spend as much time with Jake as I used to. DH is great at picking up the slack though.
Jake still naps and has been day trained since just over 2. He cracks me up and has become quite independant.
He loves any kind of constuction equipment and spends hours in his sandbox. He certainly pushes the boundries but overall is a sweet, sociable (chatty) guy. I can't believe his memory. Sometimes it amazes me.

It's good to see all the three year olds around here and how similar they seem. Once again Saige a great thread!!
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My DS #2 will be three in June. I think that all ages until 5 are really fun.Soon after DS #1 turned 5 I was totally shocked, he started exhibiting some of the bratiest tendencies. He was super sweet at 2, 3, and 4 .
DS #2 has not taken naps in a looong time. He has a speech problem but after therapy last summer it has been getting so much better. He really says some of te cutest things. We are (right now ) in the process of toilet teaching and he is doing great! I was a little nervous because he will be starting school in september and until last week he was completely not interested in the toilet or potty. It has been 3 days of running around with no pants..... fun!
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July 1999 "baby"

OMG shanete!!!!! that would be so scary!!!
DH and I both agree this is such a wonderful age... we've left behind a lot of terrible 2's, horrible 1's (well I shouldn't complain, it wasn't soo bad) and maybe this is where we start thinking… yeah, let's make another one.
Diego is day toilet trained, BF's, loooves his friends (girls and boys), enjoys music as much as I do, so we dance and sing together all the time. The other day we were listening to Raffi's I wonder if I'm growing and I started to CRY he came to me with a big reassuring hug...
His passion for trains has gone off limits now, we all know more about trains than we ever thought we needed to know.
One thing I envy all of you is that ds is not fully talking yet. We're always around kids his age and younger and everybody is speaking!!!
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March -1999

my little one is into pretending(LOTS),not potty -ready yet-
has a great vocabulary
still naps if she gets up early
is opinionated/tells us what to do-(you are a doggie)
is soooo cute
loves to "nanny"
it is interesting to see what their likes/interests are
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Kaya was born April 14th, 1999.

I think this year is going to be tough. Kaya is becoming her own independent self. She often doesnt follow directions but I can't talk cause I am 22 and I dont like following directions! She is funny as hell though. She loves to sing and dance and smile. I have mixed feelings. I think I liked two's better! I am sad to see her becoming a big girl.
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It's great to see so many three-year-old mamas out there and hear your descriptions of your kids. I see so much I relate to--especially that mix of joy and sadness as my ds, who will be three in July, begins to shed his baby-ness. It has been great to watch him growing up, becoming more independent, but sometimes I miss the baby in him... And then he will curl up on my lap and I realize it's always going to be there.

No real interest in potty training yet, truck and fire truck and train obsession off the charts, loves to dance and sing and "have a band." No tyranny yet, if anything ds is sometimes too passive, at least with other kids. With us he is usually cooperative and funny--last night we were still eating and told him we would come play when we were done and he started singing a little song as he built with his blocks, "I want someone to play with me, I want someone to play with me." I'm loving this age!
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Mamasi, your son sounds a lot like mine.

Although yesterday he was singing, "A truck ran over me once."

Over & over while playing on the swingset!

Silly age!

Love, Jenny
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June 1999

This is a wonderful age! I'm having so much fun! His wonderfulness more than makes up for his terribleness. He's really stubborn.

What an imagination! It seems to be a hallmark of this age...

He's no where near being potty trained, though he's used the toilette several times since he was less than 2 y.o. He's just not interested in it yet.

Everything has to be his idea, though.

"Let's put pants on you. It's kind of cold outside"

Getting angry, "Nooo, I want shorts. Shorts, Mommy."

"Hmmm. Okay, you wear shorts."

Very quickly, "No! I wear pants!"

He still naps, and if he's not down for a nap by 1:00 we get in the car (or the stroller) and drive around until he falls asleep. Otherwise he'll be insane for the rest of the day. But, if we get messed up and he hasn't napped by 2:00 then I have to fight to keep him awake until at least 7:30. Any nap after 2:00 and he won't be asleep until mid-night.

Experience with 7 y.o. DD showed me that they're still difficult grouches in the afternoon even after they "give up" their official naps. If we drive anywhere for more than 20 minutes after school DD will inevitably fall asleep.

He's been chattering for a long time, but I still can't understand what he's saying half the time. I'm not worried about it yet.

Oh! I love his mistakes, too! You know the Star Wars character in Phantom Menace, Quai Gon Jin (Liam Neeson). DS calls him Quai Gon Jim. I keep picturing Jim from "Taxi".
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I am so glad to hear that some other 3 year olds are not so easy to understand. My best friend has one of those genius kids who is amazingly advanced at everything. It has always been too easy to compare ds to her son. Michael talks incessantly but he doesn't finish his words very well and so it is hard to understand what he is saying.
We are moved and settled in (mostly) and Michael seems to be okay for the most part. He still wears a dipe at night, tho he stays dry most of the time. He was in underwear at night until the move got underway
He is very, very shy. I was wondering if any of you have shy children and what you have done to help them feel more comfortable in new situations. Having moved we are definately in some new situations. And we have a Mops meeting tomorrow and a possible play date next week. Your help would be much appreciated! TIA
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Hi, my son just turned three last week. I am loving this age right now. A few months ago he was very difficult to deal with, but now he is so sweet and loving it just melts my heart. He is potty-trained, not even close. About three weeks ago I started putting some effort into it-before that I didn't do anything. We've had a little progress, but not very much. My son is shy too. We didn't get out to playgrounds or playgroups much this winter, and when we started to in April, I noticed he was awkward around other kids. Now, we go to a playground 3-4 times a week and he is getting more socialable, and also a lot more coordinated! Now we're trying to conceive another baby. I couldn't even consider it before-I was too overwhelmed with the one child I had! Overall, this is my favorite age so far, and I am loving just being with my son.
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Hi all! As many have said, nice to see so many moms of 3 yr olds! My Billy-Ra (pronounced Ray) turned 3 Apr 8. He is a bundle of love! I have not had many problems at all in his life! As a newborn, he had tons of gas which was real hard, but since then, nothing really has caused me to say much other than "pure angel" about him!

He is fascinated with rolly-polly's right now, terrified of all other bugs (at ds 9yr old's suggestion...), afraid of walking on grass bare footed, naps 2 hours daily with pg mama, sleeps 9-10 hours a night, loves trucks, cars and other mobile things, is interrested in potty training, but only if his diaper is off and is generally, the kindest, most polite, gentle, loving, peaceful, generous, giving child I've ever met in my life!!! (seriously! I'm not being prejudiced! )

The other day he was bare bottomed and we've told him not to pee on the bed...he says to daddy, "pick me up so I can pee on you, not the bed!" I laughed hysterically!!! dh didn't. He put him on the toilet real quick though!

Today he's puting rolly polly's in the hose and turning on the water to get them out again...He stops to smell flowers all the time, loves to give them to mommy, even enjoys spending time with big brother alone in (older one's) room! That sure gives us quiet time we've been needing! So, he still sleeps in our room in his own bed, occasionally spending the night or half of it in our bed. He nursed till 2 and even brushes his own teeth most of the time! The other day he climbed on the toilet after taking off his diaper and pooped for only the second time! I was so excited!!! He never opened doors to explore, never climbs never has, asks to hold a hand at the crossing of streets, and never has run off in any way shape or form! He even asks before playing with toys!

Have any of you got younger children too?

I am due to give birth July 4 and need to think of transitioning him to his own room so we have room for the baby after a few months to sleep next to us instead of in our bed. Not sure how it'll work. I don't want Billy to feel alienated or pushed out cause of the new baby and the really nice Christian councilor we are seeing is not helping by telling dh that ds really needs to be out of our room...

Sorry so long, just really enjoy sharing all about my precious!!!

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Hi! I have a one year old that shares the bed with us. What we did in preparation for the new baby was to include a twin next to our Queen mattress (both on the floor). In the beginning Issac (baby) would sleep between me and some pillows agains the wall, then Theodore would be on my other side and Daddy was on the Twin (lucky may that he is!). When Issac got older and did not need as much protecting from Theodore we shifted the Queen so the twin was at the bottom of it, like a 'T'. We put Theodore to bed on the twin and my dh, me and Issac sleep on the Queen. Frequently Theodore requests that dh come sleep with him on the twin, or he shoves himself inbetween us in the Queen (crowded!). After Theodore stays consistently on the twin through the night and does not request someone to sleep with him I will start to try him in his own room. He is still nursing before bed and first thing in morning (sometimes), so, I think when that goes he will be ready.
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Love this thread -- I've seen a lot of similar experiences to mine.
Kareis will be 3 on June 6 , which he now tells anyone who will stand still.

Naps -- yes, at day care (too long!), no, on the weekends with me.

Still nursing, and no signs of wanting to wean ("I love my nursies, mom.") and sleeps with me.

I'm a single mom and just turned 41. Glad to see some other moms my age here!

I sometimes miss his babyhood as I watch my toddler become a little boy.
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In a couple of months dd2 will be 3.

It's painful as I realize that I am losing this delightful child to time.

These days we joke around alot. Her chuckle is magic.

Potty trained herself pretty much, ordered mind, loving, forgiving and generous.

Such beauty from such a beauty.

3 already :sigh:

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I also have a 3 year old boy! He was three in April and it was like someone flicked a switch! All of the sudden we have this wonderfully caring, compassionate, gentle(?) little boy! Don't get me wrong he still has his moments and trying times. With our first we found three very difficult but looks like Joshua will be plowing his own path.
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My daughter was born May 2, 1999. I'm not sure how I like this age yet. She definitely seems different. I remember infancy seemed hard, then it was good. The 18 month aged seemed bad, but 2.5 was great. Now there are good and bad periods. She'll have a full week where she is sweet natured and happy, then the next week she'll be grumpy almost all the time. Or at least that's the way it feels to me.

One of the things she does that gets on my nerves is insisting that I bring everything to her. She asks for something, it's on the table right in front of her and I point to it, showing her where it is, and she wants me to get up and get it for her. Ugh! Maybe she just wants more of my involvement, but I have a lazy sister who is always asking everyone to get stuff for her and she's 30 years old but has been doing it her whole life, partially because she was very small as a child and people liked to do stuff for her thinking she wasn't capable. So maybe this just gets on my nerves more than it should.

So let's see, she's still in diapers and will be for awhile, she sleeps in her own bedroom now, but wakes to nurse several times a night, she has a pretty good vocabulary now, she's mostly given up her naps but will take one sometimes.

She does come up with some funny stories and really keeps me entertained. She's just so darned cute sometimes.
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Originally posted by khrisday
Her new thing is being a "baby". You know, "I can't walk- I'm a baby" or ""Help me eat- I'm a baby" and of course "Wipe my butt- I'm a baby".
How cute! Mine does the same thing. "I a baby now!" That means she can't do anything, including feed herself. I used to call her the tiny tyrant when she was about 20 months old, but she actually seems less tyrannical now than she used to. I've just recently gotten her to stop screaming the minute she wants something. Well, not stop exactly. She'll still screech, then I'll tell her to ask for it nicely and she does.
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Originally posted by RasJane
I am so glad to hear that some other 3 year olds are not so easy to understand. My best friend has one of those genius kids who is amazingly advanced at everything.
Mine definitely falls in the not so advanced category. It kind of upsets my husband who wants to know why she doesn't excel in at least one area. His big thing now is feeling like we need to take a firmer hand in potty training as it isn't really her fault that she can't do it, it's our fault. :

I just recently spent some time with a mom with a daughter about a month younger than Molly, and the differences in them were remarkable. The little girl came up and hugged Molly and told her she loved her and wanted Molly to stay and play with her, and Molly wanted nothing to do with her! Then when we were going somewhere, the other girl was holding Molly's hand. Later on when we were getting ready to go somewhere else and her friend was trying to take hold of her hand Molly told me, "Mommy, I don't want to hold hands anymore. My hand hurts!" ROFL. She definitely needs time to warm up to new people, and even then she will only play cautiously. She likes to play with one toy while the other child plays with a different toy, but she hates when someone wants to play cooperatively and touch the toy she is using. However, she will never go up to another child and yank a toy away which is what kept happening to her. So in some ways I think she is very perceptive and caring, she just hangs back and observes more.

Oh, and with the talking, sometimes I think she is so clear and understandable only to have my husband say, "What is she saying? I don't understand a word." Ugh, now I know how my sis felt when I couldn't understand her children and she thought they were very clear. She still has definite problems with some words. Like she'll say, "Pleased to 'eet you" and she calls a knife an "ife"
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I have a 3 year old.....

Keithen was born 2/1/99.
He still nurses a few times a week.
Only takes naps if he falls asleep in the car or is sick.
Verbal skills and imagination are AMAZING!
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