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Newborn Tests & Procedures

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I just returned from my 37 week appointment and so now it's down to the wire on making some decisions as far as which newborn tests and procedures we want done, and what we want to opt-out for.

I plan to refuse the antibiotic eye ointment - basically the midwife writes down in her notes that we "physically would not allow her to apply it" - as I was tested in early pregnancy and do not have either chlamydia or gonorrhea.

I haven't yet done enough research to have decided on the vitamin K drops (although I know we do not want the pharmaceutical injection). I know that the incidence of Vit. K deficient bleeding is 1 in 10,000 which is not very common. I also really trust that our bodies (and our babies bodies) know what they are doing, and that just maybe there is a reason that babies 6 months of age have lower levels of Vit. K in their systems, even if we haven't figured out what it is yet? If we have a boy, we are not planning to circumcise, so that is not an issue for us to consider with this test.

The last one is the PKU test. I don't love the idea of having my newborn's heel pricked, but can see that it could provide us some valuable information about potential future health complications.

So any thoughts or feedback you all have would be greatly appreciated!
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don't forget about the hepatitis B vaccination that is standard at birth!

I'd find out if the PKU screen is actually a more complete metabolic screening. In some states it's a whole list of things that while pretty rare can have life threatening complications if undiagnosed.

We aren't circing and aren't doing the hep B vax, but are doing the other things. I think the metabolic screening is important, but am just indifferent on the eye ointment (we'll wait several hrs after the birth) and vit K injection. I don't see them as harmful as the other things, which to me have clear draw backs, so I'm not up for fighting about it with the staff.
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We're not doing Hep B, Vitamin K, Eye Drops, or PKU (or circ, if it comes to that).

People all feel differently about PKU. For us, the brochure we were given sounded silly, it's an extra ouch for baby, and if we found out there was a problem we wouldn't do anything differently. So...it's unnecessary in our family. I can see how it might be helpful for people who are more pro-meds and pro-docs, though, if they wanted to do something about a problem that might come out.

I've also heard that sometimes positives come up for rare disorders and they're false positives, which stresses out the whole family and ends up being for nothing. Not something I'd really want to go through, but again, that's just me.
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We're doing the PKU because my nephew has a very rare metabolic disorder that was not caught at birth and he is now severely brain-damaged because he was misdiagnosed with cerebral palsy when he became symptomatic. The chances of this baby having the same disorder are extremely low, but the fact is that for us the benefits heavily outweigh the risks.
We are doing eye ointment and vit K, but not hep B and not circumcising.
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only did the PKU.

no bath, no circ, not vaccines, drops, or ointments.
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We do the "metabolic screening". I don't like upsetting my babies by poking their heels, but I would want to know if one of them had such a disorder, and it is quick & I am right there acknowleging their pain, etc.

Nothing else. I have no STIs, none of their births has been traumatic enough for me to think vit K was warranted, and we don't vax at all until they wean. DD still hasn't been bathed b/c I'm waiting for her belly button to stop bleeding - the dipes keep bumping her scab.
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We are definetly not doing the hep b nor are we circumsizing him, and probably not vit k or eye goop either. PKU I'm pretty OK with - its just a small blood draw, nothing injected, and if he would have one of the rare conditions tested for, I *WOULD* want to know.
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I opt out of everything except the PKU test. To me it's worth the tiny prick if we can prevent a life-threatening issue.

Also, DS was severely tongue-tied, so he had to have the Vit K shot at 2 weeks old to get his tongue fixed. We will do liquid vit k this time if our baby needs her tongue clipped too. I don't see any reason to get the vitamin k shot unless your child needs surgery of any kind.
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We're doing a home birth and due to some family history, we're rushing the PKU results. The PKU is really non-invasive (though it was pretty awful for my DD#1 with a nurse who didn't know what she was doing . The PKU test (depending on the state you live in) can diagnose some (admittedly quite rare) metabolic disorders that require simple dietary treatment, but could be life threatening if not caught.

There's also the hearing exam, which was pretty miserable for my DD (in large part due to the nurse doing it wanting her swaddled - which DD HATED from the beginning- and glaring about not using a pacifier). Still, it's non-invasive and gives important information. So, I personally will do the hearing test at some point with this babe (though again my midwife won't be doing it at home).

We're skipping eye prophylactic and vitamin K (unless there's excessive bruising from the birth). We're expecting a girl, and our midwife certainly doesn't circumcise anyway, but we wouldn't be doing that. We're not vaccinating our little ones (at least not at this time, I might selectively vaccinate when they're much older).

Assuming you're birthing in a hospital, you also want to think about the newborn bath (I wish we'd declined it with DD#1, not that she complained about it).
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We opt out of everything but the PKU and hearing screening as well. I'm not sure when/where those will happen yet as we're birthing at a birth center with a midwife but I feel like those two things are minimally invasive and pretty important.
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we did vit k and PKU. no hep B, no circ, no bath.

we usually do the hearing screen but for some reason they didn't do it before we left this time and we have to take him somewhere to get it done, not sure if we'll bother.
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We HB/UC and do none of them, haven't since our first and only hospital birth w/ our twins. I take alfalfa to boost vit K to myself and therefor to baby from 34 weeks.
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We do the PKU because it screens for some pretty dangerous things and we don't feel comfortable passing on it. With DS2 (homebirth) I was sure I didn't want the vit K or the eye drops but then he was born and I felt he needed the vit K so we did it. He ended up having heart surgery 2 weeks later so I'm happy I went with my instincts on that one. Because of what he went through I'm leaning towards vit K again just in case. We don't circ or vax. I'm leaning towards delayed eye drops this time.
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We'll do the vit k and the metabolic testing (i think it is more extensive than pku in michigan) but skip everything else. We are delayed/selective vaxers and no one gave us any trouble about this before. No circ either. Hearing test is ok.
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We only did the PKU.
We don't vaccinate, do the eye drops (go breastmilk!), or bathe baby, no vit K (I drink so much nettles that I would probably never be necessary), but my dh wants to circumcise. I think we may not anyway. Dh's father and uncle weren't circumcised and had to be later on life due to serious infections. If it were just one person I may shrug it off, but 2 members in the family, it makes me nervous. I am still not for it, but Iwant to be totally in agreement in whatever decision my dh and I make.
I am probably going to get hate emails from mamas here, hopefully this thread wont get removed due to me writing this. Please, mamas, I am not up for any discussion about this. I can do my own research.
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We will do the PKU, ds nursed through it and barely noticed. We will do the eye drops, delayed just a bit. No Vit K unless there is bruising. If it seems necessary, we'll go for the shot instead of the oral drops... I don't want to introduce anything but breastmilk into a virgin gut. No Hep B, no bath
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We will do the PKU and decide on the Vit K after birth. We skip everything else.
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Thanks for everyone's responses on this! I've been busy the last couple of days and just now remembered to come back and check what y'all had to say :-)

We're planning to birth at home, so it does make most of these decisions easier...nothing to "fight" about with anyone, just have to make a decision and let my midwife know.

We will probably go ahead with the PKU screen, that does include testing for 15-20 other disorders as well. I think my only concern, as someone else voiced, is the possibility of a false positive result and then having to go through worrying for no reason (or just putting it out into the universe and having it manifest into reality, when it may have resolved on its own!).

I think we'll do the Vit K drops only if our midwife is concerned due to a traumatic birth, or noticing excessive bruising, etc. on our babe.

Now the bath thing is something I need to read up on again. I remember previous threads on here, but just glanced through them. Will read what everyone said, share the information with my midwife, and see what she thinks about the issue as well!
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We skipped the eye goop and won't do the hep b (the birth center doesn't do it, you do it later). We chose to do the K drops. Went in the next day to do the metabolic testing (it tests for 29 different things here in Kansas).
Bath wise, they have the mom take a bath with the baby. So, I got to bath him as much (or little) as I wanted. Then daddy took him to diaper and dress him while I washed up. (that is probably the one and only time DH will diaper the kid. LOL And it was a prefold, so extra points for DH! )
Oh, and we didn't (and won't) circ.
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Originally Posted by NaturalMindedMomma View Post
only did the PKU.

no bath, no circ, not vaccines, drops, or ointments.
same as us but since we left 4 hours post partim I had to go back and have pku done a week later if you are breastfeeding its not actually acurate until AFTER your milk has come in and baby has been drinking milk for at least 24 hours- not just colostrum otherwise it may not detect some of the rare metobolic disorders. I figure if I'm going to do it I want it done right so I wait a week to get it done
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