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So... opinions, is this labor???

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So, as you all probably know by now, I've ben having false frigging labor for 2 weeks now. TWO FREAKING WEEKS! And, so, as a result... I'm sick of being pregnant. And very, very... oh just unbelieving.

SO, I've been having contractions since 8:00ish (as usual), but over the past 30-45 mins, they've become fairly regular (5 mins apart, now closer to 3.5-4) and seem to be pretty long (60-90 seconds), and definetly painful. But... I just don't believe it. They FEEL real... but they've felt like this before... and I just... I just don't know!! Opinions? WWYD???

ETA: Oh, and walkings not much of an option (tis dark, we're in the country, i dont want to fall), nor is taking a hot bath (we're out of water, or were a bit ago, and I have zero desire to run out of water halfway through...)...
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I don't know Mama, but I hope it is if you want it to be!

I would try a glass of wine and some sleep. If its the real thing then it'll keep going.
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If you lay down and try to sleep, the contractions might go away. That's what mine do. I know it's frustrating!
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Rooting for you!
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bah! I went upstairs and laid down, and of course they went away. stupid frigging false labor. I am *SO* Sick of it.
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Originally Posted by mamadelbosque View Post
stupid frigging false labor. I am *SO* Sick of it.
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I've been doing lots of prelabor for the last couple weeks too. Lying in bed in the early morning hours of the 29th I was so certain it was labor that I woke up DH briefly just to tell him "Today is Lyra's birthday." Apparently she has other plans. I had lots of prelabor with DD#1 too. It is quite frustrating.

FWIW, once I was really in labor with DD#1, I KNEW I was in labor and the whole labor itself went very quickly. I'm hoping this time is similar.
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I am in a similar boat and keep having "false labor" whole nights of sleep lost to contractions lasting 1 min, 3-5 min apart and every thing. Sunday Night I went through it again... and I hate feeling Silly... My big test is can I fall asleep and stay asleep and are they there when I wake up.... one time they past that test so I climbed in a warm tub... and half and hour after tub I realized they had totally pettered out.

It's like the universe is sending me a test... how does she feel having no control...can she handle NO CONTROL...

I am atleast trying to not think of it as false labor... every contraction has a purpose - even if it is head games and surrender. Maybe that's just me.... my latest wondering is maybe these sessions... which are more powerful each time, maybe they are testing out my scar tissue from previous csec and then giving my body a day to assess and repair.... now imagining it like that I actually feel like my body isn't failing me... I just don't necessarily understand.

also I discontinued cervical checks 'cause they friggin messed with my head.
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I'm with you.. it sucks. I've had on and off false labor for a week now. It keeps me up at night, it makes me puke, it makes me SORE... and it produces NOTHING.

It just SUCKS. I've done the whole two weeks late thing before, and it was fine, because I felt OK up to the end. I can't spend another two weeks in this state of hell, though!!!

And I was booked for a stretch and sweep today but my midwife cancelled on me, and then informed me that if I go into labor in the next 24 hours, I'm basically screwed because they already have two moms in labor.

If I ever do this again (and right now, I'm NOT planning on it!!!), I'm either going to go unassisted or just deal with an OB.

Friggin' late pregnancy. Humph.

BTW, I'm 39 weeks, 5 days. And it's a full moon.:
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I was also in false labor 2 weeks prior...my cervix started dilating, and I was having contractions then all of a sudden they would stop. When the real thing finally came I had 2 contractions 13min apart, then the next one was 2min later. After that they were every 1-2min apart.

As this was my first baby and things were not by the book I didn't know what to do either LOL I feel so stupid now about it but we ended up calling Health Link for advice and they sent an ambulance :
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Could be labor. I'm going to venture a guess that it was becuase you haven't updated since yesterday
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