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brattleboro river swimming?

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hi mamas. a few years ago i met a friend it brattleboro to go for a swim in the big river. if i recall we were on rte 9? we just pulled off on the side of the road and walked down a path to a large stony bank,

if this is not specific enough and no one knows where i am talking about, any recommendations instead? here in mass some of the swimming spots are quite warm and icky this time of year. rivers seem fresher to me and i recall really enjoying it.

thanks all!
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: I would love to know where this swim spot is too!
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My husband would know for sure... but I remember (way back when we lived in the Amherst area, 10 years ago), swimming in the West River, somewhere off/near Route 30 near Newfane (which had an awesome place to eat, btw, called Rick's Tavern - http://rickstavern.net/ - get the bubble bread!)... okay, he just came in: he said the swimming hole is closer to Townshend - on the right hand side if you're heading north; look for a bridge & the swimming hole is close to that. It really was a terrific day trip, and a really nice swimming hole! Looking back on it, I wish we'd gone more often!
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sweet! :
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The good river swimming, as far as I know, is in the West River off of Rt 30. there are a number of spots/pull-offs. The dummerston covered bridge is a popular spot with a parking area.
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Deo's hole (sp?) on the West River. It's about 2-3 miles outside of town??? You'll see some houses on the left hand side of the road & a little parking area on the right.
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