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Is this baby shower quiz too hard?

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So I wrote a quiz for a game at SIL's baby shower - the guests are going to be divided into two teams to answer, and there'll be a mix of people who've never had babies, people who've recently had them and people who had them a few years ago. MIL thinks the quiz might be too hard; I don't (I wrote it off the top of my head, without having to look any facts up), but I'm a bit of a pregnancy/birth geek. I asked my mother a few of the questions and she said they were easy, but then we both remembered she was an ex-midwife. So what do you think? I don't want to turn the party into an exam...

The baby quiz

If you do think it's too hard or too boring, any ideas for easier/more fun/more easily answerable by the childless questions? I am planning to include a few "What's SIL's nickname for the baby?"-type questions as well.
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I think that most of the stuff on the quiz is too hard for people, especially if they are childless or not really into the whole birth culture. I would stick to fluffier questions.
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some were too hard- i'd revise 3, 12, and 14 specifically. those were the ones i thought would be least accessible to the general public. fun idea!
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sorry, but this quiz doesn't look like much fun at all.

are you not wanting to do the typical baby shower games?
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Those questions are way too hard.
Why not stick with the more traditional 'fluff' questions... The shower should be fun, not reminscient of a college biology exit exam.:
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Hmph. Well, OK, the People have Spoken. What would you consider appropriately "fluffy" questions, then? I've already put in a few about celebrity baby names and baby book finish-the-sentences. I'm trying to avoid anything that might have contentious answer, as there'll be mix of mainstream and non-mainstream mothers there (so no "Is CIO evil?" questions!)

See, I'd find all those questions fun... if I didn't know the answer to, say, the question about fetal hair and someone said "Lanugo" I'd be all "Cool! Lanugo. That's interesting", and store it up as a random factoid next to "how to sing 'Into the West' in Quenya" and "when was cheesecake invented" (ancient Greece, if anyone's interested). So it's very possible my definition of "fun" is a little off. But 1growingsprout... an angry face? Really?

samstress, we're doing some games, yeah. The quiz isn't a totally random idea, there are plenty of them online. I just thought most of them were too boring.
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I disagree with pps. I think you could absolutely use that list, but you might want to make it a team game, i.e. divide the group into two teams, give each team a "buzzer" (i.e. give one team a loud rattle and the other a squeaky toy) and have them compete like a quiz show. You start to read the question; the first team to make a noise gets to answer the question (+1 point if they get it right, -1 if they get it wrong); if the buzzing team gets it wrong, the other team can try for a steal (+1 if right, no penalty for wrong.) This type of game tends to work best if once a team buzzes, they have a short time limit on how long they have to answer the question (e.g. 10 seconds.)

Chances are that in a group, it will be easier to come up with an answer, and especially when you have a group of people who don't know each other, a team game is a good way to break the ice and get people to warm up to each other. You could also throw in some slightly less birthy questions in addition to the extras you mention, i.e.:

- The baby's EDD is Month Day. If s/he arrives on the due date, s/he will be which zodiac sign?

- Which baby is heavier: one born at 4170 g or one born at 9 lbs 3 oz?

- If you know the baby's name: The baby's name will be [name]. How many points would that name total if you spelled it with Scrabble letters?


Good luck whatever you do!
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Same questions in a quiz game=fun

Actually, I would think the quiz would be fun but I am nerdy like that.
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I agree with others that the average person would find the quiz hard, but maybe that's good if it is a team effort.

Just an idea:
One shower I went to had a quiz game that had a crazy huge list of baby animal names (kid, cub, chick, calf, colt, duckling, puppy, kitten, etc...) and the idea was to name the type of animal it refers to (or maybe it was a list of animals and we needed to name the baby name). We all had fun trying to figure some of them out.
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hmmm i would imagine informational would be th eway to go.

i found the quiz hard. fine hair - yeah i know that. what is it called? NO CLUE and not really interested in knowing - except now i know.

i would think if you brought up did you know fun facts about raising children - even in the animal world it might interest others.

celebrities kids names is absolutely of no interest to me.

however 'if you saw blood in your one day olds diaper what would you think' would pique my interest. which is why i like the sleep thru the night question. i would also like knowing whales nurse their babies. they have whale milk that they shoot thru the water when the calf nuzzles the mammary gland. some nurse for 6 months others 2 years. depending on the kind of whale.

but i wouldnt do it as a paper pencil quiz. i would do it as a game.
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For me I like the idea a lot, but when I read the actual questions you had written the way you did it turned me off and I couldn't even finish reading it.....
I don't know if they were too hard as much as too dry. A shower should be about the soft ephemeral nature of infancy, not the techinical side of things IMO, and this is just one persons opinion, mind you. NOw if this were a game to play for a group of doulas or something then cool.
I could give examples of how I would change the questions a little if you want.
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What if you make it multiple choice? I always think those are easier than fill in the blank.
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I agree that while I personally found the quiz neat (and would love to blow the socks of the other team because I knew most of the answers!), it IS dull and too teachy, preachy, technical, medical, yada yada yada.

I would guess the average person wouldn't find it fun at all....unless like someone mentioned it was a team effort, but even then, I don't know...some people just don't care about knowing that kind of stuff.

Just for more info for you, here's another quiz: http://www.diva-girl-parties-and-stu...by-trivia.html
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Maybe I'm a freak, but I loved that quiz. :
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It reminded me of a science test, a little bit. I would maybe take some of those questions and mix them in with some more fluff questions.
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The quiz seemed a bit dry and technical to me.

a fun alternate "game" would be to type up pages for the guests to write their "advice" for the parents to be on and them have them read some of the suggestions aloud. We used the words always and never to make it more interesting. For example, the prompts would read something like this:

Diapers -- Always...
baby pictures -- Never...
Bottles -- always...
Pacifiers -- never...

You don't even have to have people read them out loud, especially if you think people might get into tiffs about it, but they can be fun for the mom to read and see what advice different people gave.
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Originally Posted by KirstenMary View Post
Maybe I'm a freak, but I loved that quiz. :
i liked it too

i agree that making it a team affair would make it more fun for most people and also take the pressure off of those who may not know the trivia.

i hate shower games in general. this one actually looks way better than anything i've done at a shower!
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I also found it cool. But then again I'm a total nerd and I don't like typical "party games" as a rule. This one sounds like fun!
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I would find it fun....but I also think spelling bees and geography quizzes are a blast, sooooooo

The most fun I ever had at a baby shower was playing one of those nursery ryhm quizzes...everyone seemed to have a lot of fun remembering the old songs and little ditties...I think that tends to be a more traditional "fluff" game!
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I didn't think the quiz was too hard...but imo, it was not very fun.
It is a science quiz.

I personally don't like the fluff games either.

Just gather, eat, talk, give gifts, possibly offer blessings/prayers...
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