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xposted in my DDC: Feeling sick

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Since yesterday I haven't been able to keep food down except for a small piece of cracker last night. I'm even getting stomach cramps from drinking water. This is remarkably similar to how I felt just before Adara was born. Though I hurt *less* (thankfully) overall this time. I am sore on my right side front and back which is concerning me a tiny bit. Also for all her usual antics, "Bump" has been bumping me a whole lot less (frequency and intensity) - probably because of my inability to keep food down. Also with my limited water intake and throwing up, I'm still a bit swollen.

Yesterday at my allergists appointment my blood pressure was 170/108 and when taken a second time was 170/110, and my heart rate was 120. My allergist was seriously concerned. Thankfully the only time my blood pressure seems to spike that high and my heart rate goes way up is after I've eaten...otherwise I'm pretty much fine. Even laying down after trying to eat my blood pressure is in the mid 140s/90s ::sigh:: Normally if I'm laying down on my left side my blood pressure is in the 120s/60s or 70s. I'm not liking the increase.

I've got an appointment with my OB at 11:15 today. Tom has stayed home from work and will be taking me. Tomorrow is when I am 33w3d, that's the gestation Adara was born at. I'm REALLY hoping this is psychosomatic, worry, or just a stomach bug.

So I know it sounds awful, but could every take the time to hope I'm "just" sick...and not SICK like I was with Adara? Her 3rd birthday and party is this Sunday...

Given that I don't feel AS bad as I did with Adara, I've got some really good reasons to belive this is just a stupid bug and all the throwing up has put my back out a bit which is causing the ache/pain on the right side. So how about you all wish me sick

I'll try to update when I know something. I don't want to be back in the NICU...I just don't. I really want to believe it's just a bad stomach bug.
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I really hope you just have a bug and nothing that is going to earn you another stay at the NICU.

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I hope all is OK with the Bump and you are resting and getting past the bug!

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I've been admitted to the hospital (since yesterday obviously) and IF nothing goes wrong with my blood pressure between now and tomorrow AND I can keep food and liquid down there is a chance I can be released.

Such a relief. Unfortunately nobody knows why I'm sick. They say it's not an infection, and they are worried it's a warning of things to come, that's mostly why I'm still here instead of recovering at home.

Well...that and the fact that I'm not able to eat or drink enough to be off an IV yet. Hopefully everything will clear up and I can go home tomorrow!! I'd like to experience my very first full term delivery...
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Just wanted to jump in and say hello. We are HELLP survivors too - please keep the forum posted on your birth! Here's hoping for full term! :-)
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Thanks! It was scary having all the same symptoms that I had with me daughter (even right sided tenderness). I was SUPER worried.

Turns out that my stomach, esophagus, and upper intestines were swollen. The GI can't explain why, just that they are. So he put me on IV nexium, pepcid in the hospital, and now that I'm home (as of last night) I'm on prilosec pills. He's thinking the cause is too much acid reflux damaging my organs (especially since I've had several episode of unexplained random bile vomiting). So he's treating the acid and hoping that allows me to heal.

My OB said that he's just hoping we can eek out some more time before I have to deliver. So long as I am super careful eating extremely small amounts of food and being careful to avoid any "stringy" meats like chicken or pot roast (which supposedly make this worse?), I'll be okay.
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Glad to hear you are home and didn't have that baby yet :

It must be terribly painful to have that much reflux. I hope you continue to feel better and don't forget to have that checked out more thoroughly after you deliver!
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