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Please help! Black mold-can I break my lease?

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My husband and I moved with our three boys in June. Ever since we moved, my three year old has been having severe asthma attacks everynight (never had them before) we had to call 911 twice because of his asthma (since june!) Both my husband and I have had breathing problems since moving.

We are in a apt. complex. I found mold on the outside of the air vents. The worker came over and said it is mold and wanted to spray some toxic chemical in the air vents to kill the mold!!! I said no way...

He said its only on the outside of the airvents and he will just change them but it may come back because of the moisture in the a/c.

Doesnt the mold spores spread to all the other rooms and then live other places that are moist?

Is there a way to get out of my lease?

My baby has liver disease and I'm really really scared for his health now too!

Please advise....

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We broke a lease because of mold and a very similar situation when my oldest was a baby. The landlord tried to clean it with bleach and then tell us it was fine, but we were finding it up the walls and under the beds.... there was obviously a structural problem. If the landlord doesn't take it seriously I would just leave no matter what the reprocussions are. It was a serious problem for the whole families health and really affected our immune systems on a whole. Our landlord gave us 24 hours to move and have carpets cleaned and she let us out of our lease. She rented it out right away. I tried to contact the health board because of it , but they couldn't come once I started packing. It could have saved some unsuspecting tenant from renting the place. So legally, having an inspection could help your case if you wan't to break the lease.
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See if your town/county has a building inspector who handles this type of thing. I once dealt with a property manager who couldn't get the mold in order, so I called the health/building inspector on 'em. And then the inspector took samples and photos and gave the apt. complex manager/owner a set amount of time to fix it, plus fines for going over.

I also obtained a doctor's note detailing my verified allergies to those particular strains of mold. I didn't include it with my notice to vacate, but I would have if they'd given me problems. I did mention that I'd been advised by my healthcare providers to move immediately.

I broke my lease with no problem and got my deposit back with interest.
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Contact health department.

Write letter to management that it is untenable due to mold.

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