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anyone still losing hair during pregnancy?

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Hello Everyone-

I'm 11 weeks (or so) pregnant, and still losing hair every day. Did anyone else experience this? Should I be concerned?
Thanks to all who read this, and to those who respond.
Happiness to all of you!
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I was in the first and leading into the second trimesters. It was so bad I had to cut my hair (14 inches off). The dr tested me and said I had low b12, so I started taking a supplement for that, and since then it has greatly improved. Not sure if cutting my hair has helped or the vitamin. Good luck, I know how embarrassing it can be.
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Mine was falling out badly in the first tri, I am a shed monster as my DH puts it. Now though it's stopped. I think it stopped right around like 15-16 weeks or so, I just remember going ok now I'm not shedding anymore one day in the shower and now my hair is growing an inch a month and turning into a big puff-ball because it has gotten so curly this pregnancy.
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Thanks for sharing your (hairy) experiences with me! I'm getting some bloodwork done in a couple of days, so I'll make sure to check my B12 levels. Thanks for relieving some of my stress!
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Might have your thryoid checked, too.
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My hair didn't stop falling out until about 4 months (17 weeks or so). I think it's normal.
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Oh my gosh, I JUST made a thread about this in the nutrition forum! I thought it might have been my diet. I found out I was pregnant last week, and that's around the time my hair started falling out in a MAJOR way.

We have white tile in the bathroom, and it's like a carpet in there. It's like half my hair fell out - no joke. I used to have a lot of hair, and it was thick. Now, it's like half of that.

I called my ND, and she said that while a lot of women experience the opposite - more hair growth, a number of women experience hair loss. I'm sadly one of those lucky ones. She said it would stop eventually, and reassured me that I wouldn't go bald. Still ... it's so scary seeing all that hair fall out!
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21 weeks (almost) and my hair is STILL falling out! Ugh! I never thought of a deficancy...I'll look into that now!
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