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Awesome deal at Schwan's (free food!)

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1- Go to www.schwans.com/FREE
2- Order any one item for $10 or less
3- We will deliver it to your home for FREE

Complete details regarding this offer will be available on www.schwans.com/FREE on 8/1.
We'll see you soon!

*No purchase necessary.
Offer ends 9/30/09 and limited to the first 500,000 new residential/household customers (i.e., have not purchased any products from Schwan's Home Service, Inc. within the past 14 weeks) who are located in an existing route of Schwan's Home Service.
Limited to one offer per residence/household and may not be combined with any other offer or promotion.
Local and state sales taxes may apply.
Other restrictions apply.


You can pick anything that is $9.99 or less:
I just placed our order this evening for a 10-pack of chocolate covered vanilla ice cream bars (I know, not super healthy, but a nice summer treat). Those were listed at $9.99
Then with the promo (by going through the above link) it took off $9.99
Total was $0.00

I called to confirm and fix my address (somehow our apartment number got dropped) and the customer service person confirmed that my total was $0.00 and I wouldn't owe anything upon delivery.
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Sweet! I just ordered the frozen raspberry and orange cream bars!
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thanks for sharing!!! :::
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Hey, that's a nice deal!

Sadly, I'm already a customer. My driver loves me, since I always order something and the recession has been tough on business for this route.

May I suggest for those of you who appreciate convenience foods and don't mind non-organic stuff -- the Quick Bake fries are awesome, the Southern-style Biscuits are to die for, and the Microsteam Green Beans are really handy to have around. I don't buy much, if any, of their meats or pre-made meals because I can get them all cheaper elsewhere, but the Schwan's foods I do buy I can't find better anywhere (Schwan's is more expensive, yes, but the quality difference more than makes up for it!)

Btw...Schwan's is actually my most non-frugal regular purchase, so I was sort of amused to see this here.
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just ordered the oatmeal raisin cookies
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I had to pay 8cents, anyone else? Oh well, still a good deal.
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Thanks very much. I just ordered the Italian meatballs.
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i didin't have to pay anything...wonder if there is mistake??? 8 cents seems strange. it may not be worth your time to call them or maybe you could talk to the delivery driver about it.
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I ordered this on saturday and got it delivered on monday. I got the stuffed shells and there is no way I would spend $10 on that small of a package. However for free it was great.
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Awesome, I just ordered a gallon of chocolate fudge ripple. We used to order from them a lot and i like our delivery man but we had to stop when my husband lost his job.
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Awesome. I just ordered a two pound bag of chicken nuggets to keep on hand for those nights when I don't have the energy to do a "real" dinner and there are no leftovers.

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cool, I just ordered some stuff. I got ice cream, the shells, some corn dogs and shredded hash browns. So, I spent more than was discounted, but wanted to try a few different things.

I think I am going to order some for delivery at my mom's house too, just the freebee though.

Oh I did notice that they take ebt as well, so that may be an option for some people!

I'll pay at the door when my order arrives.

I'll pay at the door when my order arrives.

For your convenience, we accept SCHWAN'S Check Debit Card, Visa, MasterCard, Discover/Novus, American Express cash, checks and electronic food stamp cards (EBT). Please make checks payable to Schwan's Home Service.
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This is sooo awesome! I got some frozen veggies. That will come in handy postpartum! Thanks for posting!!
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do you have to be home when they deliver or will they just leave it?
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We received our free gallon of ice cream yesterday.

Our delivery guy was slightly annoying, though. He called on Tuesday at around 10am asking when he should stop by - no advance notice, really. I was out of the house, but called him around noon. He came by at 4PM and handed me a catalog and wanted to know if I'd buy anything else.

I told him I'd look it over and let him know in a day or two. I also asked for ingredient lists which he didn't have. I asked where I could find that information and he told me online.

He went back to the truck and rummaged around for a bit then came back to my porch and told me he didn't have the ice cream I had ordered and asked me AGAIN if I was going to buy anything today. I reminded him that I needed to see ingredients lists before I could make any purchasing decisions.

He told me he'd be by the next day (yesterday) to deliver the ice cream.

He did stop by around 4PM yesterday and the ice cream is quite tasty.

But I don't want to go through that rigamarole every.single.time.I.order.something.
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Thanks! I ordered the shells and cheese. We used to be a customer, but we didn't like how processed the food is and finally just canceled. However the shells, we really like. We usually get 9 servings out of the bag even though it says 8, so for just over $1 per serving, it's not a bad deal, really. Especially when it's free!! :
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: Thank you, I ordered DH's favorite ice cream as a surprise!
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I'm not surprised that the delivery guys are trying to upsell- they do work on at least partial commission, so the more you buy, the more they make. I also imagine that they are trying to entice you to buy more than just the free product. I actually bought a few things, spending total $22, probably about what I would spend in the store, maybe a little less, all convenience stuff.
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Glad you all thought it was a good deal, too! (guess you can't beat free!! )

For the person with 8 cents.. I heard about that happening to some people. I would call and ask about it. I think it's just a mistake and you won't have to worry about it.

About being home- I do think you have to be home. I think there is an option to buy a $4.99 freezer bag to hold your food and then they can just leave it for you at your door. I only glanced at that option at checkout, because I know that I'll be home on the day that I chose.
If you decide to call, let us know what you find out!
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So they are looking to improve their customer database of people they will try to sell to for eternity.

Nothing is ever truly free. You are now in a database. I wonder if they ever sell their customer lists? I wonder how many new customers will be "bugged/hounded" by the salesmen/drivers?
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