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Build my Library!!

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Hey mamas

What are your favorite books on child development, nutrition, etc...

So far I have "The Baby Book" and "The Vaccine Book" both from Dr. Sears.

Any other recommendations?
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For development:

What's Going on in There?--summarizing neuroscience research in (fairly) everyday language to explain what's going on in your baby's head. Super interesting if you like that sort of thing.

The Wonder Weeks --it's got a terrible title but it's sort of a bible for me (note: I have it in another language and haven't seen the english version, but I'm guessing it must be basically the same thing...Also, there are some non-AP quotes from parents in it. This doesn't diminish the value the book for me, since it's nothing the authors advocate)

For sleeping:


For eating:

Baby-led weaning

totally random:

Mothers and Others--by a sociobiologist, about the prevalence of cooperative parenting and its importance in human evolution.
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I still haven't figured out how to make pretty links. sorry!

This one is good for keeping them healthy. I found it recommended in the vaccine forum, but it has terrific advice no matter what your decision on the vax issue might be.
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Super baby food, by Ruth Yaron

and "Why we get sick" not about kids per say but very insightful about why we get sick and why some medicines are really bad for you- this book changed my life!
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I like the Zand book, Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child--great great resource!

and Penelope Leach's Your Baby, Birth to Age 5 (or something like that)

and one on the Emotional Life of a Toddler (forget the author/title)

And Feeding the Whole Family (maybe by Lair?)

And Baby-Led Weaning.
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