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September Mommies - Feb. thread!

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heres the latest due date list with corrections!

Please let me know if anyone wants to be added or other corrections need to be made!

9/2/04 - JenInMpls (Jen) - 1st baby - birthcenter

9/2/04 - 3under3 (Danielle) - 4th baby - hospital

9/5/04 - Adventuregirl - 1st baby - homebirth

9/8/04 - Caroline248 (Caroline) - 4th baby - hospital

9/11/04 - mama2annabelle - 2nd baby - homebirth

9/12/04 - Shannon0218 (Shannon) - 1st baby - hospital

9/15/04 - sistermama (Sarah) - 2nd baby - homebirth

9/16/04 - Celestia'sMama02 (Juanita) - 2nd baby - hospital

9/21/04 - cuddlemama (Leigh) - 3rd baby - hospital

9/22/04 - SamanthaJ

9/22/04 - Greenbeing - 1st baby - homebirth

9/24/04 - Jodie (Jodie) - 1st baby - homebirth

9/24/04 - bellasmum - 2nd baby - homebirth

9/25/04 - Mom2Baldie (Lynsey) - 3rd baby - homeVBAC

9/28/04 - chrissy (Chrissy) - 2nd baby - home or birth center birth

9/30/04 - Boobykinmama (Heather) - 3rd baby
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Thanks Lynsey! it looks great!
I'm in a bit of a nasty mood today, big fight with dh (it was his fault of course!) Have a dog boarding with me that won't let anyone near him (like I need that crap now!) and my arthritis is acting up so both arms are killing me.
Hoping for a much better day tomorrow.
The good news is that the hypnosis is still working wonders for the nausea, I have heartburn, but haven't thrown up and have only felt yucky a few times--so that's GOOD news!
So how is everyone else doing anyway??
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... and welcome to February!

The current time is 4:05 AM, and I woke up at 3:30 needing to pee (what a surprise!) and with a grumbly tummy... so I had a waffle (of course! ) and thought I'd look at my mail. Jo's cell phone, set on vibrate, went off about 15 minutes ago and while I don't think she woke up at all as she leaned over, plucked it off the floor and looked to see who was calling (wrong number, wouldn't you know?), it startled me so much that I think I'm doomed to be up for a few hours. Oh well, it's snowing outside which looks very pretty and which means it can't be -20F.

My pretty kitty Sydney is up and keeping me company too, although I'm sure that she wishes I would lay back down so she could curl up next to me and go to sleep like she was before the phone started buzzing. We wonder what she will do when Sprout is here and sleeping next to the bed. Any experienced pet owners here who have gone through the whole bringing home a baby to pets thing?

Shannon I hope you have a better day today! That must be a pain to be boarding a dog you can't get near. How long will you be boarding him? I hope he isn't like that the whole time.

I myself am the same-old, same-old: tummy almost constantly displeased, still really enamored with waffles (Jo went out and bought me Nutri-Grain ones yesterday, so at least I can get a little nutrition with my craving!), and now I'm onto a busier block at school and I hope I can keep up... I have the littler ones for February (1st, 2nd, 3rd grades).

I guess I'll try going back to bed now... nighty night, lovelies!

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Hi girls,

The real morning (all day) sickness has set in over here. I still haven't puked but feel as if I will at any moment, all day long. This is right when it set in last time (6 weeks). It's okay though. I can live with it if it means a healthy baby in there. If it gets too bad I will see if my acupuncturist can help me.

Lynsey, with my son I had an OB, hospital, induced, epidural birth. Somehow I escaped with a vaginal birth though, thankfully! I really am leaning towards a homebirth but my husband and everyone else would rather the birth center (or really, the hospital). The birth center was pretty nice but I have some reservations based on others' experiences. Also I've heard the backup doctor is a jerk. The midwife we are meeting with this week is a CNM. I'm hoping that we both love her. My husband will go along with whatever I decide but it'd be nice if he really liked the idea too.

Jen, you and those waffles! I wonder if one day you will suddenly hate them or if you will love them throughout your pregnancy.

Shannon, I hope you have a better day today! Dumb dh! That is so cool that the hypnosis is working so well for your nausea. Perhaps I will have to seek one out to try myself.

Happy Sunday to everybody,
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Hmmm.......I dont know why I thought you had your 1st at a birth center. : Sorry!

I hope your appt. goes wonderfully and I cant wait to hear about it! I am sooo excited about seeing my midwife again - only 3.5 more weeks!
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Happy Sunday everyone. So glad for today.
Yesterday was tiring. Can't wait for the "all day sickness" to go so I can eat those things I should eat. Right now I just eat what doesn't make me want to hurl. Lucky I haven't thrown up yet.
Definently eating less than I'm used to.
Speaking of food I'm starving, gotta go hunt down something good.

Hope everyone has a good day!
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I am here...really tired!! The sickness seems to have passed for now...I am nervous about it though. It seems early for it to go away. I don't really want to eat anything either. I might make some French Toast for breakfast....

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So sorry! Take care of yourself.

Well, the saliva problem is not as bad as it was previously! Hooray!
As Jen mentioned, we are having a lovely snow here! Kids and Dh are bundled up outside and playing in the snow.

Everyone have a lovely Sunday!
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Danielle, youve ben added.
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Hello, fellow September mamas!

First of all, Bee, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss and wish you peace and healing.

I've been following this thread for about a week now and I'm finally getting the chance to join it and post. I'm due Sept. 30(counting from date of conception), with #3. This pregnancy was a happy, happy surprise. DD is only 11 months old, and we hadn't decided for sure on a third (well, I had, but dh wasn't sure yet), but we are both extremely thrilled and excited.

We'll be having a midwife-attended home waterbirth, with the same wonderful midwives we used for dd. I haven't called yet--will probably go ahead and wait until 10 weeks or so, so we can hear a heartbeat.

Leela is still nursing quite frequently, although she really likes solids. I'm encouraging her to nurse as much as she wants, since I still have a good supply, and will continue to nurse through the pregnancy if she so desires, and tandem nurse as well. I nursed ds through my pregnancy with her--he was just over 2 when I got pregnant, and tandemed for about 2 months--he developed a strong, painful latch during the pregnancy, and I just couldn't do it anymore. I think this has a lot to do with sippy cups (the spill-proof kind that are pretty hard to drink from), so won't be using that type of cup for dd at all.

No nausea yet, and maybe I'll get lucky this time. I had m/s from about 6-16 weeks with both my other pregnancies. So far I'm just extra-hungry, especially for protein and salty, savory foods, and not really wanting anything sweet at all. I've been pretty tired, too, and ds doesn't nap anymore, so I try to doze during dd's long afternoon nursings. I'm also really bloated by the end of the day--I look about 16 weeks pregnant by 10 pm!

Anyway, I'm so happy to be back on the Pregnancy forum--seems like I was just here announcing Leela's birth! Take care, everyone!
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Happy February!

My big kids turn 4 and 2 this month! We're trying to plan a birthday party for next weekend, but I just don't have the energy to do ANYTHING at the moment but .

Anybody want to give me a kick in the butt to get me started? I swear I could sleep for days without feeling less tired. Of course, the fact that Nate's getting his molars and I slept for a big old 3 hours last night really doesn't help with the exhaustion issue.

Food still goes down hard and comes up easy. I'm obsessed with vinegar in all its forms at the moment.

This week for dinner I had veggie sushi with rice wine vinegar, chinese dumplings with red vinegar, chicken bruschetta with balsamic, fish fry with malt vinegar and a boca burger with salt and vinegar potato chips.

Those are the only meals that stayed down for any length of time. Everything else just makes an immediate return trip.

Man, my boobs are killing me at the moment. They were slightly sore during the first trimester with my other pregnancies but, this time, I think they hurt if someone even walks past too close.

Ok, better go. Sitting too long brings on the sleepies.


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Welcome Boobykinmamma!!!! (any chance you have a shorter name??) :LOL
Having a kinda rough day today, I've spent the last 3 days running constantly, I think I pushed the power of the hypnosis beyond it's abilities! Unfortunately tonight we have Superbowl stuff going on, tomorrow I'm pretty busy too, so we'll have to wait till tuesday for a day of rest!
My skin is SO dry, I think it may fall off, I'm using Lubriderm 6 times a day right now, it's insane!
How is everyone else doing?
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Welcome boobykinmamma and congrats on your happy surprise!

Shannon, my skin is pretty dry too. I hope you get some rest soon.

Okay can one of you guys please tell me that it is perfectly normal for my cervix to feel open? It's been this way for at least the last week. On the plus side, I feel so very green and could sleep all day and night. :LOL I *think* it is normal for a cervix to do anything at this stage but I want somebody else to tell me that.

Nauseously yours,
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How open does yours feel? I know that today mine is closed (I started spotting again so had to check). I also know that when I am ovulating or on my period it is usualy about a fingertip dilated.

But honestly I think it should be closed, because when I spotted with Paityn my Dr. just checked me to make sure mine was closed, and it was, so he just told me not to worry.

Then when I found out the last baby had died at the ER, a Dr. checked me then and said mine was open and that the miscarriage would prob. take place within 1-2 weeks. And it did 10 days later.

So those have been my honest experiences. Dont know if that helps you out at all...
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Oh no, when I checked it was about a fingertip open. I will check again.

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Hello and welcome!

I am also still nursing one of mine (the 2 year old). It seems as though since I concieved she has been nursing more during the day AND at night. Its driving me crazy. I personally am hoping that she will wean sometime during the pregnancy because I cant even sit down or sleep for more than 2 hours straight without her hopping aboard.

I also am not experiencing any morning sickness. I wonder if we are the only ones...

Would you like to be added to the due date list?
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Im sorry Chrissy. I could be wrong. hat was just my experience and Im sure everyones cervix is completely different. Are you bleeding or something? What else is going on?
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No bleeding at all. No cramping either. I am very very nauseous, especially since yesterday and am also very tired. But I was just wondering because it seemed like it should be closed. Now I'm pretty freaked out.
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Sure, add me to the list.

Chrissy--once you've given birth vaginally, it is normal for your cervix to be "dialated" a fingertip all the time, and I think that's true even when pregnant. I just checked mine, and it's a scant fingertip, and I remember it being that way for my second pregnancy as well. The dialation is only on the outside--the cervix is still closed internally.
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Chrissy--once you've given birth vaginally, it is normal for your cervix to be "dialated" a fingertip all the time, and I think that's true even when pregnant. I just checked mine, and it's a scant fingertip, and I remember it being that way for my second pregnancy as well. The dialation is only on the outside--the cervix is still closed internally.
Okay, that's what I'm hoping!
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