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We met with a midwife tonight and I loved her!! So I am 99.999999% sure that I will be having a homebirth! I am so beyond thrilled. Mostly we just talked but she also did a dipstick in my pee and said it all looked good (sugar, protein, urine, concentration). Also she took my blood pressure and I weighed myself. The coolest part was she felt my tummy and said she can already feel my uterus! I don't know why but that was really exciting to me. I guess it just kind of made it feel real.

Restful nights to all,
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May I join you?

Hello all, I tried to post yesterday, but I can't find any evidence that it worked. Sorry if this turns out to be a repeat. I'm new to this.

I'm 31, and this is my first pregnancy. My partner and I planned to start trying, but we didn't think it would work this quickly! We're happy it did and are due Sept. 14. Right now we are living in Tanzania and will be here until mid-April, then we'll move back to the Twin Cities (hello neighbors in the snow) after a month of traveling to visit family and friends. I don't have access to a lot of information or medical care here, just the internet and a scandinavian clinic, so it's nice to read all of your experiences. I have no choice about tests and doctors visits here--it's only blood and urine, the basics. I might go for an u/s just to see if it is really there before I tell people around week 14. I haven't really felt much morning sickness, just occassional afternoon and evening queasiness, but no actual vomiting or nausea. The city we live in, Dar es Salaam, is extremely stinky. I won't go into details to make you all nauseated. The food is also limited. Basically I find all the Tanzanian staples to be stomach-turning except the chipsi (fried potatoes). I didn't really like it before becoming pregnant though. But there's great Indian food! In case you are curious, we are here for my husband's research and I am working with an Tanzanian NGO that deals with radical economic and gender issues.

We don't have any idea about the birth place yet; it will depend on insurance, but will be as natural as possible.

I am a little concerned about not really seeing a provider more than two times in the first 5 months. Maybe I can get into a planned parenthood for another blood and urine test and a measurement. I'm trying not to stress because I really don't have choices here! I have to just go with it (a little bit against my nature).

I wish you all the best and hope to be posting with you for the next 7 months.

Steph (badomama--bado is not yet in Kiswahili)
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Vietnamese hot and spicy soup

This is a p.s. mostly to Jen and Danielle who were talking about Vietnamese hot and spicy soup a few days ago. I have been seriously craving Pho and another spicy beef soup. I have dreams about it and cannot wait to get back to the States! I plan to hit every Vietnamese place from California to Utah then to my fav place on Eat Street (was that Nicollet? Haven't lived there for 3 years!). It's cheaper than Lotus and down in the basement of a grocery. It almost makes me want to cry thinking about it!!! Jen-the name of the place has the word Pho in it. Know the place?

-steph badomama
p.s.s I forgot to mention the other food here in Tanzania that doesn't make me want to hurl: roasted bananas that are slightly ripe with salt! Mmmmm.
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Hi Steph! Glad you could join us! Sounds like you have a very interesting life...

If I were you, I woudnt worry too much about not seing a Dr. more than 2 times before 5 months... The dont do much anyways before then, besides take your blood pressure, test your urine and feel your tummy. Of course you wont get to hear the babys heartbeat either, but that doesnt mean that he or she isnt still in there! Maybe by April you will be feeling movement?

Well thats just my 2 cents...
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Glad to hear you had such a super appt. with the midwife! Im impressed that she could feel your uterus already! Can you yet - with your hands?

I couldnt last pregnancy until about 8 weeks, well that was the earliest I tried I guess. Im off to try to feel it now...
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Lynsey, I'm not sure I know how to feel it, as silly as that sounds. Maybe I will try. Did you find yours?
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I had to spend all day at my inlaws yesterday with no computer. (Our car is being repaired at a place near the in laws which is half an hour away. Was easiest to spend the night there Wednesday.) My mother in law is driving me nuts! She keeps insisting that I need to find a doctor RIGHT NOW. I've had a sinus headache for the past few days and she was going on about how pregnant women have to worry about blood pressure. It's a sinus headache. I know my headaches. She also thinks I'm too sick. (She never got sick with her pregnancies.)

*sigh* I'm tired of throwing up. Threw up in the car on the way home last night, was throwing up when mil got home yesterday too. I'm having a hard time eating, nothing sounds good at all, and the only protein I've been able to eat has been cheese. Oh, and I managed a roast beef sandwich from Arby's the other night. Nothing at all sounds good, the thought of food tends to make me a bit green.

I've lost weight, but can't tell where.....as my middle is definitely getting bigger. I've been looking for some maternity clothes and am really really frustrated. I'm a bit overweight to start with, and I don't wear pants because i don't like them. I can't find a maternity skirt anywhere. I guess this means I'll be sewing.

Okay, enough ranting from me. I'm goign to see if i can find something to eat for breakfast that won't make me sick.

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Yay, Steph! Hope I get to meet you in April! Yes, Eat Street is Nicollet and I think I know the place you mean. If you need to buy a house, our neighbor's is going on the market in spring...

Lazuli - how about jumpers and dresses? As usual, I'd say to check eBay. I bet you'd find something. But come to think of it, the one place I found a cute pregnancy jean skirt was a website in GERMANY... oh well.

Jo has go to work, so I have to give up the laptop. Happy Friday!

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Lynsey--We're having a homebirth (waterbirth)

If it's true that milk supply tends to stick around if a baby is nursing lots, then mine may well do so, cuz dd is nursing at least every hour, sometimes even more frequently than that.

I'm also looking forward to wearing belly-bearing tanktops this summer, with skirts or sarongs. We live in Northern AZ, which is not as hot as Phoenix, but it can hit 100 from time to time, and it's often in the 90's. We have a community pool a couple minutes drive from us--I'm sure the kids and I will be there a bunch this summer.

Welcome, badomama! Indian food sounds really good right now.
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Hello my chatty friends!

Welcome Steph! Indian food sounds delicious to me too. Mmmmmm....

I'm glad you are here too, greenbeing!

I haven't been too great on exercise, I'm making it to my weekly yoga class and either snowboarding, snowshoeing or cross country skiing about once a week. But that's a lot less than what I used to do, and my snow activities are at a slower pace and shorter duration than usual. Its pretty hard to get the energy, and I'm worthless for the rest of the day afterwards, so I guess I'll work up to a little more eventually.

Lynsey, I meant that I feel over the top crunchy in some threads on Mothering, but its really not that often. Everyone is always very open and accepting, just sometimes I feel like I'm the crunchiest. Don't get me wrong, I've been way out-crunched here too.

Jen, you got a smokin deal! I'm gonna have to hang out at ebay too. Some of my pants are getting tight, I think I may have to actually think about this maternity clothing thing for real...

Oh yes, sex. I kind of lost my drive for a week or two, but its back now and how funny, I had a "wet" dream just last night. Tee-hee.

Chrissy, congrats on finding a great midwife and deciding on a homebirth! That's awesome!

Jodie, I'm excited to hear about your appointment!

OK, time for second lunch... Happy Friday everyone!
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Cross your fingers I didn't jinx anything

There's a maternity store near us - Tomorrow's Mother - that's going out of business and I dropped a chunk of change there today but got some stuff that looks really useful - a denim skirt, perfect for teaching, and a pair of pregger cargo pants that I think I'll maybe even wear next week, they're so comfy in the waist. But best of all I got a bunch of underwear for cheap - 2 pair of bike-short-like pregnant undies, which I live in when I wear skirts in warm weather!, and a camisole style super-supportive undershirt that will support me in all the right places with no snaps, clasps or wires. Plus I got two sleeveless shirts for the summer (for CAMP! Aaaaaaaagh).

Yes, I do work at a summer camp and will be there for 3 weeks in June and the beginning of July. My dean has already promised me the cushy apartment with a private bathroom, and I've got a sort of "disposable" position in case I can't make it for some reason. I'm just excited to be up there immersed in German while I'm gearing up for raising Sprout bilingually. It will help me a lot.

I hope that I wasn't premature with buying all of this clothing... but I couldn't wait on the sale because they're closing next week. *sigh* cross your collective fingers please.

Steph I have to admit to getting out my atlas and finding out where Tanzania is. How are you going to do with the transition from equatorial ocean living to Minnesota in April?!!! :LOL That might be quite the adjustment.

I am SO GRATEFUL it is the weekend.

Yours in new clothing heaven,

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chrissy, I'm so glad your appointment went well!

Welcome steph!

Jen, that's awesome you were able to get some new clothes! I may need to be venturing out for some in the near future as well. Some of my pants are getting a bit snug. They're okay in the morning, but I get so darn bloated throughout the day! I'm definitely looking forward to spring and summer--I love clothes for those seasons so much more. Airy cottons and linens, skirts, tanks, t's, drawstring pants----I can't wait!

Speaking of Indian food, I wanted some soooo bad tonight. So, dh and I went to get a carry out menu and when we were looking at it, dh suggested just going out to eat there tomorrow. I was okay with that, but then when we got home I was so irritated--I wanted Indian food NOW!!! I'm okay though, poor dh-I don't think he knew what was going on.
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ooh, I forgot to ask: does anyone have any recommendations for a sore throat coming on??? I haven't done the research yet to find out what is safe for pregnancy.

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greenbeing - gargle with salt water, always good and totally innocuous...

I have to add (and if your stomach is woozy, maybe you want to skip reading this!!) that many sore throats are caused by post-nasal drip and sometimes a nasal rinse can help this, either with saline in a little squirt bottle (if you buy Ayr or some other saline solution like that, dump it out and make your own solution of 1/4 tsp to 1 cup water and refill it - the stuff you buy comes with preservatives in it that you don't need) or you can use a neti pot and do a sinus rinse.

I just had a 1/2 hour of feeling human - a lavender salt bath with a funny book. When I got out my nausea returned, but for that half hour, I felt good!

I do declare... time for bed! Night all, hope to write more tomorrow...


ps: Danielle: heard AC/DC on the radio and thought of you
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I use the salt water and I add a couple drops of tea tree oil, great for the anti-bacterial bonus.
I'm going to bed, I left at 8:30 this morning and just got back now, I'm exhausted, beyond belief, to the point that I don't even know if I'll be able to sleep.
Night all!!
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Thanks for the welcome everyone!

It is great to get to work in the morning and find a whole new string of posts. This will really give me something to look forward to since, ironically but maybe not unpredictably, this job in Tanzania is one of the most tedious jobs I've ever had. They insist on everyone working late into the evenings and on Saturdays. I also have a one hour commute each way that involves three different very hot and crowded buses. I get so grouchy.

Greenbeing, I hear you on the "I want X food NOW!" feeling. I had Indian-prepared beef kebab on my mind for hours the other day until it built up into a near frenzy. Dh HAD to meet me at 8:00 p.m. for this dish.

Jen, I can't wait to meet you too. I'll be there end of May. You'll have to give me the scoop on maternity clothes, especially the deals and used stuff. We won't be looking for a house, just the cheapest apartment possible!

To all searching for their uterus...I can't wait to hear if you find it. I'm getting larger definitely, but I don't feel anything that seems like a soft grapefruit (my expectation).

Wishing you and yours all the best,

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A new song for the first trimester

To the tune of "When the Saints Go Marching In":

I cannot wait
to not feel sick
I cannot wait to not feel sick!
Oh how nice to not want to hur-rl :Puke
I cannot wait to not feel sick!

I want to eat
just what I like
Eat what I like and have it sit!
Oh, how swell to maybe be HUNGRY?
I want to eat what I see fit!

I want to see
that pregnant "glow"
Say, what IS that, do you know?
The only glow comes off of my toilet,
That's not what's meant, that can't be so!

Women of great
patience are we
To wait nine months, our prize to see
In the end, we know that it's worth it
to have a sweet little baby...

But until then
oh help me, please!
Until then, someone help me, PLEASE?!
Will there be an end to exhaustion?
Will my tum ever be at ease?

My dear mom says
it will abate
"Just one more month, and you'll feel GREAT!
Until then, eat what you can stomach,
Coke I drank and crackers ate." (With your sister!)

Yes thanks mama,
I don't think so,
Refined flour and sugar? oh no! (not to mention the caffeine!)
But frozen waffles aren't much better,
Yet to the freezer I still go!

So this is it
My pregnant plea
For just a shred of energy
And to enjoy eating my dinner
What's the possibility?

I wish us all
To feel well soon
And watch our bellies all balloon!
Until then, thank God we have each other
As we type, and weep, and swoon!

To life!

May we feel better soon!

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Oh Steph! 3 yucky buses each way! I really feel for you. I can hardly even stand my own car. I have big ziplock baggies in there in case i hurl, cause I always start dry heaving when I get in the car.

Feeling pretty good today, just had a kick ass BLT and am happy-full.

I am looking forward to visiting my family later today. My dad's boyfriend is throwing him a Surprise Birthday Party and I get to see all my brothers and sisters, which will be for the first time, since they heard the news. Am really looking forward to having a big deal made of me! te hee he. Also excited about telling my Dad the big news. I waited, so i could tell him on his Birthday. Thinking of making a card for him, from the baby, but haven't followed through on actually making it yet. Am looking forward to being in the heart of the family.

Last night, was home alone in the evening. Hubby had to work. So i watched "Under The Tuscan Sun" new release. I cried like 5 times, but happy, good cries. There was a pregnant woman in the movie and i just kept feeling such empathy for her. Anyway, two thumbs up! Sappy and emotional, good chick flick.

Had ridiculous dreams last night, woke up and had to laugh at myself. Boy, what the heck is going on inside of me right now? How silly can my subconsious mind get anyway?

ridiculously yours
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Jen, your song is fabulous! I love it!

10 weeks today, I'm so excited that time is passing right now, the closer I get to the 2nd tri, the better!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Anna, your party sounds great, such a great surprise for your dad! Good tummy feelings, warm snugglies and yummy food wishes to all!
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We found the legal papers! (They've been missing for months!)

Just had to share my joy with others who would understand my hormonal weeping about not finding them this afternoon.

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