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I just re-read my post and realized that I spend a lot of time here complaining about the buses and heat, and I should say something positive about Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

So I'll try:

People laugh a lot more here than at home. It makes the work atmosphere light.

I get to eat mangos, papaya and watermelon almost everyday.

If you decide to sit in the shade for hours at a time doing nothing, it is perfectly normal.

Even though I live in a city of 3.5 million, there are pigs, cows and chickens all over my neighborhood, and a calf let me touch its nose this morning.

Gecko lizards live inside our house with us.

Ok, that's enough, back to complaining...

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OMG it's me again. I just realized that Jen's bday is next Friday, so yeah, I guess I really am the first one on the planet to give bday wishes...


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My appt went really well yesterday. I had to take Jack with me, won't be doing that again if I can help it!! It was fun to catch up with my mw and have her be all nice to me since I'm feeling yucky. It was fun to hear the heartbeat and made #2 seem a little more real. Plus, my "prepregnancy" weight this time is about 15 pounds less than last time!!!! Still way to much, but at least I'm starting off better than last time.

I'm at work stressed out cause my auditor is here finishing our annual audit and I just want it to be done!!!!

Hope everyone is having a good Thursday - it is rainy and gloomy here and I want to go back to bed.
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Gecko lizards live inside your house with you? My cats would have a field day!!! But I would loooooooove to sit under a tree for hours at a time and do nothing at all.

I have to sing, with apologies to the Waldorf Kindergarten teachers in case I'm premature or have botched the words:

Spring is coming! Spring is coming!
Birdies build your nests,
Weave together twig and feather,
each one doing their best!

The sun is FINALLY shining, today the high will be 40, tomorrow 45. And I'm sure it's not really spring, since we usually get a good snowstorm in March and sometimes in April, but it sure feels nice to take off my parka and heavy mittens and put on my red rubber rain boots for once. The only negative is that I've changed from my brown boots with 2" of heel to my red rain boots outside and Birkenstocks inside, and my back is complaining at the change in posture.

Another big score: a co-worker of Jo lent me a ton of maternity clothing, the only caveat being that I should please take care of it and give it back when I'm done with it. All I really need to do now is buy the elusive maternity underwear and I honestly think I might be set through September.

xo, jen
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This auditor is still here!!! I had to take Jack to a kids morning out program because dh is exhausted and can't keep him. They just called me and told me he is having a "rough morning' and has been crying for over an hour!! I need to leave right now and I can't yet!!! I'm stressed out because I need him to be able to go to this program on occasion, because sometimes I need the back up care. I tried a couple of months ago to get him to go but the same thing happened. I wonder if they are not as nice there as they seem....
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Crappy morning here, its payday and I got up early to pay bills and figure out how much money we have left over for food and such and the result was bad. I got upset, ended up arguing with dh, then bawling my face off for a half hour. We were getting by ok for a few months on my unemployment check and dh's income, giving me an opportunity to start my home business, but that's all gone to sh!t it seems. I have to really start looking for a job now, my biz will have to be more of a hobby until I can make some money off of it. I am upset that I will probably have to work a job I won't really like and I have to put my biz on hold, but I don't see any other way out. I hate bills, wish I wouldn't have been stupid with credit that I am still paying for years later, ugh! OK, I needed to vent. Hoping the day will get better....

Sarah, I'm glad your appt was good!

Hope all is well with everyone else.
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Adventuregirl~ I hope everything works out with you all, I can totally sympothize(don't think I spelled that right).

Sistermama~ That is awesome that you heard the heartbeat! I hope your DS is ok.

Well, I have puked for the third time. Yes, so far I'm keeping a count. I don't know why.
Had a dream last night that we are having a girl. Actually in the dream we already had her and she was 6m old. In my dream Dh said she looked just like me.

Hope everyone's day gets better.
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Hey everyone! Not much new here...just getting through the day without napping seems to be a big accomplishment. I was throwing up again for a day or so, but today has been better.

I keep having bad dreams about the pregnancy..that the baby has died or it is gone....I am waking up in panic attacks because of it. I don't know why, I am really not a negative person usually.

Steph, I would love to live with animals around like that, it sounds very natural!

Anyway, I think we may have come up with some names...

Jackson William or Amelia Joanne

William was my grandfather and Joanne was my moms sister who dies when they were kids, my mom asked that we name a girl after her.

ANy thoughts?
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bad dreams are okay

from what I've read these kinds of dreams are all about giving your sub concious mind an outlet for the thoughts we can't "deal with" conciously.
Early in my pregnancy i was having alot of bad dreams and it was very upsetting. I would drift back into sleep still thinking about the dream and it would just continue... My sister told me about something she had done to help with her pregnancy dreams. she found an object, a totem if you will, to focus good thoughts on right before bed.
Soon after this conversation a really cool thing happened. A friend of mine was in Kenya over christmas and told me she had a gift for me. I had just told her about the baby and she said when she heard my news, she finally "knew" who the gift was for. She said she didin't pick it out for anyone, but that it ended up a part of a deal struck in a marketplace in Kenya. so anyway... my gift was a small stone carving of an egg. I actually sleep holding it in my hand, it is small enough to fit inside my closed hand.
So I try to remind myself at bedtime that I can direct the energy of my sleeping mind to positive thoughts. Hey, sometimes I still have bad dreams, but I try to acknowledge them and discuss my dreams with my husband. this way I get my fears out in the open and can stop dreaming about them.

also I wonder if choosing a name of a deceased person is affecting your feelings. I am considering Jonathan as a boy's name, and that is what my mother named my brother who was still-born. sometimes that scares me a little, i don't want to jinx the kid!

anyway, food for thought.
Love and kisses
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Sarah - Jack is still so very young. There is an 18+ month-old program at the Montessori school upstairs from us and there is one little one there who cries his heart out every single day. Some just aren't ready to be in the care of others yet. It's not you and it's probably not the people at the program, it's him and his readiness. I'm sure that's totally not what you wanted to hear, I'm sorry! But the away-from-home program might not be his thing right now.

I had a dream last night that I was at my mom's house and had let the cats out to play in the yard (which I wouldn't, ever, both our cats are strictly indoor cats). Sydney caught a squirrel and had blood all over her mouth and chest. I drew her a bath in the kitchen sink and proceeded to bathe her, which she did not protest at, but she stuck her face into the water and I had to forcibly remove it so she didn't drown herself.

Explain that one! It was gross!!!


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dream analysis by Anna

Okay Jen,

here's my take on it,... it seems to me that you are a very dedicated kitty momma and perhaps you are feeling worried that after your child arrives, you will not be able to give your darling kitties the same love and devotion you do now. Maybe you are afraid the kitties will feel abandoned and betrayed.
anyone who cares as deeply about her pets as you do, i am sure will be able to give everyone... child, pets and partner the love they deserve. You obviously care deeply about "doing it right" and I am sure you will.

Love and kisses
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Thanks, Anna, for your very plausible explanation; I have been concerned about Sydney especially because she is very attached to me (she's the one I need a sling for!). She sleeps with me every night, cuddled up along my side or my legs. She is always willing to work around me getting up (she either follows me to the bathroom and then comes back, or she waits and re-positions herself after I get back in bed) and she only leaves in the morning to go watch the sparrows when she hears them gather on the air conditioner. Even as I sit here and type she's lying next to me against my leg.

But getting resentful and trying to drown herself? Eeeew.

The funny thing is that we got her because Jo insisted she had to come home with us. We actually had gone to the pet store looking for two new baby girl rats for pets, but they didn't have any. We moseyed over to the cat and dog adoption center, and one wink from Sydney and Jo was hooked. I was hesitant because she's so allergic to cats! But there was no looking back!

xo, j
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It's Friday!

Adventuregirl, sorry for the bad money woes morning. I hope you can find a job that you don't despise and don't give up your home biz dreams!

Sistermama, congrats on the good appointment!

Jodie, sorry you are still feeling barfy.

Dreamers, oh they are interesting. Here's mine from last night:
I go to get an ultrasound (decided to have one next Thurs) and the place looks like a fast food counter at a Chinese restaurant with the menu of ultrasounds like photos of meals above the counter. Mine has already been taken and I have to pick out which one it is above the counter. I see mine and the counter-clerk/nurse says, "I don't see anything in there (meaning the uterus)." I say, "I do. See that small balloon-like thing?" We somehow zoom in on the balloon and there is a little man, completely dressed in plaid shirt, trousers, and shoes, with a belt even, lying there with hands folded over chest waiting to grow and be born. I say, "he looks healthy to me." Then blip, I wake up laughing.

I think it means that my baby has inherited my really boring fashion preferences!

Happy Weekends everyone! Eat well!


p.s. I forgot to mention the neighborhood baboon that walks by my office window and stares at us almost every week. National Geographic, right here in the city!
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:LOL what a great dream, Steph! A "neighborhood baboon" - that's something else. we don't even have any humans in our neighborhood who would qualify for that title! But I've got a few choice titles for the neighbor's dog who is let out to bark at 11 at night at 7 in the morning... *grrrrrr*

Adventuregirl, money is one of the easiest things to get in a fight about, isn't it? *sigh* I hope things go better for you soon...

Danielle how's that toe doing?!

Jodie, good luck keeping the food down... I do fine during the day now but every evening at about 6 the nausea returns until I force myself to eat something.

happy Friday to all, long day for me with kindergarten at the beginning and 3rd grade late in the afternoon... at least it's a play day for everyone (Fridays are always play days in german - less planning for the teacher too!).

xo, jen

ps: there's a big article about Waldorf education in Mothering magazine this month! Yahoo!
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Good morning gals! It's Friday!!!!

: Jen, hope you have a blessed day!!

Steph-love the dream

adventuregirl-I feel for you on the money issues. dh is in school and we're making it on one paycheck. worries me a little. I'm hoping you find something that will satisfy you until you get your own thing going!

It's supposed to be in the 60's today!!!! Definitely will have to give those 5th graders some extra recess. We all deserve it
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Hey Steph!

that was the funniest damn thing! I totally blew my cover here at work. boss doesn't like me sending personal e-mails during work, but I started laughing and had to share your story with him. The grumpy old marine even cracked a smile and then told me about some of the weird dreams his wife had during her pregnancies!

I SAW GREEN THINGS GROWING TODAY!!!!!! There's still snow here in places, but I swear I saw plants coming up in a flower bed! Thank you! Thank you! thank you!

Love and kisses
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Hi everyone,

Jack was doing quite a bit better by the time I got to him yesterday morning. Dh is on spring break next week and is going to take him at least 3 mornings for increasing amounts of time. That is what the teachers suggested, so I hope it helps.

I love hearing about everyone's dreams. Pregnancy dreams are the weirdest. When I was pregnant with ds, I dreamt that I had a zipper in my stomach so I could take the baby out and then I unzippered my (male) cat's stomach and put the baby in there for a while so I could get a rest from being all big and tired. I also dreamed that dh's recently passed away grandfather, who no one liked and didn't like me at all, came to me and told me I was having a boy. He also told me that since we were naming ds after our other 3 grandfathers (all their names were Jack) that he wanted to be included also. He then told me what his first and middle names were. I never knew what his middle name was and when I asked dh about it in the morning, I was right!!!

I think it was a definite visit and I actually saw and heard a lot of strange things the whole time I was pregnant with Jack and for the month after he was born. So far, nothing like that has happened this time, but it could be because I am so much more tired and out of it.

I think I'm going to stop and pick up unisom and b6 today to try that combo. I haven't been able to keep much at all the last couple of days, and I'm a little worried about that. Has anyone else ever tried it?

Hope you all have a nice weekend, I don't have a computer at home. So, until Monday!!
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Hola ladies! I am feeling much better today, made some job contacts yesterday and will be helping my friend out with her pet-sitting business this week. There's still some things to work through, but my head is in a much better space now. Thanks for your sympathies and well-wishes.

I love hearing about everyone's dreams! So cool.
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Sarah, that dream with your husband's grandfather in it is incredible.

All of the baby dreams I have had occured well before I conceived. *shrug* I'd like some more!

In the odd coincidences department, I've been hearing Billy Joel on the radio all of the time lately, and feeling the need to listen to it at home, too. We got our girl name from a favorite song by him ("The Downeaster Alexa" on the album "Storm Front"), it's one of the CDs we always take along on our road trips up to Grand Marais and so it's infused with lovely memories of a fantastic place. It's just weird to be hearing Billy Joel now all the time, for one reason or another. Makes me say "hmm! Maybe it's NOT a boy after all!"

Beware the glow! My colleague Phil told me today that I'm getting one.

Eddie is here on my lap getting reassured that she is still the most wonderful grey cat in the house, and sends all of you her affection.

We are going to an odd social function tonight - mostly friends of Jo from college - but the hosts are throwing a fish fry / adopt our stuff party. Basically a garage sale for friends without any money changing hands. I'm hoping they have baby stuff!!! So... I had better check to see if my raspberries are thawing out.

yay weekend!

xo jen
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Ah, the glow. One of the first things my mw said to me on Tuesday was "Wow, you're all glowy already!". Tell me, exactly what IS the glow? I don't know what its all about. Is it like a blush? That's what comes to my mind, but I don't think I've ever noticed it on anyone.
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