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ooops, Jen. I guess my birthday wishes were a little premature :
oh well, in case I forget next week :LOL
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My colleague says that I have more etheric energy around me. If I go into what that means, it will be a mini-lecture on the 4-fold human being and some wonky Waldorf stuff that might make you all say "huh?". But he says I am exuding the energy that goes along with small children. I'm glad he sees it, I sure don't!!

greenbeing don't you even worry about being ahead on the birthday wishes - I will just start doing like my mom and celebrating my birthday WEEK. You and Steph are both just ahead of the game.

The fish fry and free stuff party was great, in addition to getting some useful free stuff I got a bunch of maternity clothes on loan. Now I really think I am done! Except for that elusive maternity underwear...!

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Happy Saturday, all!

The toe is getting better. I can walk somewhat normally, but only at a regular pace. Speedier walking is out for now!
I will go back to work in two weeks I've decided.

PG wise, I'm feeling so much better!
The only weird symptom I get, and I have had it with the others, is when I go outside in the cold air, I gag. It lasts a minute, then I seem to get it under control. My OB said it has to do with my salivary glands. Chewing minty gum helps.

Ah, the joys!

I also have bizarre pregnancy dreams! None so far in this pg, but in my second pg, I pretty much killed off my whole team at work in my dreams, one by one. I wasn't killing them, but in my dreams, they would die weird deaths.
I also dreamt once that I was Dianne Sawyers midwife.

I laid out a bundle on maternity clothes this week. Stocked up fr summer before all the cute stuff was gone.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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happy day!

Hello ladies!

Having a great day today! I am eating TAKEOUT as I type. It feels SSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOO Good to eat something besides the basic 10 foods I normally can eat. Had a craving in the car as I drove to work and decided to humor it! Yeah for chinese takeout!

Had a bad scare with my beloved kitty boy yesterday. We had to leave him with the vet, after we found evidence that he had been eating thread! He barfed all night long and looked awfull in the morning, all listless and doopey. Xray's showed an obstruction in his intenstines and we were told surgery could run around $1,000.00. Yikes! Thankfully one of the vets specializes in homeotherapy and we decided to try that first. Today he is looking brite eyed and bushytailed, so they sent him home! Horrayyyyyy! We still have to keep a careful eye on him, but he's eating with enthusiasm again and we are feeling quite relieved.

Last night I had two different dreams about twins girls. In both dreams my husband was playing with them and then i was holding them too...... it's funny because I've had a gut feeling all along that I am having a boy, even though I would rather have a girl. When i told my hubby about my dreams, he looked so worried. I guess i think it would be kinda neat to have twins..... extra hard, yes..... but special.

Love and kisses to all
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homeopathic therapy, not homeotherapy!

Te hee hee. Placenta brain strikes again!
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Hey Girls,

Danielle, I'm glad your toe is getting better, yowie!

Anna, I'm glad your kitty is doing better!

I had a baby dream last night, it was so cool. It was like I had just given birth, but there was no one around, everything (including the two of us) was clean and the baby was huge, like the size of a 6 month old. Anyway, I was holding this naked little baby (no gender indication) and going to breastfeed for the first time and messing with his/her latch. I felt like the baby was sucking so hard on me and I had no idea if milk was coming out. We looked into each others eyes while feeding and it was so beautiful.

Well, IRL, I am making deviled eggs, YUM! Can't wait to chow those babies! Had a little bitchy spot today, but just joked about it and didn't cause any problems. Two of my girlfriends are really suspicious, but I am trying like crazy to hold off on telling until next Saturday when I am 14 weeks. DH really wants to do this and I am happy about it too, its just getting hard!

Well, that's all for now, hoe you are all having a great weekend!
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WOW, I just wrote the letter I plan to distribute to the school community on Friday.

And I tabled for Waldorf Schools of the Twin Cities at the Rainbow Families conference this morning and what a fabulous morning - surrounded by queer parents including many pregnant mamas!!!!!! and talking about the work I love.

Danielle I'm so glad that your toe is feeling better and hallelujah for this weather we're having!!

You baby dreamers... lucky ducks! I dreamt something last night that involved my co-worker Jacque saying "maybe your water already broke." That's all I can remember.

Anna thank heavens your kitty is all right. Eating thread can be a bad situation!! I hope he passes it and returns to his normal self!

Lots of exclamation points in this e-mail. I guess that's a good sign.

It's nearly four so I should eat some food before the nausea tries to set in. I have found that my former eat-everything-in-sight time - my time of no food willpower - has turned into eat-now-or-pay-the-price time.

xo! Jen enjoying springy melting
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Everybody must have had a nice weekend! I had to go to the second page to find us.

I think I am starting to feel better, or maybe I am just dealing with it better. Either way, I am so glad. This morning I did leap out of bed with major dry heaves though and that was no fun.

Took Noah swimming at the gym today and that was really fun. Except he kicked me right in the belly by accident. Does anybody want to tell me not to worry that he couldn't have hurt the baby? I think the baby must still be pretty far down in my pelvis and I haven't had any bleeding or anything so that's all good.

I'm getting excited and nervous for my appointment on Tuesday. If it were with my midwife I would only be excited but it is at a birth center that we hope to use for a few back-up appointments. My midwife wants me to have an u/s for dating purposes since I don't really have a LMP to go by. I am pretty sure of my dates but think I will have a quick u/s anyway. I have read the studies and thought and thought about it and I feel good about the decision. I really want to know everything is okay and that there is only one in there. I'll be 10 weeks on Tuesday and I really doubt they will be able to hear the heartbeat with the doppler. With Noah they couldn't hear it for awhile and said it is because I have a "tilted uterus."

I guess we get to start a new thread tomorrow!
Happy Sunday night to all,
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Rabbit Rabbit

Does anyone else say Rabbit Rabbit at the beginning of the month? I don't know where it came from, but dh and I try to see who can say it first on the first day of each month. He won today.

Sounds like everyone is feeling pretty good! 3under3, good to hear your toe is healing. Chrissy, you almost sound better!

I stayed indoors all weekend except for one grueling 3 hour trip to the bank downtown that left me sunburnt, dehydrated and with a killer headache. I love this city. I only have to go downtown two more times (one more paycheck and one more trip for malaria pills)! Yeahhooooo!

I think I might have to adjust my underwear into maternity underwear by cutting the seams open. Things are getting a little tight, but more so in the thighs than the stomach! I hope my stomach catches up soon.

Wishing you all a great week!

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Good morning everyone!

I had a fun weekend with my mom and Jack. We took Jack down to Disney Marketplace and ate at Rainforest Cafe. Then we let Jack ride on the carousel and a little train. He had such a blast!

I've been puking a lot more lately and now that dh is working again, I know have bathroom company. Meaning that I now have a little face down by the toilet with me, laughing hysterically and spitting into the toilet!!! I don't know whether to laugh or cry!
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Poor sistermama! I can't even imagine having company while puking... however the image of your little guy's involvement and enjoyment is really funny. What a compliment he's giving you in wanting to share that with you! someone has to REALLY love you to have fun "fake barfing" with you!

i dreamt about two little girls AGAIN last night! they were about 2 or 3 years old and fresh out of the tub. they climbed into bed with me to snuggle, all damp, naked and giggling. Then an older girl ran in to join us and I knew she was my neice Quin. We all snuggled under the blankets and laughed. What a fun dream!

The snow is melting! the snow is melting! Hurray!
Love and kisses to all
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There is a really cool book that my dear friend got me during my last pregnancy. Its all about parents' amazing experiences pre-conception and during pregnancy. I would really recommend it if anyone is interested. Some of it made me jealous though, like why didn't ALL that cool stuff happen to me????

Soul Trek: Meeting Our Children on the Way to Birth
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Happy Monday!

Sarah, that book looks cool, I want to check it out. I had a half laugh, half cry when you described puking with Jack, awwww... I hope it subsides for you soon.

Anna, sounds like a message in your dreams! If you have it a third time, you might think about taking it seriously.

Chrissy, I'm sure the baby is fine. Right now there is so much room in there for him or her to bounce around, and like you said, it is still pretty low in your pelvis.

Steph, I never heard of Rabbit Rabbit, where does this come from?

I am realizing that my pants don't have a lot of time left, the ones that used to need a belt are getting snug and I don't have anything the next size up, yikes! I told dh this morning that we better start telling people so they give/lend me their maternity clothes! Saturday is D-day, when I turn 14 weeks and we tell the world.

I am develpoing an icky cold sore on the corner of my lip, ouch! The whole side of my head is achy, from my ear, across my face, to my throat, wah! I hope it goes away soon!

OK, I'm ready for a nap, sleep last night was poor and I have some afternoon work, so I better fit it in!
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OK, I started the March thread, see you all over there!
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Thanks for starting a March thread, adventuregirl - another month done!!!!
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