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Wanted to Say Thanks

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I know I am not a huge poster, but I read a lot of the posts and your stories and experiences were such an inspiration for me.

I gave birth to our third child Saturday at 6:15 am.

I felt so brave and empowered (something I had never felt before in labour).

I laboured at home until 4:45 am (dh then insisted on taking me to the hospital). Our doula met us there. I was able to stand and rock through each contraction then climbed onto the bed where I knelled to push our daughter out. It was AMAZING. Totally natural, totally guided by my needs ... I did tear and I am bruised a little but other than that I am whole and complete.

I was 5 days overdue, our baby is so perfect and so content. My other children were rushed out early for differing reasons so this truly was the best birth.

So thank you for sharing your stories, your experiences and your wisdom
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Congrats mama!! :
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Congratulations! Glad you had a great experience! :
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Aww, congratulations, mama!
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: Congratulations, mama! Glad you had a wonderful birth! Welcome to your LO!
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Congrats! Welcome earthside little one
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