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Ok so I went to my 1st APPT at Humphryes diabetic clinic today.
They changed my meds back to novalog which IM extatic about,AND added NPH which I told my dr I needed but he didn't listen to me.

I learned some new things about what I can and cannot eat.Suprising facts too.My question is I have always taken well over 25units of novalog pregnant or non.She lowered me all the way to 6 units each meal and 21units NPH 2xs a day.

AND she said I had to eat at the most 45 grams carb per meal.THat is TOOOO much especially for only having me take 6 units novalog.Plus at 2hrs afetr eating my BSL is supposed to be 120 or less.

This all sounds so odd to me as it seems too much carbs plus too little meds and BSL goal for after eating seems really low.

Any insight on this?? I got in trouble for not eating even 45 carbs a day,forget a 45 per meal. I have always tried targeting 30carbs or less per meal but I figured because my BSL's have been higher than 130 I have been trying to eat as little carbs as possible.