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Raw Milk for Pets???

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I am considering raw milk for our family, but all the suppliers in GA seem to say it's for pet consumption only. Is this just what they have to say? Is it actually safe for humans? Can anyone recommend a source for raw milk near Atlanta?
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Just what they say. I don't know any places in GA (I'm in FL). It is a legal way of selling raw milk. HTH
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my understanding is the same, its not legal to sell raw milk for human consumption, so it has to be labeled that way. Doesn't mean you can't buy and use it how ever you like. Just a regulated thing.
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I'm in the same boat. I'm in the considering stages of raw milk and in GA it can only be legally sold for pet consumption. There's a farm in Newnan, GA (about 30 min southwest of Atlanta) that sells raw milk. They seem to take care of their cows and they only have 4 so I would think they'd know if one was sick. They grow organic produce. They drink the milk themselves. I still haven't bought it but I just might when I get back to GA. As far as I've read, the "risks" are if the cows are carrying something and you get it.
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I am assuming the law there is the same as it is here in FL. Raw milk can only be sold for pet consumption. I have even seen raw milk cheeses labled the same way. It is perfectly good for people it is just illegal to sell it for humans.
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Yep-just the law. When I go to pick-up, some families get 6-8 gallons at a time. I seriously doubt that's all for their cat. We love Chad at Carlton Farm. He has several delivery place in the metro area.
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We use Carlton Farms also and have been drinking raw milk for over a year now.
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I buy milk that is pasturized but not homogonized. It is amazing!! We have to drink it fast as it spoils quicker. Makes me wonder what in the world is put into storebought milk.......

Since I am expecting, pasturized is better for me, and right now it is the closest I can get to raw. I don't want to put myself or baby at unnecessary risks. However, if I was on a dairy farm and had my own milk cow..... well, I would drink raw.
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It's just what they are required to say. We have been drinking raw milk for nearly 10 years with nothing but great results. We've been buying from Chad Carlton the last few years. The milk is wonderful!
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