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play yard-know a good one?

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I want something like this


BUT it didn't get great reviews and it seems $$

Anyone have something? I have seen people using something like this with dogs too.
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We borrowed this same one from a friend for a while. We don't use it to pen our LO in, though, we use it to fence off parts of our living room (like the corner with the cactus collection) from her crawling/cruising hands. It can come apart into any configuration you want, we have it now in two parts as zigzags (for strength, so our LO can stand up against them). I think it would be pretty useful if you needed a safe place to put a baby in for a short period of time, and you wanted something bigger than a pack n play, but I wouldn't want to be a baby in one for any length of time. It works way better for us than baby gates, which just aren't possible in our open-plan living room.
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We purchased two play yards and snapped them together. DS has a huge playing area & loves it. We started putting him in it when he was crawling so that it was a familiar area. Now that he is walking we put him in there & he plays with all his toys. It is right in our family room with our adjoining kitchen so I can be getting food ready & watch him. I absolutely love it!!! DS is a good size 33" and 25lbs (1 yr old) - the yard is sturdy and hasn't toppled over.

I got our on amazon: http://www.amazon.com/North-States-S...ref=pd_cp_ba_0
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: This might be a good idea for DD when she starts crawling, b/c we too have a very open floor plan. It would cost a heck of a lot more to get a bunch of baby gates. We have hardwood floors, too, so I'd probably put down some of those puzzle-piece foam flooring things under it so she can't bump her head if we need to leave the room for a few minutes. She has a Pack N Play that she slept in a few times as a newborn (very few times), but it is so confining.
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We have this and love it. With DS, I put him in it when I was making dinner. We had an open floor plan and baby gates would not work to keep him away from the hot oven. Now, for DD we have it around our grandfather clock to keep her from pulling up on it, breaking pendulum, etc.
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