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placenta customs

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I have a couple that I'm mentoring privately and they asked about eating the placenta last week (they had some friends who mentioned it to them). So they were curious about what their options for the placenta were. Because they asked, I'm going to do a module on birthing the placenta and I want to include information about what their options with the placenta were (after it's delivered). The ones I can think of are: 1. eating or encapsulating it, 2. Lotus Birth, 3. Burying it/planting something over it.

Are there any other placenta customs that I'm not thinking of that might be interesting to bring up??
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Make a homeopathic remedy out of it.
Placenta prints.
Burn the cord instead of cutting it.

When I was in Bali this summer the Hindu families preferred burning over cutting the cord. And then flowers put on top of the placenta almost immediately. Some chose to do lotus birth. But usually cord was burnt (some cut it) and then flowers and placenta wrapped together and put in a clay pot and used for an offering.
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How is the burning of the cord accomplished?
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Originally Posted by momileigh View Post
How is the burning of the cord accomplished?
This is totally off topic from this thread. I wanted you to know that I Laughed Out Loud at your tagline. I love it! :

Kendra in Port Orchard WA
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Burning the cord:

Take 2 pieces of cardboard and cut a slit out of each one that is the width of the cord. Slide the pieces from two different directions over the tummy with the cord coming through. This works as a heat barrier. You can also have a nice wooden one made if you do it all the time.

Lay the baby on his side and keep the barrier right next to the baby making sure none of the skin from the navel is being pulled through. 10cm from the belly is where the cord is burned. Take 2 candles and one person on each side holds the candle under the cord. Use a container under the candles to catch the dripping wax. The cord will sizzle and pop, doesn't smell bad, and takes about 10 - 15 minutes. Then it chars and breaks away.

A fussy baby turns instantly quiet when the burning begins. Always check the baby's tummy to make sure it's not hot.

Cutting the cord this way means no need for sterile instruments and in some places a reduced risk of tetanus through the cord.
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