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OMG, what about the one where George goes into the girlfriend's parents' party and takes off his shirt while he's igoing to the bathroom---and forgets he's naked from the waist up when he exits? And then eats an eclair out of the trash? To which Jerry says: Adjacent to refuse is refuse! Was this also the double dipping the chips-n-dip episode???

PS Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat!!!
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Ahhh, so many classic episodes have been mentioning that I am sitting here chuckling. No on mentioned:

-George and the Frogger game, I think the ending is a riot! (I loved that game, even though I am so horrid at it)

I asked about the DVDs at Best Buy last month and the sales guy said that it is slotted to be released next December!!!
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"You're shmoopy, no you're shmoopy"
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I thought of another one the other night when I couldnt sleep.....

The one where George learns about this new "move" to do in bed....and has to write it up and down his arm so he doesnt forget it!

And the one where there is another group of people, like Jerry, Kramer, George, but they are opposite. I think Elaine is going out with the one that is like Jerry. Jerry refers to them to be like a Superman episode where there is an alter life of them all.....something like that.
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The label-maker!
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The one where George goes to this child's birthday party, and there's a fire and he goes out running, pushing the kids and an old lady out of his way....
And when he pretends to be handicapped to get a job, and he is given a scooter....racing down the street with those seniors....

ooooh don't get me started!
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Reading these makes me realize how many I haven't seen. Oooh, I want to see them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone think there will be a reunion episode?
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sorry double post

I DO LOVE 'the move" in bed one.

And what about the one where Kramer puts some businessmen from Japan, I think, in his dresser drawers to sleep in.

Or the one where Kramer's apartment is the set of a talk show....

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The one where Jerry has to choose between this woman and the annoying voice he does, and he chooses the voice!

And the one where George is trying to get fired, but the stunts he pulls make everyone like him more.
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The double-dipping episode was the bereavement airfare episode. George's girlfriend's aunt dies and he wants to go with her to the funeral - but doesn't want to pay. He's happy about talking the minister into getting him a copy of the death certificate and strolls over to the snack table. And double-dips his little heart out.

Favorites: The already-mentioned muscle relaxer episode was the funniest thing I remember seeing on television ever. I'm tearing up about it now. "STELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!"

I also liked it when George rented a soft-core porn movie called, "Rachelle, Rachelle, Rachelle". It was the first time I'd heard my name on television. I was amused it was something pornographic.
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Rachelle, Rachelle, a young woman's strange and erotic journey from Milan to Minsk.

I was just laughing about the one where Kramer gets sick and a dog has the same cough as him, so he decides to go to the vet instead of a doctor. Throughout the whole episode he's just like a dog, and Jerry has to try to give him a pill, then get in him into the car, and when he breaks out and goes running down the street, Jerry is yelling "Bad Neighbor!"

And at the end, he's trying to tell the police there's trouble, but all he can do is cough, and the policemen are trying to understand. "What's that, trouble at the Old Mill? Show us the way!"

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Elaine holding George's toupee: "I don't like this thing...............And here's what I'm doing with it!!!" (throws it out the window)

George's mother ends up in the hospital after walking in on George "treating his body like an amusement park"

Anything with the Costanzas or Putty, and all of Kraemer's entrances!

: : ag
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Did most of you know that Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) was pregnant on some of the shows?

She would sit on a sofa with a pillow on her belly or wear those baggy pants or coats.

The most remarkable one was the show with the speed dialing and Elaine going to the Peruvian market and she buys clothes. Elaine accidentally spills the silica package contents (drying package) in the salsa, and Jerry's girlfriend's mother eats it and later feels as if she is drying up and cannot get enough water to drink. The girlfriend calls #1 speed dial 911 and Jerry picks up the phone.

Anyway, Elaine buys some Peruvian outfit and models it for Jerry - she is quite pregnant, but no one can tell because the outfit is so big. Very creative.
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I thought I read somewhere that Julia said she was pregnant the first season and the last one. I can tell in some shows, but for the most part they were very creative with the stoy lines/outfits for her.
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all time favorite show

you all have mentioned a lot of my favorites, except one

Kramer stops wearing underwear and Jerry is appalled.
Jerry says,
"There's nothing between him and us other than a thin layer of gabardine!"
omgoodness, now that is funny!
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Isn't that the same one where underwearless Kramer says, shaking his hand in the air, MY BOYS ARE OUT THERE, JERRY!!!

TMI, Kosmo
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How can anyone forget about "The Contest"? Kramer didn't even last a day! That has to be one of my favorite episodes, that and the time Elaine was stuck on the subway. Oh and how about the time Kramer installs George's parents' old screen door on his apt door? Or the time Kramer butters himself up and falls asleep under a heat-lamp? And who can forget when Jerry's car had the world's worst case of B.O.? The soup nazi? The puffy shirt? The muffin tops? I watched the show when it was on it's first run, now I watch many of the reruns and I still find myself laughing my head off.
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"I find pastrami to be the most sensuous of all the smoked, cured meats." From George's "Trifecta" of Sex, Sandwiches and TV!

I'm addicted to Seinfeld reruns on Fox too .
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My mother has a theory that everything in life can be related to a Seinfeld episode. Try it, it's scary.

My favorite scenes: toss-up between the car reservation scene ("You took the reservation but you didn't hold the reservation. Anyone can take a reservation {with hands writing in the air} but it's the holding of the reservation that is the key to a reservation") and the scene of Elaine on the video camera dancing while eating the antique wedding cake that Peterman spent $$$ on.

My fave episodes: trying to get in to the Chinese restaurant before the movie or "master of my domain." Clever way to get around the censors!!!!

When I lived in Lexington, KY, they had the J. Peterman store. It was awesome. I still have a pair of pants from them (and, no, I can't remember the story, but it was awesome!!)
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What about the marathon episode? Anybody mention that one?

Seinfeld is a great show, no matter how many times you see it. But, the final episode was garbage. Even dh was annoyed with it.

I have a friend who breaks into Seinfeld quote when we're talking. Yes, you can relate Seinfeld to real life. :LOL
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