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Well, I took the 1 hr gestational diabetes screen and failed it with a blood sugar level of 157. I wasn't entirely surprised as I have PCOS, but still I don't look forward to the 3 hr test and hope that I pass that one. I am also still anemic and the midwife wants me to up my iron to 25 mg three times per day along with my prenatal. Yikes! I'm already pretty constipated!
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Can I join?

I'm Gina, 42, TTCing child #3, pregnancy #2. Our DD, 3.5, was adopted in a domestic infant open adoption--she was born in Feb. '06, less than a year and a half after I finished treatment for breast cancer. (Diagnosed April '04 at 37.)

We assumed that I probably would not be able to get pregnant after chemo, and the doctors don't even want you to try for the first couple of years anyway, so we went straight for adoption--thank goodness, because we have the most amazing little girl in the world.

Then, as we were about to start the process for adoption #2, the agency we had used was having a lot of problems and we decided we were uncomfortable with using them again. I was daunted at the idea of finding a new agency and starting the process all over again, so we thought, well, no one ever told us I couldn't get pregnant. Why not try?

So we decided to go all out with the trying, and used the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor, because I suck at temping and charting. The first month, I had no "peak" fertility readings--just about 10 straight days of high readings. We DTD faithfully but I figured that with no peak, no baby. But voila, I got pregnant that first month! DS is now 17 months old. I had a wonderfully easy pregnancy--would have been perfect except I had to have a C-section because he was breech and, due to various cord issues and presentation issues, at substantial risk of cord prolapse.

We thought we were done--we'd kind of planned on two. But more and more lately, we felt like there was still somebody missing. I really, really want another baby. Practically and logistically speaking, I know it will be hard. But both of our hearts so much want one more. I can't wait to be pregnant again! I feel like I'm tempting fate in a way because it was such a miracle the first time, it seems like asking too much to want this again. But we just have to try.

So anyway, this is our first month officially trying again. My cycles are a tad wonky because I'm still nursing DS, but we're using the ol' CBEFM again. And as with the first cycle last time, I've had 10 straight days of "high" readings with no peak...I'm guessing it will drop back down to low soon. And because of the wonkiness of my cycle, I'm not sure if I've ovulated yet or not. (I'm CD17.)

So that's my saga! Here's hoping for BFPs for everybody!
I guess I'm hoping that history will repeat itself--I'm sort of considering myself more or less in the 2WW now, and will probably test around the 27th. We shall see!
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MM: I really hope this is your month! Thanks for moving me to BFP's. BTW, I'm 40 and will be 41 at delivery.

Welcome Gina! I hope you get your second miracle soon.

Pookie: Does the high blood sugar explain your recent lack of appetite and nausea? I hope you pass your three hour test and get your iron levels back up.

Karen: Even though I felt kind of bad for your ole doggie, your story made me chuckle. Hope the irritability is a good sign!

BHappy: I'm glad you're feeling better. Good affirmation. I had to make an extra effort to love my body too during TTC when I felt like it let me down month after month (even though it was DH with the fertility problem) and then after the miscarriage. Yoga helped me a lot.

AFM, I'm still riding the wave of relief after getting my test results back yesterday. I'm looking forward to finally telling people. :
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Welcome Gina
Pookie I hope your 3 hr comes back great!!
Stealthee your welcome
Me still no AF
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I like the new look here, but it is a bit disconcerting. Like suddenly walking around the same world 6 inches taller.

MM that sounds promising. :

Welcome Gina! I love your story. When babies are calling you I believe its for a good reason. I hope yours comes soon.

Stealthee : That is wonderful news.


AFM, AF is over. I'm going to start needing to temp again. I love the data, but it really disrupts my sleep, especially because it sometimes disrupts ds's and causes a chain reaction. Bleah. : for low stress temping for me.
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So this morning my temp is 98.2 my nipples are sore or very sensitive but not my whole breast. Small amount of cramping after dtd this morning. I did test and it is negative. I may repeat it in the morning if af still hasn't arrived.
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: MM!! Nipple sensitivity was my first sign when I was pregnant with DS. Like, I nearly jumped out of my skin putting on my seatbelt!

AFM 9dpo and I couldn't help but test this morning. No line Well, maybe a line. I think I was imagining it. I didn't tell DH I tested, and I didn't mark it on my chart. Real testing tomorrow

Oh, and I noticed this mysterious rash on my upper thighs when I was getting out of the shower. I think I remember something similar before, but now can't remember when it started...before pregnancy or during??

Gah, I think I'm just talking myself into thinking I'm pregnant. I really hate this part of TTC.
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awesome news stealthee!

pookietooth, good luck with the 3 hour!

welcome gina!

zenbaby is doing well and i am down 20 lbsat 13 dayd pp. 10 to go but i have to be careful not to lose it too fast

my bbs are a 34F! non-pg and lactating, i am a 34B.....yikes!
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Originally Posted by veganmama719 View Post
my bbs are a 34F! non-pg and lactating, i am a 34B.....yikes!
Isn't it amazing what our bodies can do?? was a 34C (nearly a D) before I got pregnant with my DS, and now I'm a 34G!! I sure hope I don't get bigger with the next pregnancy!
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I sort of caught my nipple between the seatbelt and my bicep moving by it and It really hurt. Then we were in the store and had to put DS in the basket part of the cart. He kept running off. ANyway he stood up in there and gave me a hug Well he pressed on me and I thoguht I would die, I nearly screamed. Again the left side. the right is mildly sore also but the left is extremely tender. I am also super tired. Oh it would be so awesome if this really happens for me.
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: massaginmommy!
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I'm watching you massaginmommy!!! : GL!!!
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Hey, All! How are you? Sorry I've been MIA lately. Seems there's too much to do, and too little time.

Laurie...I sure hope this is your month!
VM, you are an inspiration to us all. Don't we all wish we could drop those lbs fast. I'm finding it more of a struggle each day just to keep off the mid-40 weight creeping. Those extra lbs really want to attach themselves to my non-pg belly.

Pookie, sorry to hear about the constipation. Staying healthy is important, and sometimes we have to deal w/the side effects, unfortunately.

Welcome, Gina.
Steelthee, congrats on the test results! I'm excited to hear more about your little boy baby bean.

There's too much for me to catch up on, and I'm sorry for leaving out others. Karen, Waturmama, BelovedK, BHappy, LisaS....I hope you're all well.

AFM, I had amazing CM this week! Had assistance from my donor on Monday night (too early) and tonight (positive OPK today, so I'll O tomorrow (if not today)). Keeping my fingers crossed that this might work.

I found another potential ED, and she'll start her cycle next week. I'm going to have her get a follicle scan and FSH test done to see if she's a viable ED candidate. But...hopefully, I won't actually need her. I'd love to get pg with my own egg.
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okay I must be brain damaged too It is not my left that is super sore it is my right and left is mildly sore in comparison. I will test again tomorrow if AF hasn't shown. I am a little bit crampy tonight, nothing major. Oh and I have been constipated the last couple days too which is odd for me.
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Hi everyone! Life has been busy, I have been reading posts from time to time, but just haven't had much to post, and have been trying to spend less time online lately.

massaginmommy - Best of luck!

msgoodbuns- So hoping you have success this cycle.

veganmama - That is wonderful that you are recovering so quickly. You must have amazing genes!

karen1968 - Hope that rash is a sign for you. Best of luck when you next test!

Stealthee- That is such wonderful news. I can only imagine your relief, I remember the stress of waiting on the amnio results (of course for me it was terrible news, so I never got to feel relief).You are very lucky! Hopefully now you can really start to relax and just enjoy your pregnancy.

ginadc - Welcome! Sounds like you have bene through a lot (good and bad) these past few years. Best of luck with your TWW!

Pookietooth- Sorry to hear about the test results and the constipation. I hope your next test goes better.

Buzzer Beater- Thanks so much for asking about me! I am doing okay, just trying to keep my fears at bay. I just wish my body could release a good egg for us to catch. Been over a year now since our loss and with each passing month I have gone from confidence, to guarded hope, to deep down (and now pretty constant) fear of it never happening for us. How are things going with you?

AFM - 14dpo....I pretty much always have a 14 day LP, so AF should arrive tomorrow. I stopped temping a few days ago as I didn't need the stress and the sadness I get when the temp drop happens. As it stands, my CM is becoming watery, so I am following my usual pre- AF pattern, no reason to think AF will stay away. At least my cycle seems to have bounced back nicely after the failed IVF stimming, I O'd on cd 14 and my LP is normal and no spotting. Just wish my predictable cycles meant something good.
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Saoise Thanks for the babydust! Sending you easy L & D vibes as you are coming into the homestretch :

Stealthee : Yay on the great labresults :

Karen68 : oooo the temps still looking good! Gonna test ?:

Pookie Sorry you failed the 1 hour test Hope you ace the 3 hour one. When are you scheduled for it?

Gina Welcome ! I'm a CBEFMonitorer too. Good luck on the 27th :

Waturmama quick fast and quiet temp check vibes to you

Veganmama Bless you, hope you've got a good support bra when you go jogging again. I'm huge chested normally- thankfull I don't go pornstar proportions when I lactate.

MassaginMommy : hope hope hope

MGB Yay on the good CM and glad you didn't have the late night "do I sleep or AI" problem this month : hope this is your month to catch the egg! I've been swilling grapefruit juice and green tea trying to get the CM up to snuff this cycle. I never seem to have much.


AFM I'm waiting to O, probably will OPK today after I take my pre-work nap.
Have a great weekend all

to everybody I missed
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cd29 still no af and another - Don't know what is happening with me. I am officially late as I don't go past cd28 But not knowing when I Ovulated for sure I have no way of knowing how many DPO I am. Will just hang in there I guess
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Lisa, you've got an amazing memory!!!!
Laurie, :
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MM/Laurie: :

Ms. GB: Wonderful to hear for you! Good CM, good timing...hopefully you won't need that ED.

Lisa: I used grapefruit juice, evening primrose oil, guifenisin, Chinese herbs, acupuncture and my EWCM never really increased. But, that said, the month I conceived, I had very little EWCM as usual. Good luck catching the golden egg!

Halifax: Glad to hear that your cycle is back to normal. I'm sure it is a positive sign.

34 F?!! Oh my. I'm also normally a 34 B and have been enjoying my fuller pregnancy bb's, but 34 F sounds like an experience!

Karen: So your bb's never returned back to their pre-pregnancy state?! I don't know if anyone has ever warned me about this before. Oh dear. Hope your rash is a positive sign.

Waturmama: Good luck with your new cycle!

Thanks everyone for congrats on the good test results! I was feeling kind of in limbo for a while there. Wishing everyone lots of
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massaginmommy : i really hope for you to get that + soon. the suspense!

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