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Now I think this may be a very early m/c for me. I've felt incredibly tired today, in a way that I remember from the last m/c. And my flow has been more clotty than usual. That would certainly explain the 16 day lp. In a way a positive fertility sign, but also really sad. I would have loved an August baby.

I think I mentioned here a week or 2 ago that I know someone who got pg by accident at age 51. I was talking to my Mom about that person the other day and found out she was 47 at the time. Still pretty inspiring!
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MM, whatever it is, doesn't sound too fun. Sending good wishes.
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Waturmama, MM, Edwardsmom...take care of yourselves. This ttc journey is bumpy road.

Stealthee and Sunrise, your due dates are just around the corner. How are you both feeling?

AFM, on d3p5dt (I think that's how I'm supposed to write it!), I experienced cramps, but no spotting. It was a nice day in San Diego (when I say nice, I mean that the sun was shining, altho it was still only a high of 60), and I wanted to take a walk to the beach and film the surfers and waves, but b/c of the cramps, I decided to lay low and hopefully implant those beautiful little embryos. I may have had some mild cramping yesterday while I flew home, but not as noticeable as the day prior.

Woke early this a.m. b/c I have to get bloodwork and run too many errands now that I'm home. Was pouring coffee (decaf) and getting some food / vitamins ready, and felt a bit nauseous and weak, so I went and sat at the p.c. (and here I am now!). Not used to feeling like this, but perhaps it's the time zone change and 6 hours sleep and not....you know. I don't want to read too much into anything. You know how we all get caught up in the "symptoms". But I also want to document how I feel, just in case. If this continues, I'll feel more hopeful each time.

Snuggle up with your DH's, ladies, and make some babies!
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Could you add me to the hopefuls list? At the end of my TWW today and anxiously waiting/dreading the phone call!

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Hi everyone.
edwardsmom - thanks for all your compassionate support, even as you are going through the same. It has made a huge difference for me.

I hear you about the clock ticking but I am somehow at peace with the idea of waiting. Maybe because I am pretty sure what happened back in Sept was an early mc and if so that would mean I had two in a row. Maybe I need to look into progesterone and other possible ways to improve my chances next time.
massaginmama, sorry about old
Waturmama, so sorry about or what might be early mc. It is not fair at all.

MsGB, really excited and hoping for you.
welcome Zakia and best wishes
AFM ... I finally started bleeding yday - what would have been my 12 week mark. At least I knew 2 weeks ago that it was over - else I would have been overjoyed that I reached the 12 week mark only to wake up to bleeding. So far it is like a heavy, crampy period. If I am done by winter solstice I can join the Winter 40+ thread as a supporter and resume TTC in the spring.
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Shy I am so sorry i know how disappointing it is. ((HUGS))
Zaika Welcome I got you added.
Watermama Sorry about I was hoping you would be getting better news than that.
I am hopeful to hear about the 47 year old that will be my age in May.
MsGB I am crossing everything I have got for you!! Can't wait to hear.
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Sounds like implantation cramps to me, Ms. GB! We are all waiting with bated breath!

MM: I hope AF isn't as bad as you expect. Hopefully this new cycle with be the one.

Dang. I was hoping you would be the next BFP. I agree, an early m/c is a good fertility sign, but so disappointing. Hang in there.

Shy: I hope that your process goes without complications and that you will be able begin TTC again as soon as you feel ready.

Welcome Zaika! Good luck with the 2ww.

Edwardsmom: Glad to hear that the m/c was physically easy. I'm sure you will make the right decision for yourself whether to wait or not.

Kristin: Hope you are feeling better soon.

Hi SunRise! Hope your pregnancy is going well.

to Pookie, Thankful, Gerlassie and anyone I missed. to all

AFM: Everything is going well. I'm 34 weeks and getting bigger every day. I have to walk very slowly and rolling over in bed takes a herculean effort, but in general I feel great.
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Originally Posted by msgoodbuns View Post

Stealthee and Sunrise, your due dates are just around the corner. How are you both feeling?
30 weeks. Big, round and jolly, eating a delectably delicious vegan peanut butter chocolate cupcake. Sometimes I have to remind myself that this is real.

Lots of baby dust and sticky vibes .
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: MsGB! Can't wait to hear the lab results. I hope they are good!

Can I be added back to the hopefuls list, please? AF arrived today, and that means we can start TTC again. It was a 31 day cycle, normal for me, so I'm hopeful everything in there is going well

ETA Checked the front page and I'm already on the list So, can you just update my age? I turned 41 in November. Thanks!
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yikes! and maybe yay?!

Hi Mamas,

I have been absent from this board for several months. I decided to take a break from TTC, as I thought the stress and depletion from caring for my SPD 3yo son was what may have been preventing PG. We got treatment for him, and he is doing much better...

And I thought we would wait until early spring to start trying, to make sure my body was back up to it.

So...we weren't preventing and this month, I knew I saw EWCM, but thought it was too early (I usually have a long EWCM stretch)...and then it dried up kinda early.

Now I am 28 days (haven't even been charting except the barest bones) into my cycle, and no AF. I looked back over the last several months, and I have not gone over 26 days...by my rough count, I am 15dpo...

AND My husband got laid off this week, pow (I SAH, so no income, although we do have some savings... no health insurance....) so it could be the stress/shock making me late??!?! I will test in the AM. Don't want to mention this to him, as I don't want to freak him out unless I am sure, I could easily wake up with AF in the am.

I had started to think we were too old for this, starting again, DH will be 56 in a couple weeks, (I'm a youthful 41 by comparison )......

Mama's, I am looking at 2 clearly positive pee sticks. OMG!! I don't know what to feel!!!!!!
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Oh Pitchfork, a baby! a blessing! Things will work out for the best!!!
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Congratulations, Pitchfork! I wish I had 2 + pg tests staring back at me!
Don't worry about your DH's job situation. He'll find something else in due time. I just got laid off myself (and I'm single)...1 week before my scheduled IVF with DE. I still went thru with the IVF. Now waiting for my beta blood test date, which is Monday, 12/28. (I did POAS today, but no good news to share). I assume it's too early. Just one week post five day transfer. Tell your DH and rejoice in the news!
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Hello Mamas,

Welcome Zaika!

Waturmama, so sorry to hear about your early m/c. I know how disappointing that is. I loved your story about family friend who got pg at 47. I too had a family friend (my best friend's mom) who married again in her 40s and started a second round of babies, having 3 girls between 40 and 47.

Massaginmommy, sorry about the wonky cycle! Whatever is going on, I hope it settles into a groove soon.

Sunrise, it sounds like you are having a very happy pg! Cupcakes never tasted as good to me as when I was pg.

Karen1968, welcome back to the hopefuls list!

Pitchfork, congratulations!!! I echo others' words that things will work out for the best. I hope this blessing has a ripple effect in your life.

Msgoodbuns, it's all so exciting!! You must tell us what you find out on 12/28! I'm hopeful that those are pg symptoms.

I'm CD 15 today and got crosshairs on CD 12, a bit early for me. Things are going well with my TCM practitioner, although she is now so concerned about my other health issues (insomnia and colitis) that I worry she isn't focusing on my ovaries, ha!

We are still in a holding pattern, not not TTC but not TTA either, as my DP wants to wait until we're married. Now I'm going absolutely bonkers waiting for the marriage proposal. Sigh...
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so bummed this morning...........only 9DPO and spotting already. Like red spotting, not pink-tinged or brownish. I can't believe how short this cycle is....so discouraging! Temp is still way above coverline, but I imagine it will have plummeted by tomorrow morn.......you can't have red spotting for implantation bleeding, can you? Dang it! I was so hoping to test on Christmas morn
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Thanks Mamas, your words helped. I am surprised after trying for so long to be PG what a shock it is! It still doesn't feel real, I keep thinking my due date is another one of those "imaginary" ones I thought about each month as I wondered if I was PG that month.

I certainly have much to be grateful for!

I will tell DH tonight, strange, because before I would have never been able to wait to tell him, he's usually right there staring at the pee stick, but he's been through so much this week...

LitMama, do you think maybe you're in for a Christmas or New Year's surprise proposal?
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Originally Posted by pitchfork View Post
Hi Mamas,

So...we weren't preventing and this month,
Mama's, I am looking at 2 clearly positive pee sticks. OMG!! I don't know what to feel!!!!!!
Lucky!!!! congrats!!!!! a 41 year old mama got preggo without even trying! whoopee!!!!!! the other stuff will work itself out......
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I just posted this on the Infertility Board, and now here. I need some support and big hugs!

I find myself getting more and more stressed with each passing day. This waiting game is not easy. My beta isn't until next Monday, and I'm afraid to take another HPT, even though today is 9dp5dt. I told my father that there will be no talk of my fertility journey during my visit there later this week. So if they told anybody about it, they better tell them to say nothing at all. It is not an open topic for discussion.

I'm trying to find ways to release the stress, but I'm not allowed to exercise, and since I'm laid off, I'm at home all the time, with the stress just building.

I'm going on a date with an old flame tomorrow night, and I know he's going to make the moves on me. I'm stressing about dealing with that, too. He'll know something's up, as I won't be ordering wine with dinner. My post transfer instructions say no sex or sexual stimulation / orgasm for up to a month. I don't want to tell him what I've been doing, but I don't know how I'm going to gracefully dodge this one.

Needless to say, being in the 2ww post IVF around the holidays is worse than any other time of year. So many things on the "can't do" list, and they're the things (exercise and wine, at least) that I use to cope with family gatherings! All I want to do is cry and go to the gym!

By 10:30 a.m., I’m feeling jittery, almost like I drank a lot of caffeine. I’m wired up (and highly emotional) and want to work out like a maniac! I hope this isn’t PMS. I’m so afraid that the IVF didn’t take.

I know I shouldn't, but I think I may go to the gym and walk the treadmill after I run my errands. Gotta get this feeling out of my system. I need to restore some level of sanity.

Broke down and peed on a stick (an expired one) at 11:00 a.m. BFN.
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Oh Ms. GB, I came specifically to MDC to see how you were doing. My heart goes out to you. You have persevered so bravely and positively for such a long time with your TTC journey and I know that you have a lot invested in this IVF. I hope that you are able to find a good way to manage your stress during this extremely difficult 2ww. You have a lot of ladies here sending you a lot of positive energy. Take good care of yourself.
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MsGBs - cancel the date. You do not need that extra stress! Go out with a girlfriend if you can. Find something else to obssess over. You have been working for a long time; think hard ... what kind of projects / hobbies have you not had time to do ... get yourself a book, find some recipes to prepare, bake for the holidays, go for long walks around your city, learn to crochet. Even allow yourself to imagine your future. Hang in there!
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Please update my age to 44 -- today is my birthday. And dd is sleeping through most of it. Hopefully that's just because she's tired not that she's got a bad latch and isn't getting enough milk. Take her to the naturopath tomorrow for her first Craniosacral treatment, will have her weighed.
MsG, I hope you are able to get some stress relief. Maybe a massage?
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