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Positive OPKs

Msgoodbuns - I think BTDT is "been there done that." I hope you get good news on Monday. It must be beyond frustrating.

My question is about these dumb OPKs. I bought some cheapie ones over the internet just to figure my cycle out. Since my MC it has not been back to normal. They were negative for awhile and then went positive - but now they have been positive for about 10 days. WTH! I guess I should break down and chart - but I have tried it in the past and I have not been successful. I guess I just want to know asap if I were to get pregnant again so I could start the progesterone.

And of course I did an HPT - BFN. I also got a gazillion of these cheapies over the internet too. What did our grandmothers ever do????
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My intro

Hi everyone!
I'm 46 and have been open to conceiving for the last 3 years. I appear to have been fertile (got pregnant when I was 20 and chose not to bring a babe into the world at that time.)

I have almost clockwork regular 28 day cycles, even after 20 years of BCPs. I am definitely getting an estrogen surge (checking ferning), and my FSH levels were fine, but not sure if I am actually Oing as I haven't been charting (yet!)

Recently, I discovered Dr. John Lee's books about hormonal balance and am learning all I can about natural progesterone and herbs.

Has anyone been using transdermal progesterone cream successfully? I am reading wonderful things about it and am just starting on it this cycle. I may add Vitex, but am following my intuition to stick to progesterone for now.

Here's a link for those interested:
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So I went to visit my SIL/BIL and their new baby in the hospital yesterday. It did not go well as she was too tired and stressed out for visitors and my MIL (her's too) didn't have the sense to just leave her alone. My BIL had invited us for a visit, but obviously hadn't cleared it with his wife. She also over 40 and this is her first child.

Ms. GB: I'm thinking about you too. How many frozen embryos do you have? Are they already in a local clinic or are they in San Diego? Hopefully you won't need to use them anytime soon, but it must be a comfort knowing that you still have good options available.

Welcome Lovestolearn!

Hsmama: Sorry about the BFN. Don't apologize for venting, that's what we're here for.

Sorry to hear about your BFN too. I've never used OPK's, but I think I've heard that they aren't so accurate for woman over 40. Anyone know more about this?

Since Veganmama isn't around so much these days, I will pick up the praising of Radine Lewis's book "The Infertlity Cure" to the new ladies. (Hope you don't mind VM ). There's a great chapter with advice for woman over 35 TTC. I know VM credits her successful pregnancy at 43 (after 2 m/c) largely to this book. I also followed Randine Lewis' advice and after almost 2 years TTC, 2 IVF's (with poor response), one chemical pregnancy and one m/c at 10.5 weeks I am currently 36 weeks pregnant. Oh and my DH's sperm had <1% forward motility. There's also a chapter about getting the swimmers up to par. I can't recommend this book highly enough!
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Hello Simply Mama, nymomma & hsmamato2. I expect you will find much warmth and support from the great people her.

MsGB- I'm sure the waiting is beyond hard. I hope that you can keep your hopes up for, what, 2 more days? I'm sure your counting every minute- I know I would be.
Fingers crossed.
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thanks- I have that book,(gift from a friend) and I guess I need to read more thoroughly!
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Since Veganmama isn't around so much these days, I will pick up the praising of Radine Lewis's book "The Infertlity Cure" to the new ladies.
Thanks for this!
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[QUOTE=msgoodbuns;14842368]Rowankc, I was tested for Celiac a few years ago, and was negative. Not sure what BTDT is. That's not an acronym I've seen before.

I was tested when I was a child and dx by biopsy. As an adult, I was back to eating gluten, and was tested on two different occasions for celiac, and tested negative, even though I had a positive biopsy at age 5, and was on a gluten free diet for many years after that.
As an adult I developed dermatitis herpetiformis, and although blood tested negative, the tiny itchy bumps were eventually tested, and were indeed Dermatitis Herpetiformis, I went back on a gluten free diet and they gradually went away, but will come back if I get glutened. Just wanted to make sure that you know that there are a large number of people who test negative when they are not.
BTDT= been there done that
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Welcome to all the new mamas/mamas-to-be! And welcome back Hsmamoto!

Nymomma I love that you had 2 easy pregnancies in your 40s!! So nice to hear. My heart goes out to you about your recent losses. I hope you get your sticky bean soon.

MsGB thinkingthingkingthinking of you. May the next 2 days go quickly with good news at the end. I just did a finger and toe cross superwish for you!
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Rowan...love that name...it was my second choice for a girl...i named dd Ruari

i sure don't feel 40...i wish i was bottle feeding so i could really get working on ttc properly.

dh is starting to come around on having another...he is sooo worried about age related problems

i try to read all the posts, but i am just as bad reading books...i always rush ahead

MsGB....I am thinking of you today!!! Beautiful baby thoughts
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Go, little embies!

Msgoodbuns: Just a quick note to wish you well with your beta test today!!! I have my fingers and toes crossed for you and your two sticky beans! May you see a beautiful BFP today.
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Ms.GB: Thinking of you too!
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Ms. GB: Loving Vibes to you and yours!!
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Thread Starter 
MsGB you are in my thoughts too. I am so hopeful for you, you have had a long LP and I am thinking positive thoughts for you.

Welcome to all the new ladies I will update the front page soon with all of your info.
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Bad news

Hi Ladies,

Thanks for thinking about me today. Unfortunately, I have bad news to report. The IVF w/DE didn't work.

I'm hoping that 2010 will bring me better luck (job, men, babies,etc), but unfortunately, I have never had luck in my life. Just hard work, which, as we know, doesn't help much,. especially with fertility.
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Oh, MsGB- I am so very sorry. Big hugs to you.
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Threadcrashing to give MsGB
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MsGB - I am so sorry for your news.
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I'm so sorry MsGB my heart is breaking for you.
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*Hugs* MsGB

Welcome, NYMomma, OPKs are not straightforward to read. They can show a light line, and be negative, which may be why you have had the results you have for a few weeks. The + line has to be as dark or darker than the control line. Do a search on OPK results and you may find some pics that show what I mean.

AFM, I told DH last Sunday, and it went really well. He smiled right away, and wasn't worried about being jobless and without insurance at all. Telling him helped me to start getting excited. First PG I couldn't wait to tell people, but this time around, I really want to keep this to myself for awhile. Maybe it's being over 40, maybe it's the sobriety that comes with age (and medical trauma after the HB of my first) but I feel cautious, and it's still sinking in...but my digestion is definitely off, so that is making it more real.

I second the comments that this is an amazing group of women. I think it speaks to the wisdom of maturity, and mothering in our 40s is an amazing gift to our LOs.
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Congrats Pitchfork on the positive response from your DH. I hope everything works out for you.

The OPKs have been positive as in the test line as dark or darker than the control line. Don't know what it means though. Maybe these tests are not so good once you are closer to menopause. Who knows.

I just want to know if I am pregnant so I can start on that progesterone I so have in the fridge to give it the best chance of sticking. Even though my OB doesn't believe in it.
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