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Kristin I got you updated for you
Sorry I haven't been here I changed browsers and lost my way.
AFM I am cd 3 I had serious stomach issues on Late Weds. & Thursday all day. I needed the heat pad kept going back and forth to the bathroom but nothing. I told DH on the phone how bad I was hurting that evening felt like early labor pains. It was somewhat better on Friday and then I started AF that night late. It is super heavy with lots of stringy clots but is finally tapering off. Sorry TMI. I never tested because it was too early but my boobs were super sore right up until af came and I didn't get a marked temp drop either. Charting never gave me cross hairs but I wasn't great about the times I took my temp while DH was here either. I wonder? DH was out here for Christmas from the 20th until the 27th so timing would have been right. See and we aren't trying just not avoiding. I am feeling like it is time to give up the idea. I started school this month to get my teaching degree. I will be 47 this year. We still won't avoid but i was temping to have some indicator as to when AF was coming each month and that didn't work so I may just try to go with out temping.
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If I didn't get your updates up please post in BOLD here and I will try to get them done. Does someone want to start a new thread. I have been the keeper for awhile and would love to pass it on.
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CD1 for me. But I o'd on CD13 and had a 14 day LP so I'm happy with that. Hoping January is my month. MM I'd take over but my computer is so old it makes my internet use really unpredictible. So I'll wait until I can get a new computer. Sorry.
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If I didn't get your updates up please post in BOLD here and I will try to get them done.
Could you put me under Hopefuls, please! SondraRose (47)
2 weeks on Dr. Lee's regime for kickstarting ovulation (40 mg/day Pro-gest) from CD5-CD26 for 3 months, then (40 mg/day from O 'til AF, continuing if pregnant.)
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So today there was some definite tissue on the tp. Does that always mean a chemical or missed pregnancy?
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Massaginmommy, what a mystery. I have no idea but I would have the same question.

Can you add me to "getting ready." I have just started charting (after some brief attempt last year) and will wait for 2-3 cycles before ttc again. Here is my chart: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/25ec6f
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Updated to here
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Massagin, that sounds like a possible early m/c but I'm no expert. I miss you ladies but have been super busy with the new baby. I'm thinking she will be our last, which is sad but I'm glad to have her at least. Best wishes to all.
Oh, and you can change my age to 44 now since I had my birthday last last month.
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Originally Posted by massaginmommy View Post
So today there was some definite tissue on the tp. Does that always mean a chemical or missed pregnancy?
I'm sorry mama. (((HUGS))))

I don't think that there would be actual tissue with a loss that occurs when AF is due, but a heavy clotty period could certainly be a sign, but then again as we age it's not uncommon to have heavier periods from time to time. I do sometimes see what seems like bits of "tissue" for lack of a better word with just my normal AF. I always assume it's just bits of the lining or whatever.

Either way, I'm sorry that you have been in pain. Take Care.
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Hi and Happy 2010 to everyone. I had a question. I can not take any of the IVF drugs so that is not an option for me but was wondering if anyone has tried IUI and have had success with it?

Also is anyone else sick of the monthly rollercoaster ride of "am I?". I can use any suggestions on how you do not let this journey consume your every move..I try to so hard to stay in the moment and then find my mind wandering to "what if"..what if I was pregnant..what if I did not miscarry.

Thanks and hugs to all....
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Hi all, we have had a superbusy time. I have been reading but not posting. Thinking of you all, sending baby dust .

Belated Happy Birthday Kristin! So sorry this was not your month (I thought it looked promising for a bit there), but yay to a more regular cycle! May that be setting you up for the sticky baby one.

MM, sounds like it could easily be an early m/c, with the heavy bleeding and I think I remember that super sensitive boobs are a big pg sign for you. What does your intuition tell you? I appreciate what you've done as threadkeeper so much. I hope it feels like a good fit for someone. I am in overwhelm now so even though I am a bit tempted I think that would not be a good idea for me.

Welcome to the new folks!

Mentalgiant, I often get excited and kind of attached to a potential due date, sometimes thinking about the astrological parts, or the time of year, or what the spacing would be with ds and other kids in our lives--and then I grieve each one. One thing that has helped me is to have thought of some things I like about the next potential due date.

I am 11dpo. Having enough symptoms that I am hopeful but not so many that I'm superhopeful. I have an appointment lined up with a sounds-wonderful Fertility Specialist for if this isn't The Cycle, and I like knowing that if this isn't we'll get some info.
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MM please move me to the BFP category! I'm due 8/27/10.

I am 7.5 weeks, and have horrible all day nausea, vomiting, and as much as I know it's something to be grateful for, it's also pretty miserable. Doing TCM, homeopathy, herbs...

And thank you MM for keeping this list for us for so long. And for what is going on with your body...
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Wow! Congratulations, Pitchfork!
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Holy cow Pitchfork!! Congratulations!!!

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Oh YAY Pitchfork While I was updating the thread I kept thinking we were due for another bfp. SO glad to hear it is you.
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Congratulations Pitchfork!! Wonderful news!!!
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Congratulations Pitchfork! That is great news.
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Congrats Pitchfork!! sending sticky vibes your way!

MM, I hope someone steps forward to take over the thread. I'm only getting on here ever week or ten days, so I don't think I'm a good candidate right now!

AFM, cd27, about 9dpo, and not really feeling any symptoms at all. Not hopeful. Between illness and travel, we only BD once in 6 weeks. It was a good day to BD, but still...and I think we've decided this is our last year for trying. I don't want too big of a gap between kids, and DS will be 3 soon. I'm also worried about another m/c and what that will do to me mentally. sorry to be Debbie Downer!
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Still hopeful!!!
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Congrats Pitchfork!!

And congrats on your engagement LitMama! I'm sure your busy now.

A late welcome lovestolearn.

Thinking of you a lot MSGB, and hope that you're hanging in there.

MM- I don't know if you had a early m/c or not, but I hope you're doing OK.

AFM, I finished my m/c on Dec 9 and I'm now on CD 12 and back to the casual, no temping TTC.
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