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Southwest Kansas.

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Isn't there ANYONE here out in the boonies with me?! I check this forum frequently and never see anyone from my part of the state. There has to be somebody!

Anyone, anyone? I know I live in the middle of nowhere, but I can't be the only one!!
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I felt bad no one had responded to your message.

I lived in SW Kansas for a year. My husband is from the area and we decided to give the small town life a try...it didn't last . I didn't have ANY like minded friends when I was out there so I can't point you in anyone's direction. Sorry I know what it is like out there though.
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I think I am south central Kansas - Hutchinson. It feels pretty lonely here too. I have a DD almost 2yrs old. Really struggling with parenting and lifestyle choices here.

Let me know how things are in your part of the state.
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I live in southwest Kansas also... Garden City. We just moved here a few weeks ago and it DOES feel like the middle of nowhere. We're scoping out non-hospital birthing options and there is really a LACK of options...
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We are in Wichita, but I'm originally from Liberal so I feel your pain.

KSDoulaMama, I have a good friend in Garden City who had a homebirth there...her midwife was formerly from Wichita and is now in Colorado. I don't know how they worked out the logistics but I could ask her.
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i live in wichita, ks... lol
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Hey, I'm in Garden City, too! =0)
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Originally Posted by kayjayjay View Post
We are in Wichita, but I'm originally from Liberal so I feel your pain.

KSDoulaMama, I have a good friend in Garden City who had a homebirth there...her midwife was formerly from Wichita and is now in Colorado. I don't know how they worked out the logistics but I could ask her.
This is the midwife we found and we are working with her!
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I have been searching everywhere for like-minded people as well and have found absolutely nothing. I am moving to the central Kansas area in January and am growing more and more nervous. I am a year into my marriage and am planning on having children soon. I have not been able to find any resources for natural lifestyles in Kansas. I would love to have like-minded friends when I move up there. Can anyone help??



Thanks! Rebecca

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For Western/NW Kansas ladies, I have a doula friend in the Colby area and a midwife friend in Bird City.  Let me know if someone wants their information. :)

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Does anyone know of a midwife and doula near Dodge City??  Thank you smile.gif

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I know this is an old thread but I wanted to post anyway... I live in SW Kansas... Ashland... About 50 mi south of Dodge City... I am at the very end of finishing up my certifications to work as a doula, childbirth educator, and breastfeeding consultant. I am also looking for a doula for myself and am having no luck... But when I moved here 6 + years ago I realized that women in this area have NO options when it comes to giving birth! I began taking these courses to hopefully make a change... I don't know if any one will see this but if you do and are interested in further contact, let me know! I will check back here!
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We just moved here a couple of months ago. We are in Ulysses. I hate that there are NO options. I have contacted everyone and no one is willing to drive this far for a homebirth. I hate not having options. 

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I haven't talked to her personally yet, but the lady from Bird City, recently built on a "birthing area" onto her home I have heard. She allows those far away to come and stay in private near her. I plan to call her soon and discuss options with her. I also know Larned has a midwife and a birthing center there.


Don't be too distraught about living in the middle of nowhere, I've been out here for nearly 7 years now, and its grown on me. Was so hard when we first moved, and I was all alone, pregnant with my first. I survived, and you will too, and find friends! :) Keep in mind crunchy friends ususally keep to themselves because they think everyone thinks they are "different". Be bold and ask around. Someone is bound to know! I finally called an aquantence who lives over an hour away yesterday and asked about midwifes, and she feels in the same situation I did...alone, friendless, etc. She helped me greatly and we talked for nearly 2 hours! Don't isolate yourself...that's a good start!


Goodluck, I know the art of midwifes is dying, but maybe its time for some of us to get to school and learn it ourselves?! Seems like a great way to help out, especially in the times we are living in. :)

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I know there are several midwives who are willing to let a mom come labor there and give birth. But for us, it's not feasible right now. I have 4 little boys, and DH can't take off long periods of time to "wait". We're praying for the right provider for our family. :)


I have thought too about becoming a midwife. I am a nurse now and worked L&D before I started teaching. In a different season of life...it's my plan. 

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I can so relate! There are plenty of midwives who will offer care... As long as you can go to them. For prenatal care that may be fine but I, personally, do not see it as a realistic option when it comes to labor and birth.

I have been frustrated with the level and quality of care for OB patients for several years now and also frustrated that women are so quick to accept it.

I am currently in the process of switching doctors. I have found a FP doc in Dodge City who is a mother of 6 and has breastfed all of her babied. I have been told that she is very supportive of natural, active labor and birth. I have my first appt with her in the beginning of November. If you like, I could let you know how it goes? I am being very picky with this baby and I will not settle for anything less than the kind of support I want for my pregnancy, labor, and birth. Especially being a doula and childbirth educator in training, I know that there are options and I know that I do not have to settle.

I am still in search for a doula for myself in this area but I am having absolutely no luck...
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I know Emilie. Let me know how it goes with the doc in Dodge. Although that's about an hour and a half away for us. I guess I too for granted how good I had it when we lived elsewhere (in Colorado) and I had lots of options. And great home birth options. As a VBAC mom, I know it's going to be tough to get a "fair shake" in any hospital and to not constantly have someone waiting outside the door with a c/s consent. As an L&D nurse (before we moved here) I am very picky too. I had a wonderful unplanned UC HBA3C with my last live-born baby. I know what I want and need. I'm actually okay with it if I need to UC this time and am planning on it if I can't find someone willing to help me at home. I just don't think I'll have freedom in the hospital. 


When are you due? 

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Babycatcher12, I will let you know how the appointment goes in a few weeks... I think it is on Nov 7th? smile.gif pregnant brain...
I understand the long drive being an issue. Dodge is an hour and 15 min drive from my house....
TBH when it comes to VBAC in this area, from what I know it's not even an option... Even all the way in Wichita (as I understand it) it is not commonly considered. (which I think is rediculous) I have taught cb classes in Dodge for the hospital recently and I can tell you that it is about the best option here. But their intervention rates are staggering! I am already writing my wish list for this next Dr. And if she refuses any of them, I will look further. Period.
And waiting outside the door with a c/s consent? No question about it. The last dr I was going to practically wanted you to sign a consent if you didn't want to be induced or have an epidural. Smh...
I know someone, who has a friend who had a homebirth in Dodge not too long ago. I will ask her if/who her friend had attending the birth...
I wish you the best when coming to this decision! You certainly have the benefit of lots of experience and education on the matter. I think that greatly benefits you if you do a UC again...
My husband is NOT supportive of homebirth. :/ But I plan on laboring as long as I can at home before heading to the hospital. (if I am full term this time) I am secretly hoping I procrastinate a little too long... wink1.gif
I am due Feb 21st... So excited it's a little boy!
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Erin, The server is not letting me reply to your pm and I cannot figure out why...

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I figured it out... I needed to make another post...

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