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I am so glad I stumbled upon this thread from so long ago and that their are new women posting.

I currently live in Wichita but we will be moving to Great Bend sometime in the next couple of months. I am due with my 2nd in a couple of weeks and then we will list our house and make the change 2 hours west.

I happen to be a midwife, but will not be practicing for a couple of years so I can focus on just being a mom for a bit.  I can tell you that the discussion of getting more midwives available to serve women in the western part of the state has been happening with the Kansas Midwives Association. We are all aware that it is a problem right now, but for many of us, driving 2-4 hours to attend a birth is just too much. That is one of the problems with living in a predominantly rural state. I am originally from Washington St and could just reach my hand out and find 10 midwives there.  Hopefully with more women looking for homebirth options in the west, more midwives will be trained and things will improve.

As for VBAC options: In Wichita there are many options in the hospital and I know all the midwives here attend VBACs at home. I have no idea what the climate is in Great Bend and am hoping to gain some insight from others who live in the area. Let me know what you can about the different hospitals.


Hopefully we can meet at some point. I homeschool my 9 year old, but will certainly need some support and friendship while raising the new babe in a new town.

Take Care.

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I'm 33 weeks this week. I've asked everywhere and no one will do VBACs and finding a midwife willing to come to Ulysses is way out of the question. There is a doc in Liberal who will do VBACs but there are very specific criteria and I wasn't impressed with his office staff at all. The midwife in Larned is incredibly busy and has a lot of clients in Great Bend etc so she's hesitant to drive this far as well. But my chiro in Garden City sees her and has nothing but fabulous things to say.  As for me...I'm planning a UC or maybe a midwife friend coming to visit towards the end of my pregnancy. Other than that...there are no options. Sigh. 

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I know this thread is old, but I'm hoping I can some updated information. I live in Dodge City and would love to find a doula and would love to know more about your doctor, Emilie! I tried to send you a message but can't.
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Hi, ImTooOldForThis,

I sent you a pm with my email in it. We can get in touch and I can help you find the info you need!
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Hi Emilie, I also live in Dodge City, Ks. I am going to Wichita and seeing a midwife there and I also see Dr. Jensen. He does vbacs. I am terrified at the thought of going to a hospital this time around. Once you are in there you are pretty much at their mercy even with a birthing plan and midwife. I had a stillborn at 32.5 weeks she was my first born in 1998. I had 3 subsequent c-sections for no good reason:-( in 1999,2000,2003. I am now 19.1 weeks pregnant and would like home birth as an option. Please contact me. I am very interested in what I have seen on your posts! My email is gasca.mediah@yahoo.com. The reason for me having to go to the hospital are the cesareans. I hope to hear from you soon!
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I forgot to mention that my daughter was breach and feet first. I delivered her vaginally.
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Hi ImTooOldForThis! This is amazing that we are both in the same area! I have my email on here I couldn't figure out how to pm so I just put it on here. Maybe we can talk sometime:-)
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