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Hello everyone! I just wanted to check in and vent a little! Sorry! Why is it that EVERYONE seems to have a negative opinion about having three kids? I was at playgroup yesterday w/ women, who most days, I consider my friends who were just going off about how horrible three kids are. THe one actually has three but is a single mom and one of them has severe health issues. She was telling me how horrible her middle child is and implying that ALL middle children are terrors. Then another chimed in w/ I always said I'd have either 2 or 4 but not three. Three is horrible. blah, blah blah! What the %@^$*%. I just wanted to scream "LEAVE ME ALONE!" and run away! It just makes me sad and angry.

Then I get home yesterday and there is a package for my girls from dh's aunt & uncle. In the package is a note addresses to dh & I wondering if we know the sex of the baby and then telling us that boys are better & easier then girls! Once again "What the @&&#"

It just feels like no one can just let us be happy w/ our family. We don't care if this baby is a boy or a girl. Yes we have two girls and if we have another we will have 3 girls. I can do simple addition. BEsides how is a boy going to make my life so much better. It's like saying that in reality my girls suck and a boy would be amazing. It really bugs me, if you can't tell! The other thing is dh & I don't care if the family name gets carried on(the main reason for his family wanting us to have a boy) because his father is a total loser who abanded him at 3 months old and only shows up when it is convient! Why would I want to carry that name on????

Ok enough for my vent. It feels good to get it all out and off my shoulders.

Hope everyone is well! Have a great night!
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My dh has 2 brothers, one who has 4 adopted kids and one who has 2 biological kids, one of which is a boy, so the name thing is all taken care of.

This guy was telling me he had two girls and he was looking forward to trying again, so he could "get it right" and have a boy! He was totally serious. Dh met another guy who had a son and he was disappointed about having a newborn daughter. He said, "Oh well, I've still got my boy.": Oh well. It's too bad some people can't appreciate children for who they are.

If I have another girl, I think I will do what another mom here recommended: when people say, "Oh, too bad you didn't have a son" I'll say "Actually, we did have a son a few years ago but he died." They'll be speechless, and fumble all over themselves trying to apologize, and never bring it up again!
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Oh Greaseball! You are EVIL!!!!!! :LOL

I am sorry. I do know how you feel! The worst comments for me were from people who said things like "I was the middle of three, and my life SUCKED!" Um, gee....ya think it might have had to do more with your parents than anything else. My favorite comeback was always "Really? Well, I was the oldest, and it SUCKED too...so whatever you do, never have an oldest child!"

And I hear you on the boy/girl thing too. I still get it to some extent...well, you need another boy to make things even. My reply "I couldn't care less what's between my baby's legs. I am more concerned with those legs and every thing else being perfectly healthy." I was an unwanted girl. I know how it feels. I was my parents first born, and my dad's brothers all had one child, all boys. So, I was a disappointment. It was tough, but I got over it.

Life is sucking in general right now. So much stuff to do, costing a lot of money, and just making me crazy. But then, my baby kicks and I forget what was so pressing. Speaking of which, I can feel good, strong kicks on my stomach when I am sitting down. Dh felt it the other night too.
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AnnaNicole, I feel your pain!

DS has always been a restless sleeper and usuallly we cosleep P/T (ie. whenever he wants to). The past two weeks it has been every night all night and he kicks, he rolls, he headbutts, he pinches, he asks for a cup or milk/water/apple juice. He kicks us off our pillows and lies across both of them kicking me in the face and saying, "Oh! Excuse me Daddy, excuse me Mommy".

I was ready to cry with I woke up this morning. I'd sleep in his bed but I know he would follow me there and DH would get the whole bed to himself which isnt fair! :LOL

2girlsmommy - Dh has this weird thing about three kids. He was the oldest of three and seems to think it is an awful number! I think three sounds great and we can't seem to agree on it. I am the oldest of 6 so three sounds just perfect I am jealous... this will probably be my last.
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Originally posted by mattjule
Maybe a sign on a diaper that says "My penis needs no special care"?
You know, I often wonder about people who think it does. I mean, seriously, for a really long time the only men who were circumcised were Jewish or Muslim or members of certain African tribes, and we didn't have huge penile cancer epidemics or anything like that. It really makes me question the ideas people have, and that's somewhat strange because my own son *is* circumcised (I'm Jewish). I told my husband that I'd never allow my son to be circ'd in a hospital, alone and without anesthesia, because I think that's barbaric and cruel. We talked about it, and I told him that if it wasn't a matter of religious law for me I'd certainly never have it done. I'm totally against routine hospital circumcision, and have been against it since I first learned what it entails (6th or 7th grade, I guess). It's not the cutting itself that bothers me, it's the complete lack of respect for the baby that's shown in the hospital. Just thought I'd add a different perspective, as someone who has and will have her boys circumcised for religious reasons.

My personal fav are those infant car seats. I tried to carry that thing about twice. It was so heavy and awkward and ds just woke up anyway. But putting him in a sling, he went right back to sleep and it was so easy to carry him around. Plus it's hands free! Why anyone carries those seats around is beyond me.
And now, my carseat rant :

For the record, since most people don't seem to know this: Infant carseat/carriers are unsafe to use as carriers once the child weighs more than ten pounds. It's a little known fact, scary but true. Why are they dangerous? Because if you're holding it by the handle, a child who weighs more than ten pounds is top-heavy enough that the seat will naturally lean towards the top. If the seatbelt isn't on correctly (most people don't use them correctly, unfourtunately ), or if your kid just has narrow shoulders, they can slide right out and land on their head. It happens all the time, please be careful! I rarely carried Eli in the carseat, usually just into and out of the house, or I'd set it on top of the stroller; it was cold and I hated to wake him up to take him out of the carseat just to go into the house and go back to sleep.

You should also make absolutely sure if you have an old/used carseat that:

A)It's not past it's "expiration" date; this should be molded into the plastic somwhere on the back/bottom of the seat. (If you can't find it, call the company who made it and ask where they put it). Carseats can't be used forever! I'm pretty sure that most are good for ten years, but not positive.

B)It's never been in an accident. I don't know how many people I've encountered who don't realize that once a carseat has been in an accident it has served it's purpose and cannot be relied upon again. They figure if it looks okay, it is okay. Not so! Even a minor accident can cause microscopic weaknesses in the structure of the seat, rendering it ineffective in the case of another accident. It doesn't have to be a car accident, either. Dropping a carseat out of a second story window, for example, will render it useless. The things that go on in a normal house (an older toddler jumping into it, or an older child sitting it it) are unlikely to damage a carseat, but if you have questions please, PLEASE have it examined!

Stepping off the


I just cannot imagine being separated from my newborn by a plastic box (a salad bin, as Ayun Halliday put it) and wires. I know how hard it is to parent a hospitalized child, and she (my second child) was full-term and only in the hospital for a day at a time! It REALLY affected our bond and her sense of security.
My son spent a week in NICU when he was born, and it totally sucked. I'm certainly hoping not to have to do it again! (knock wood, B"H, insert "bad-luck-keep-away-charm" here) But I have to say, while it was awful and I would never wish it on anyone, I am glad that I had the experience. I learned that my child did recognize his mother, even when he was a day old and had never laid eyes on me before. He was soothed by my voice the first time I spoke to him, and he did learn to nurse very well even though I wasn't able to nurse him for two days. We had our difficulties, but our bond has always been strong and Eli has always been very secure in the mamma love-loves.

If anything, I learned from the NICU time that your baby can bond with you, and bond well, even if you don't get off to an ideal start. I know I worried about that in the beginning, but my fears were easy to deal with when I saw how my son recognized my smell, my voice, turned his head and reached his arms to me... he was my little man and I was his mommy and we both knew it. I'm sorry that you feel like the hospitalization affected your bond with your daughter, but I wanted to let you know that it is possible to bond, and bond well, with a baby who can't room in or come home with you. I know I burst into tears when I was told that I'd have to leave the hospital without my son; it's depressing to think about now, and I'm not on the post-partum hormone roller coaster. Still, our bond was something I never worried about.

I think there's a huge misconception about this, that somehow being in the hospital makes bonding more difficult in an already difficult situation, but I think it just made me work harder and want it more. My son needed me more than other newborns need their mothers, the time I spent with him and pumping for him was more important, because I couldn't be with him all of the time. It made it more special, and I'm glad I went through it because I learned that I can be a loving mother in a difficult situation. It took what little fear I had right out of parenting, to know that my son and I could bond even when we didn't sleep in the same building, when other people were taking care of him.

There are lots of things that influence bonding with your baby, and being in close proximity all the time is only one of them. I've read posts here in fact where women said things like "I had a hospital birth with the first and we had no trouble bonding. My second was a homebirth and I just didn't feel a connection with the baby until later." (There was a thread a long time ago entitled something like "Does gentle/homebirth get AP off to a better start?" I'll try to find it in the archives for you).

Like I said, I wouldn't wish it on anyone and I don't want to do it again, but I learned a lot from the experience, and most of it was positive. Good luck, and I hope you don't have to have a NICU baby.
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Sandi- I was a middle child, and if you ask me ( ) I am the best one. I think middle children tend to be mediators, not imps. My dh and I only want 2, for a variety of reasons, but one is that I found 3 to be hard growing up. It always felt like someone was left out b/c the age difference between the oldest and the youngest was so great (5 1/2 years for us). That certainly doesn't mean that will be the case for you and it doesn't mean that an even number guarentees smooth sailing! I know a lot of families that have 2 that fight all the time and my bf is the middle of 3 with a larger age difference and they all are really close and good friends. It's all about how you as a parent approach the situation, I think.

Sounds like the moms around you didn't really want to be moms of so many rather than the actual number, ykwim? I know that FOR ME I want my children to be a part of my life, but I don't want them to be my life. I am just not made of that eternal mother stuff. I look forward to my children going off to school and me being able to do things for myself, by myself. Sometimes I feel like a freak for being like that, but other times I feel really good that I am able to recognize that about myself instead of resenting my children who had no choice about the matter.

I think my selfishness also comes from my upbringing. I was 3rd oldest out of 15 (my previous comment related to my younger years-ages 3-7. We had foster kids, but no adopted kids yet), most of which were troubled kids out of the foster care system. I was mothering from the time I was 12. So I feel like I have already spent 1/2 of my life caring for kids. In fact, my older sis and I (both birth kids) are still actively involved in the decision making concerning the others. There's a lot more to it ( my dad & depression, etc) but this isn't the forum for my intense childhood stories.

As for boys over girls, I don't get it. My mother is definitely a matriarch and I think, if anything, girls were favored (and a minority) in our household. I had 9 brothers, all younger than me, most close in age. I am glad my first baby was a boy, I definitely know how to raise little boys! But when we found out this baby was a boy, a part of me is kind of sad. I really wanted a girl. I wanted someone who would sit and cuddle, who wouldn't be interested in wrestling (and hurting) me, someone who had hair I could play with and who liked to play dress up. All the things I loved to do when I was little. I loved to wear dresses-my mom's fav story is stuffing an ankle length dress into a snowsuit b/c I refused to wear pants. I wore dresses camping. I won't have a child that I can look at and think at times they are a mirror of my childhood. But there is just as much chance that even if this baby had been a girl she would not have been that way. And wanting a different sex is a stupid reason to have children, IMO. Especially when I know the reality of more than 2 kids is not something I want. But I do grieve that I'll never have a daughter.

Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled we are having a son. It's really nice that they will be same sex. Easier to share rooms, hopefully their personalities will get along and they can be buddies. Tain will be a great big brother and I think Rowan will have a "roll with the punches" personality. At least I hope so

So the bottom line is that it is ridiculous to make general pronouncements about children. Personality and parenting have so much to do with the harmony between siblings. Much more than number or sex. I think whatever you have is going to be a loved and valued member of your family and your girls will adapt and honor that new person b/c that is what you teach.
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I spend alot more time wondering WHO my baby will be than WHAT it will be.

Roland is an all-action all-the-time kind of kid (when he does stop, it's only for a few minutes, and it's almost invariably because he wants a snuggle, with a story) He's *really* good at comunicating what he wants/needs... he's down right articulate (his latest word is "Now!" ...which is when he wants everything "Juice NOW!" (brush) "Teeth NOW!" "Munch NOW!" "Play Doh NOW!" ...it's not the slightest bit annoying...)

Needless to say, this time, I'm wither hoping for a more mellow kid, or a partner in crime for Roland. I know from when Abby (2Bmamaof3) comes over with her daughter, that 2 super active kids do a really good job of entertaining each other.

I don't know how many kids I want. I probably won't know until I'm done. We say 3 or 4 if people ask, but who can guess how they'll feel 5 years from now?

Maybe a sign on a diaper that says "My penis needs no special care"?
I don't get it either. I've never been told I have to wash out underneath his eyelids... why would I have to force his foreskin back to wash in there? I just doesn't make any sense...
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My son spent a week in NICU when he was born, and it totally
If anything, I learned from the NICU time that your baby can bond with you, and bond well, even if you don't get off to an ideal start. I know I worried about that in the beginning, but my fears were easy to deal with when I saw how my son recognized my smell, my voice, turned his head and reached his arms to me... he was my little man and I was his mommy and we both knew it. I'm sorry that you feel like the hospitalization affected your bond with your daughter, but I wanted to let you know that it is possible to bond, and bond well, with a baby who can't room in or come home with you.

Your reply got me thinking about that period in my life and I think I stated things too simplistically before. The fact that she was hospitalized three times (once at two days, then one month, then two months, during which she had exploratory surgery) in a sense overshadows much of everything else we went through--especially when thinking about this baby. In fact, I would bet that our bond was not shaky because of the hospitalizations but rather because of her condition. Her reflux caused heartburn--usually at about 3 am. This, as you can imagine, caused her to scream uncontrollably for hours on end until we finally got a diagnosis (when she was about a month old) and started giving her Pepcid. The stress ofher apnea, the screaming which I couldn't do anything to appease, the sleepless nights, having my husband working the night shift, being broke ALL the time, and then being sick myself when she was three months old (culminating in my appendectomy and subsequent 4-day hospital stay when she was 4 months)...well, all of THAT may be the reason there was this strange distance between the two of us. I couldn't even put my finger on it, really, and physically we were always close (no salad bins for my daughter, and she did nurse until she was 2). Perhaps because I've never personally experienced that actual PHYSICAL isolation from my child it's easy for me to assume that, based on my experience with my other daughter, it would be a worse situation for bonding. It is remarkably reassuring to read about your experience, so thank you for sharing it.
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Oh, man, what a couple of days. Nothing major but I'm just beat down. A little vent, skip if you don't want to read:

#1, my back-up/lab work doc is giving me a hard time now about my plans to HB. My midwife feels that it is totally safe as long as I have no more symptoms and the next ultrasound shows the hematoma is no larger. The OB I was referred to was very laid-back and said I should have a normal labor and delivery (though we didn't discuss HB) and released me back to my backup/labwork doc. So now my back-up/lab work doc won't okay to keep seeing me as a HB client unless I can get the OB to write a letter stating that he is okay with my HB plans. My midwife is wonderful and so supportive and she's given me some good advice for talking to the OB and also some alternatives for getting my lab work done in case he won't write a letter. So, I can deal with this, it's just now I have to get involved in the heated politics of HB.

#2, I've been trying to get DD signed up for a three day half day preschool program in the fall and it's freaking cut throat around here. I've been wait-listed at all three of my choices so now I'm back to running all over town doing interviews and observations and getting on more wait lists and paying more registration fees. Uggh!

#3, My boss sent me a project that had a 24 hour turn around needed on it and at the same time my Mom came to visit. My Mom doesn't understand that I can't have any distractions when I work and just doesn't get that that includes talking to her. So she shows up during DD's nap time (when I usually work) yesterday and totally hinders me getting anything really accomplished. And stays up late (she was spending the night). So I ended up staying up till 1:00 working last night, got up at 7:00 this morning and basically busted my butt in every minute of time I had today in order to get the project done.

#4, This is the worst. I lost my cool with DD tonight. After having a really GREAT couple of weeks. I've not yelled, gotten heated, etc. We've been connected, we've cuddled, we've just really been in sync. Well tonight, we went to a furniture store to look at dressers for the baby. Afterwards out for a quick bite. My DH left me and DD at restaurant b/c he was off to see a game this pm. So here I am with DD, we finish at restaurant and head over to the grocery store that is next door b/c we're out of milk. That's all I need is milk. So I opt to let DD walk rather than get a cart. Of course she has to look at every single thing, do twirly-birds in the middle of the aisles, etc. We finally get to the back of the store (I'm not familiar with this store) and no organic milk. So we go back to the front of the store b/c I think I remember it having a special natural foods section. Well, it doesn't. So back to the back of the store for the only milk they have and then back to the front. All the while trying to herd my DD. I go thru self-serve line and my DD keeps putting her hands on the grocery bag weight thing and it keeps saying "take the last item out of the bag" b/c it thinks I'm trying to steal groceries. Repeatedly I tell her "please don't touch the bag stand". Finally I box her in with my knees so she can't reach bag stand while I complete the transaction. This makes her mad so she crumples in the floor and refuses to move. So I have to pick her up and carry her out. And I'm just irrationally livid. So I tell her in a really, really mean voice that "I'm so angry with you!". And of course she bursts out into tears. So she's telling me "You really hurt my feelings Mommy!" Anyway, I calm down, buckle her in, apologize for loosing my temper and get lectured the whole way home. I'm glad she can express herself, but enough already! It was a 20 minute lecture.

I'm so glad it's bedtime.
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oh man, Seedling! Sounds rough. I have been irrationally angry with my family lately too. I do my mom's books and let's just say she made some really poor choices that have been hell to straighten out. Combine that with her not straightening them as we discussed AND avoiding me when I try to contact her. It has been so frustrating!

I keep snapping at my bro (he is 17 and lives with us) and he is one of those people who just takes it then goes to his room. I feel so aweful. He really doesn't deserve it. And apologies in my family (my parents and sibs, not dh and ds) don't mean much. In other words, we all apologize a lot, but we all keep doing the same things so over time, someone saying they are sorry doesn't really make you feel better.

Anyway, once I realized the source of my anger and vented repeatedly about it, it got a little better. I also know I get completely and irrationally angry when I am tired. It is the most bizarre transformation and I really worry what that means for ds when ds2 is born.

So hang in there. That really sucks, but I am sure dd will be able to move past it. I was thinking the other night about AP and if believing so strongly in AP meant you were never allowed to be less than the perfect parent, never allowed to "lose it". I believe I really try to be patient with ds 24 hours of every day, but there are days when I am not patient at all. I have to believe I am not the only AP parent like that. And I know that I can strive to be the best parent to my child without carrying guilt around about the times I am not. I let them go. I know there are times when he is not patient with me, or dh and I aren't patient with each other. I don't think ds is permanently scarred by that.

Sandi-I was lying in bed last night, still thinking about my reply to your post. I really think that the reason my sisters and I didn't have close bonds as a set of 3 was more a product of personality than anything else. My older sister is very opinionated and likes things her way. I am very academic and go with the flow. My younger sis is very bipolar (even from an early age) and opinionated and 3 yrs younger than me. I always felt that my younger sis was too babyish, combined with her anger management problems, combined with my mom favoring her in every argument and forcing us to play with her b/c mom felt bad that dad (very quiet, conciliatory man) didn't really like youngest sis. It was easy to be intimidated by her, even when she was 3. And b/c both she and older sis were both opinionated, they rarely agreed or got along. Older sis was a bully to her. (Incidentally, older sis is 5'2" and younger is 5'9". They were fully grown the last time older tried to physically intimidate younger. That was pretty funny) I know it is a long story, but I guess I am saying that there were a lot of emotional issues that went into us never really bonding as 3. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that it really doesn't have anything to do with how many of us there were. And soon after that it was irrelevant anyway-we had so many foster kids all the time, plus 2 more birth kids, that our family never numbered less than 9 after that. Don't know if that matters at all, but I really wanted to share my epiphany with you.

I'm feeling a lot of stretching lately-baby is growing big! He is kicking a lot too, which is really nice. I don't really like it when he kicks my stomach, though. Makes me feel like I am standing at the edge of a great height-all flipfloppy.
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I think that at times all parents get grouchy, especially hormonal pregnant ones I think the key is that unlike some it's not a common occurance. Granted I get frustrated w/ my kids sometimes, esp. my 2 year old lately, but I don't always show it and when I do get outwardly grumpy we usually end up making up by playing a game or being silly together and I apologize. It really stincks when the child then in turns lectures you on your behavior. When I'm already having a grumpy kind of day hearing a lecture from my 4 year old can be so irritating! Anyway what I guess I'm trying to say is we all have bad days.

I got some sad news the other day. One of my really good friends from high school lost her baby. He was born w/ a heart defect and he passed away on Wednesday. I've lost touch w/ my friend. She, another friend & I were like sisters in our late teens early twenties. We did everything together. Two of us are still very close but we only see the other occasionally. Her husband thinks that we are bad because we don't belong to his church. It's a long sad story. Anyway we are trying to figure out what we should do for her. THe obit. asked for contributions to thier church but we're not comfortable w/ that as that's the reason she can no longer keep in touch w/ us. If anyone has any ideas plese let me know.

I have a cute story from this morning. The girls and I were laying in bed and my oldest started rubbing my belly say she was playing w/ hte baby. Then she started talking to my belly telling the baby that she was the big sister and the my youngest came over and started doing hte same thing. They both ended up laying w/ their heads against my belly talking to the baby. It was so sweet it almost made up for the fact that it was 6:30am.

Julie- Thanks. Deep down I know that it has nothing to do w/ numbers and everything to do w/ how we parent and our kids personalities. My two girls are best buddies and I honestly can't see that changing just because they have a new sibling. I just wish my "friends" would stop being so darn negative!!
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2girlsmommy - I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. Have you and your other friend thought about going in together and buying the family an annual membership to the local children's museum or zoo? That is, of course, if there are other children in the family. (I work at a Children's Museum and have had several visitors buy a membership for a family in memory of a loved one - its so nice because it gives the family an inexpensive way to spend time together during the year - and to focus on interacting with each other)
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Originally posted by 2girlsmommy
...It was so sweet it almost made up for the fact that it was 6:30am.
: :LOL :

I'm sorry, this just got me rolling. I can totally relate!
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Seedling- Oh my gosh, your grocery store story I could've written it myself! I never get so angry with DS as I do in the grocery store. At least you told her how you were feeling I usually end up saying something even more hurtful such as "Why must you always drive me crazy?!" He *will not* ride in the cart, either. The times when I make him he usually screams "I wanna get out!" the whole time. Argh.

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It is SO nice to hear that I am not the only mother who struggles with her kids in the store. The only thing that gets me through such trips (I really really try to plan them when I can go without the kids!) is musing that I could write about my experience later and maybe even laugh. So, when my 9yo is wandering in his spaced-out way down the aisles brushing past displays and other people without hardly noticing ANYTHING in his periphery...and my 7 yo insists on standing on the side of the cart despite repeated warnings not to do so...and the 3yo is busy grabbing various items off the shelves in produce and dumping them in other people's carts...well, I try to laugh. But man, multi-tasking is so not my strong suit and I can barely function trying to keep all three of them moving in the semblance of a straight line while trying to shop frugally and stick to the list....

This is my own mother's revenge for the times when I was a child and did such fabulous things as taking a running bite out of a tomato, and putting it back, or choosing a pickle jar set on a shelf beneath another pickle jar without removing said top pickle jar first....

And of course my mother takes the three kids out to the mall to buy something for my g-pa and comes back declaring what ANGELS they were and how they would run up to toys and hug them and then happily put them back...and how nobody tried to make a break for it sans supervision (i.e. 3yo)....

And I'm having a FOURTH?!?!?!?!
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Ahhh, the grocery store. I try to go when dh is available to go with me. Of course, that's not very often and it leads to days like today when the only thing I have to eat is some delicious dark chocolate that he brought home from a business trip! At least dd has some things to eat. Recently, when it's just dd and me at the store, she won't ride in the cart or walk. That means I get to carry her and push the cart. It's no easy task. I've wondered how moms with more than one little one do it!

Anyway, I had an appt. with my mw this week. I thought I'd gained about 15lbs. since my last appt. I was a little nervous. I'd only gained 3, which puts me at 10 total so far. This will probably be the month I have a weight explosion. That happened when I was pg with dd. I had one month where I gained lots of weight and then it went back to small increases. My ultrasound is being scheduled, so hopefully it will be in the next couple of weeks. I can't wait to see this baby!
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You know, I feel very fortunate not to have the grocery store problem. The one time Eli started to get really fussy at me I took him out of the cart, stuck him in the sling and pulled up my shirt. I'm sure it looked a bit odd, nursing and walking, but I got the shopping done and Eli was so pleased with the world . In fact, nursing and walking is one of his favorite pasttimes.. though it's getting difficult for me to carry him for long these days. I can't imagine what I'd do if he was "average" sized, to say nothing of large! :LOL
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When I got up this morning, I decided to brush my teeth before I emptied my bladder. While brushing, I coughed. While coughing, I PEED MY PANTS.

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Smithie ~ Happens to me when I sneeze. : I call them sneeze-pees and now even DH says that when I sneeze....was it a sneeze-pee? :LOL

I'm sick. Stomach flu. Actually I was pretty relieved when I realized what it was...all day I had been feeling "off" and was trying not to worry about the baby...but kept thinking...what is wrong? Why do I feel so crampy?

Last night as I was hugging the toilet I was thinking well...this sucks...but at least I know the baby is ok. :

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I'm starting to get some very visible belly movements now. I try to point them out to dd so she can see the baby, but she can't focus her attention long enough. She just wants to poke my belly button.

Last night I dreamed I gave birth to a cat! 8 lbs, 2 oz.
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