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The Care and Keeping of "The One Thread"

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Welcome to the Care and Keeping of "The One Thread!"

So many women benefit from this wonderful thread on the TTC forum. It seems time to give the thread concerned with keeping "The One" an updated face, with currently applicable instructions and tips.

Thank you, keepers, for helping keep this amazing resource and community going!


- The thread is kept Sunday to Saturday

- The keeper for the week is responsible for starting the new thread on Sunday

- The keeper moves members from one status to the next at their request

- The keeper finds a volunteer to keep the thread for the following week


The current keeper will ask on the thread for a volunteer for the next week. Confirm with the member, and add the person's name and the dates she has committed to, to the end of this thread. At the end of the week, remind the volunteer for the following week.


1. Go to the welcome post of the current week's thread and select "Reply With Quote." This brings all
the smileys and active links along.

2. Open a new browser window and navigate to the "TTC" forum. Select "New Thread," then copy and paste your quoted post from the other window into the "New Thread" post.

3. Change the thread dates, and make any updates or changes.

4. Title the thread "THE ONE THREAD, DATE - DATE," and select "Submit New Thread!"

5. Write an intro post to the thread, to be the first post following the "Welcome" post. Have fun inviting everyone to the new thread!

6. Go to the last page of the old thread to let everyone know it is being closed, and to invite everyone to begin posting in the new thread.


1. Check as your schedule allows for updates, and post in the thread in bold when you've made them.

2. To add someone's chart, copy the url of the woman's chart. Go to her name in the first post, add
the chart smiley text, and select this text. Click the link button in the toolbar, and paste the url of the woman's chart into the box. Ask someone in the thread if you need help figuring this out!

3. Remove women from the Welcome thread who have not posted in a month (4 full weeks). You can search usernames in the TTC forum search bar, which will return any activity from current and past "One" threads.


posted by alexisyael in 2004:

The One Thread is designed for all TTCers on the MDC board. No matter where you are in your cycle, you are
welcome to join the One Thread! We are also open to those who are "Waiting to be Ready" for one reason or
another. We continue to embrace those of us who have become pregnant as well. Feel free to jump in at any
time and introduce yourself!

The One Thread is kept by a revolving list of members. We are strictly volunteers who have agreed to take care of the list for one week at a time.

A Short History of the One Thread (OT):

Prior to the OT, monthly threads were broken into pre-O and post-O. This seems to be the way of most of the TTC boards you see...

Sometime @ Dec 2003 there were a bunch of us who had such weird, wonky cycles that we didn't know which
thread to post in. And the longer we stayed on one thread, the more "new" people we were befriending... Ok, this mostly affected me, cause I was anovulatory, but I do remember Korin having something to do with it!

A vote was called (by me), and the idea of the One Thread to rule them all was inagurated (in February, I believe, or it might have been January...) At first, the idea was to make the One Thread monthly, but that was quickly amended to a weekly schedule, since we are very chatty, and it got hard to keep up!

BTW, the original name of the One Thread was: One Thread to Rule Them All -- a reference to The Return of
the King, which had just hit the theaters (I am such a LoTR geek! And yes, I'm the one who named it that...)

It was decided we needed a list at the start of each thread, b/c we all wanted to be able to keep track of who was where... it was also suggested that everyone post their status in the title line of their post, but that is sometimes followed, and sometimes not.

I started and kept the list of the thread the first few weeks/ months and slowly the kinks got worked out... after awhile, I had the brilliant idea to make a list of everyone who would be willing to volunteer to keep the list... and I put together a tutorial to help out the newbies, who wanted an explanation of how to keep the list...

And just today, Erika had the brilliant idea of having me make a master list and get a mod to make it a sticky thread... I decided that having a short history of the OT would also be appropiate!

So far, the OT has been a wonderful experience -- we've cried together, and celebrated many BFPs! I love the OT, and I am proud to have played a role in its inception!
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covered through august 29th

thanks you three!

oztok5 - august9-15

mahnamahna, august 16-22

evergreen, august 23-29
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Volunteering for week of September 13-19!
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Volunteering for October 4-10.
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will this thread be made into a sticky, does anyone know?
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YYYM - it is in a sticky! in Fertility>TTC>sticky: resources popular threads..

i had to search to find it... dont feel bad.
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I am hereby volunteering for Nov 8-14. Is this still where I do so?
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Maurine, I have the thread til Nov 1st, so I guess you could post on the ONE to let the next threadkeeper know? I just volunteered Sunday night on the ONE when I saw no one had volunteered yet. You looking for threadkeepers luck ? I'm hoping for it myself as well.
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Totally would love some luck! Plus it's the next week that I can do it (I won't have a computer this weekend). So we're still missing whomever's after you (Nov 1-7). I'll post to the ONE thread to let them know.

Hope threadkeeper's luck comes to you!
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I'll do Nov 15-21st.
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I can do Nov 22-28 (Thanksgiving week).
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I'll take November 29th through December 5th... that's my O week and I need the threadkeeper's luck!
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I've already started it, but "for the record" I'm taking December 13 - 19.
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So what does being thread keeper involve? I'd be interested...
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Originally Posted by jenniferadurham View Post
So what does being thread keeper involve? I'd be interested...
Hey Jen - check out the very first page in this thread, and PM me w/ any questions!
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Ok, I'm in. I will take it Dec 20-26.
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Originally Posted by jenniferadurham View Post
Ok, I'm in. I will take it Dec 20-26.
I will attempt to do the week of Dec. 27 - Jan.2nd.
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Can I have January 10-16? I should hopefully be Oing that week. I also don't mind taking Jan 3 -10th if no one else wants it.
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I'll take January 3 to 10th, please. That'll be my O time.
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