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Has your child had any of the "VPD"s ?

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Just curious if anyone who doesn't vax has had their child catch any of these diseases? If so how bad was it and how did you handle it? Just curious since I want to be prepared in case my child were to get any of these diseases. Natural medicines and did they work, etc? I worry about what to do if she gets sick. My biggest worry is tetnus. I worry about measles but I know it used to be very common. I worry about hib but when I was a child they didn't vax for it and people didn't worry about it.
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Only one of my kids have had a VPD, and it was influenza A (my older daughter had it at a year and a half old). They tried to give her tamiflu but I refused. She had a fever up to 106 for a couple days but by day 4, she was perfectly fine and running around. DH, who had the flu at the same time as her, was down for well over a week, but DD bounced back really quickly. It was a strain of influenza A that they had a vaccine for that year, but she didn't get the vaccine.

Oh wait...my DS had rotavirus as a 4 month old too. He cried a lot and had horrible horrible smelly diapers, but breastfed very very frequently for 10 days and never even had to see a doctor.
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just Rotavirus that we know of.
DS had it bad, pedi threatened hospitalization for hydration but we were able to manage it at home, lasted probably 4 days, fever, vomiting, diarreah
DD had a mild case, really only 1 day of super smelly diapers - none of the fever, vomiting that DS had.
both had it when they were about 14 mos old.
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DS (27 months) has had a few fevers, never more than 24 hours, never higher than 103. He's had a single rash (other than diaper). He's had 5 days of diarrhea (consecutive). He's had several colds and what we think was a mild flu.

Though we have called our holistic ped. for a few of these things and did have the rash looked at (no diagnosis), we have really just let each thing run its course while supporting him with nutrition/homeopathics.

What I am trying to say is that he may have had one of the baby VPDs, but if he did then he just cleared it the old fashioned way (I mean his immune system handled it) and we never knew a diagnosis.
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Ds1 had the Rotavirus at 13 months old. We both got ill and I was pregnant and ended up needing an IV. It wasn't too bad though. They both got the chicken pox about 18 months ago. Ds1 got a bad case and ds2's was moderate. They came through just fine with just a couple of scars.
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I think my DD had rota virus once and I just gave her a lot of probiotics and it lasted about a day. Nothing else though.

I don't believe in VPD. I don't think vaxes work at all. She'll get what she gets and I'll take care of her.
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We've had influenza A and B and pertussis. Pertussis was scary, especially in my 8 month old. We used SA and managed just fine. Do a search on here for pertussis--there's lots of good threads about it.
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SA = Sodium Ascorbate (or Vit. C)

DD had what was most likely Rotavirus - high fever, lots of vomiting for 24 hours and pretty bad diarrhea for about 5 days. (Never had diagnosis confirmed because I was living in a country where it's illegal not to vax and so I wouldn't have gone to the doc for anything less than life-threatening illness/injury) She nursed a ton and was fine after about a week.

I wasn't vaxed as a kid and I only had the mumps. I remember being pretty sick with it at the age of about 7. I stayed with my grandparents for a week. But it really wasn't bad - swollen glands, nausea, headache, fever, and over within the week. (Oh, and I had chicken pox when I was pregnant with DD - that was miserable! But there wasn't a CP vax when I was growing up anyway...)
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My kids got Roto at 10 months and were fine. Lots of diarrhea and pedialyte. My girls did get one dose of the roto before we decided to stop. (it's their one and only vax)

I just exposed my girls to CP last week. Fingers crossed by Sunday we see some pox!
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No VPD's here yet, although I did expose DS to Chicken Pox a few months ago. He didn't get it though, unfortunately.
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Three of my kids had chicken pox (this was before they were pushing a vax for it) I did nothing other then baking soda bathes. All three came down with it with in three days, the first day or two they had a low fever other then that they felt fine and te hardest part was telling them over and over that they couldn't go play at their frinds houses, go to church ect..
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We've had a few, the influenzas, rotavirus, chicken pox, and pertussis. DD2 was directly exposed to Hib but didn't get it. Pertussis was the worst for DD2, but she was a newborn, DD1 handled it fine. All the rest were just illnesses, no big deal.
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that's more than I would have thought. I have an unvaccinated 2yr and 5mo old, no VPD yet, thank God.
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We just had a case of CP go through the house. I know my older kids had rota virus. I'm sure they've had other "VPDs" but we rarely go to the doctor to check, unless we feel it's urgent.
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My daughter had pertussis at a year old, and I got it at the same time. It was very unpleasant for a few days, then just annoying for about three weeks.
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