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Hey Korin-hang in there! To save $ you "should": wait until Thursday but I know that's about impossible so I say to at least try to wait until Wed-that would be 14dpo and should give you a good chance at a BFP if you're pregnant-which OF COURSE-you are

My stupid basil therm is on the fritz-needs a new battery I suppose and, of course, we had a huge snowstorm today so I'm not going out today but I'm obsessive this cycle to HAVE to know those temps ya know?? he he I'm only CD 13 but noticed ewcm today which is way early for me to O but since I haven't temped in 3 days I have no idea if I may be Oing early for some strange reason-guess we better be doing some babydancing just in case...

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CD17 4DPO?

I am still so, so confused about when I am o'ing this cycle.

I don't temp - after 7 months of trying, is it time to 'bite the bullet' and start temping and everything? I so don't want to get too caught up in everything, but with my cycles erratic like this, I just don't know up from down, you know?
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cd1 - broken finger hard to type......CRAMPS...hard to think
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i vote "e"
seriously though, i'd say wait at least until 14DPO and then if doesn't show try to hold off at least every other day until you get a BFP

sorry found you. i love the idea of an O smilie. how about a GIO (or SMLAT) smilie? :LOL or a keep away smilie? or a going insane trying not to waste another stupid test smilie? or a hang in there? i could keep going....i think i overuse smilies, i can't help it, i like the pictures

ooh, i hope the dreamers are right! that must feel nice to have them call in either case

get dancing! :LOL now that dh's sperm are up and ready you gotta make sure they're there to welcome miss eggie

i think it's worth it to try temping to see how you like it. for me, it's helpful because even though my temps are all over the place, i feel like i'm doing *something productive...well besides GIO :LOL and it kind of keeps me from getting too obsessing over other things. i guess that kind of sounds like a contradiction, but i honestly think i'd obsess more if i wasn't.

for the and the broken finger. i hope it heals quickly!
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cd 23 - 7 dpo

Just stopping in to say:

Have a wonderful night, and a beautiful tomorrow!
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CD 18 4DPO

Hi there!

I am new to the Mothering Forums and am thrilled that I found you! I have been wanting a group to help me with my charts and to get opinions from. We just started TTC last month. I am a bit nervous about TTC again since it took over a year to conceive our son.

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Hi again everyone. Been so busy!! 13 dpo - no symptoms whatsoever!!!!! I don't have any tests at home. Took one 9dpo and it was BFN. We are closing on a home tomorrow so I decided if AF doesn't show, I will go out and buy a preg test. I ran out on our trip cross country. I am at 5 months of TTC. I feel a bit discouraged now since I felt I was O'ing and our timing was good. I SO WANT A CHILD!!! But, on the other hand, I am trying to be patient. I feel selfish being impatient at times considering what others have been through. I worry a bit because of my age (36). I am really hoping for the best!!!!! Good luck to everyone else, SINCERELY. I wish you all the best baby vibes ever. Babies are pure beauty and love.
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Welcome to Scootermama1!:

Also just checking in to say Hi~ wishing I had some symptoms to share, but I know darn well its too early even for that.
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cd 21, 7 dpo

Sigh, at least the numbers higher than yesterday !

Thanks for the warm welcome back, everyone, !

Just checking in now because thankfully I have a busy day at work to distract me.. (ha! that means that I'll probably be calculating due dates on my notebook rather than listening to people speak at meetings).

My temp is staying high and my boobs are staying sore &I've had lots of crampy activity, which has mostly subsided...

My appetite isn't really a good symptom because I'd always like to eat all the time --lol!

Korin--I can so relate- last night my dp & I were talking about when to test--don't want to be disappointed, but what if we can know earlier??? We ordered a whole bunch of cheap tests (less than 1$ Cdn.) from www.bareware.com so we can test without worrying about the cost.

As for the U/S--yes it's very reassuring! On the other hand, it means going to the doc's office 3 days of my cycle at 6:45 a.m. to have a slightly invasive procedure . But I don't really mind 'cause I do know pretty closely when I O.

Great to have all you cool women to obsess with... dust to all!
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good morning!

welcome! i hope your stay is short and sweet!

thanks for the baby vibes, here's some dust for you too i hope stays away and you get a tomorrow!!!

i hope your temps stay up!!!
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CD 2

whew! There have been a lot of posts since I was here last (what, like 24 hours ago?!).

Hope I don't miss anybody...

Welcome, ScooterMama1 - hope your stay is short but sweet!

Welcome back, Jesse!

Ms. Sisko - hope you're feeling better soon!


chiromama, I also vote for "e"!!

Welcome back - sorta - Letia!

Bunches - fingers crossed, and congrats on the new home!! We just bought a house, too - it becomes firm on Feb. 6, with closing on March 30, so c'mon, let's fill our new homes with babies, already!! ...one at least, for starters?!

Thanks so much for all the hugs and thoughts. I don't know what I'd do without this place, without you guys!

I'm shifting out of the despairing feelings...usually by CD 3 I come around...dh and I both have appts for tomorrow for some workups - hopefully a semenanalysis for him, some blood tests for me. (we may fudge a bit on how long we've actually been trying - don't want to get turned away, and we've been trying with FAM for 6 cycles, which is more than enough according to TCOYF to initiate further investigation beyond charting. And I am speculating that I had another chemical pregnancy this past one.) I'm 36 in March, and I don't want to wait another 1/2 year to find out there is some kind of impediment!

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CD 4 and spotting...

OK, I will be adding some new folks to the list at the front of this thread and also adding a WTFK? list...

Pamela! hope your stay here is very short

Chiromama -- put down that test and walk away! I'd say wait until at least the day after you were supposed to rtcw... and then every other day until bfp shows!

Jesse -- thanks for the link to the bareware site! I love how it's also got the CAD option (I'm in TO.)

Ok, there's way too much going on here for me to keep up, but sheesh, isn't that part of the fun of the One Thread! I *love* it!

Big hugs for Denise and Johanna and everyone else rtcw

love to all the rest of you! (Going to go update that list now....)
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awwww, thanks, heveasoul! I was thinking about getting my yearly at the end of this cycle, b/c I'm a bit skiddish about them since I had a m/c. It may not be rational; but, since I started bleeding when I was pg after mine last year, I am overly cautious. I figured I could squeeze all I could out of that copay and get a saliva test, suggested in tcoyf, to follow up the low prog. results I got a couple cycles back. I guess the first chart I only did cm, so maybe that doesn't count, so I guess I've done three, and this cycle I've only charted a couple rits, ew, and then the change to stick, as well as at the start of the cycle. I was reading in the IF forum, that an RE is the gold standard of care, and I think I'm really deserving it about now. Another mama told me about an RE who's also a OB. I'd like to get the most out of this increased copay! I considered an SA for dh......I'm not really relishing the idea....apparently you can do the deed at home; but, if I'm fertile I don't want the swimmers going in a cup! : I don't know anything about the logisitics of something like that. Well, I guess I shouldn't be shy. I guessing from what I've seen on tv, when the guy has to give a specimen, they go into a room, with porn and get himself all hot and bothered and shoot? Well, porn is contrary to our Christian lifestyle, so what? : We rits and then instead of me as the target the cup? I know there's a postcoitial;but I'm not thrilled about that and tcoyf was saying its being phased out.

I think I'm going to maybe use the shortcuts next cycle. I hope I'm not going to compromise my data, b/c tcoyf advises against it before several cycles. Wonder if three counts. I think it might help the maddness to not be focused on it the entire cycle. Yet, get the info I need to determine that when I stopped looking, I didn't stop Oing, since it seems cm isn't enough, and even tcoyf was saying OPKs could detected the LH surge; but, the egg could not have popped. :bigeeyes That's the strategy I'm developing for next cycle, and no bding! (I hope I don't get crazy when I see O. :] Just lovemaking! I'd like to get in for that yearly this time too. I thought about it a bit too late for my comfort this cycle.

yall! I went back to the gym today and I'm hungry!
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cd 21

Good gravy I can hardly keep up.

No idea what is going on with me.

I am waiting to O. I got this OvaCue thingy...and it is suppose dto give you more warning about when you O...but I haven't been told anything. Hoping that I am not in the 2% it doesn't identify O for.

Gonna start bd'ing tonight just in case.

Ah...who knows!

Much and to you all!
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Thank you guys for being supportive.. sorry if I'm bad about remembering who's going through what.. :\ I just suck like that.

Okay, I have a question.. what in the world does rtcw mean? I looked in the abbreviation thread, even the link to the other one.. couldn't find it. TIA
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CD18 5DPO?

RTCW = riding the crimson wave (AF)

Hope its not going to happen for those of us waiting!
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rtcw= riding the crescent wave Actually a nice image.

Oh hey -- Johanna, could you make a yoga smiley? Can't wait to see your ovulation smiley! How are you making these, btw? In photoshop? I'd like to learn to make them, too
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Originally posted by Johanna
Okay, I have a question.. what in the world does rtcw mean?
Riding the crimson wave, aka
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CD 27 13DPO

Wow! there is a lot to read this morning!
to all the newbies...
back to jesse and Letia
So.... you may be wondering what is up with me.... Well, I didn't give in and test today! I'm so proud of myself.... there are moments when I'm still CONVINCED that I'm pregnant, and then I'm sure all the symptoms I'm feeling are just PMS (which I don't usually notice)
I'll try to hold off till after thursday - when AF is supposed to arrive - but I may test tomorrow - we shall see how I feel when I wake up!
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well my temp is doing the dippy do. and even though i know i wouldn't be nor should i be pg this month, the af thing really throws me for a loop. been through this too long not to be disappointed anyhow. but just so long as af arrives then i'm good for enxt month!

best of luck to everyone getting ready to test!!!!!!!!!
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