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a scare!

hi, ladies! i totally freaked myself out this am...i was bringing my pack-n-play up the stairs and caught the toe of my shoes on the step and fell onto both of my shins on the edge of the step...my right got it the worst. i was/am so scared that something happened that would cause something to go wrong with the pregnancy. things are pretty protected in there, right? i never had any cramping or anything, so i was glad about that. my shin hurts like a son-of-a-gun, tho, but i can deal with that. i just pray that all is well with the bun in the oven.
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CD 18, 4 DPO

Hi All.

3boyz4us - ouch, poor you! Take care of yourself, and I think you can rest assured that your bean is very well protected!

So, I got the results of my first 2 sets of bloodwork back - from what I could tell (they give "normal ranges" on the sheet), everything is normal, within the stated normal ranges.

Now to decide if I go on to have the prog tests done (this Sat - CD 20, Mon - CD 22, and Wed - CD 24) and NOT use progesterone cream, or to use it, just in case, and NOT go for the remaining bloodwork for this cycle, meaning I won't find out this cycle if my progesterone is ok...:

Katie - what are the signs, other than miscarriages, that progesterone levels are low?
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Natural progesterone cream

That's what my brand is called, actually! "Natural Progesterone Cream"! :LOL My midwife also recommends "Pro-gest."

I use 1/4 tsp twice a day...I don't measure it, I just use a finger-scoop's worth. I rub it on my tummy, but you can rub it anywhere that is pretty hair-free. I am Northern European, so that is pretty much everywhere on my body! I'm a fair blonde hairless lass.

My m/w says her clients have used it with great success. She says to start taking it right after you O, and continue throughout the pregnancy till the second trimester.

I also take a Wild Yam root supplement, which is supposed to aid your body in progesterone production. I'll stop taking that at the end of March, when I get to my second trimester. (Fingers-crossed smilie.)
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CD 18, 4 DPO

Thanks Katie. Soooo - if I don't have a known progesterone level problem, other than the fact that I had one, possibly two chemical pregnancies, it's ok to use it, right?

What are other symptoms that your prog. levels are low? low LP temps? I think mine are ok...my chart is in my sig.

I did speak with my naturopath today who told me it's ok to take it even if I don't yet have any lab results yet. She says I will likely be able to tell if I get too much, by the symptoms of bloating, depression, tender breasts...and from what your midwife says, it isn't harmful if pregnant...I'll sleep on it, and possibly look for some tomorrow, at 5 DPO.
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I don't know what the symptoms of low progesterone are - other than low post-O temps. Like I said, I don't even KNOW that I have low prog, I am just taking it as a preventative measure, because it couldn't hurt.

Deep down, I don't think those were the causes of my miscarriages - I think the embryos just weren't viable and my body knew that and miscarried - but it's enough for me to recommend taking the cream, because it's just so easy. Unless someone gave me a reason NOT to do it, I would just go ahead with it.
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Nothing too interesting here. Waiting to O. I took an ovulation test just a while ago and there was a second faint line.. Which according to the instructions means I need to check again tomorrow.... Do any of you know? Could it mean I'm about to? Or does it mean virtually nothing? Well, we're GIO anyway. Couldn't hurt right?

Oh, and when I tested when I was pg with my son it was long after before the second line showed up. A second colored line, no matter how faint, is still a line. *crosses fingers for Adina*
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cd 6

Getting unusual ewcm, which is crazy thsi early. It is very stretchy, not too thin, opaque colored. Almost brownish at one point. I've never experienced anything like it. Anybody have ideas : ?
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cd 20, potentially 2 dpo, got a *mad* case of the hiccups!

Hey everyone! Ewww... my hiccups are really awful, and seem to be bringing up acid reflux with them now, which is just terrible! (Unless it could be seen as a potential sign of DMaI, in which case I'm OK with them! :LOL)

chemigogo -- weirdness! Have no ideas what is up, but I hope some other mama does!

Johanna -- yup, GIO time! As far as I can tell, the faint line means it's on it's way (though weirdly, one's body can also decide not to pop an egg, even after gearing up for it... could this be what happened with Korin? I sure as heck HOPE not!)

Korin -- could also be that the timing of the tests were off? I don't know much about OPK. Or -- you're already preggers, like the other women thought.... actually, I can't believe you haven't poas, given their assesment! Well, hope your Reiki retreat goes fabulously, and that you either O before then, or are already pregnant! (And thanks for the DMI chanting)

(My hiccups are still going strong, but not as acidy anymore... ugh! This is the third time I've had them today!)

Carrie -- bean should be very well protected, as long as you're not whacking yourself straight in the pelvis, I would think! And even then... there's a lot of protection in there! (I personally think a lot of those "falls leading to miscarriages" stories are miscarriages that were going to happen anyway, and the fall was not causal but conincidental and took the blame. I could very well be wrong, though.) Hope your shins feel better!

Laura, your hhh is a gem! I agree with him, but would also gently suggest flylady.net -- mostly since it basically helps you stop thinking about housework in the long run. (Still, given the choice of happy children or clean house -- happy children, for sure!) Flylady isn't for everyone, either, so if you've already given it a try, no harm, no foul!

(Oh -- the hiccups are gone! Yay!!!!)

Oh my gosh, Jesse, are you all getting my hopes up! Love ya! I am KHA!!!

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Hey all,

I just can't keep anymore.

Adina I blew my two digital tests on could I be pregnant m/c blues. I liked the lack of ambiguity, but I don't remember seeing double lines when I ejected the test. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Someone posted that they are 35 and having short LP, but progesterone tested normal. I had some sucess pre m/c at lengthening my LP by doing Lunaception, and taking Chasteberry after Oing. I was also taking red raspberry, nettle, and red clover as teas. Hope this is helpful.
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CD 19, 5 DPO

Thanks Katie! I know, it's hard to know - I also suspected that maybe it just wasn't viable...so many variables...this morning I'm thinking that I may try the cream, as a preventive measure, and forgo the progesterone tests. We had great BD coverage, and the cm was great, so if it is an LP thing, and I can be doing something about it...I think it's worth a try, and worth not knowing yet if I have progesterone level issues.

chemigogo - sorry about the strange cm...I can't offer any insight. What's the earliest you've ever O'd?

Johanna - don't know about OPK's, sorry.

Boy, I'm a wealth of information this morning!

Adinaaaaaaaa....any news?

I think I'll go makes myself a RRL tea....

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I had a very vivid dream last night -after a quick, easy, 3 hour labour at home (ha!) I gave birth to a beautiful, perfect, baby girl. My dw was there & I turned to her & said 'it was all worth it!' and I really felt that deeply, like everything was worth having this perfect little human being in my arms, my own baby....
I woke up & told dw about it & she had also dreamt about our baby girl, only she was the one who had given birth!
I don't know what this means, but it was lovely to have both dreamt about this little person. I'm really hoping it was a signal from our baby that she is getting ready to join us.

Otherwise, no signs of O yet, just waiting. Hoping some signs show up between now & my appointment on Monday, I hate going in to the dr.'s office for no reason...

Katie--thanks for the info about the progesterone cream. I did some further reading and apparently it's not widely avail. in Canada, though some natural food stores carry it, but www.feelgood2000.com will ship it to Canada. Fyi for Cdns.

heveasoul--good luck with your blood tests--other than low temps, I can't think of symptoms either, but it will be good to have a definite answer I'm sure, especially since low progesterone is easy to fix.

chemigogo--don't know about the strange cm either, but I did want to say that double ovulation is possible! Some women ovulate early in their cycle as well as later on (all the time, or once in a while). I don't know if this helps or confuses things though.

Alexis--hiccups eh ? Well, I hope they feel better KHA! KHA! DMaI!

Korin & Adina--anything to report? KHA for both of you and sending either way!

to all!
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cd 21 -- don't have a clue

Jesse-- what a beautiful, comforting dream that must have been. I've had dreams about my spirit babe and they always leave me feeling all warm and fuzzy for the rest of the day.
I hope this one is prophetic! If your dw had a similiar dream, it must be! (By the way, I've read if dreams are very vivid they're most likely "visits" and not just dreams. How wonderful to have a visit from your future baby!)

chemigogo -- I feel your confusion! I've had strange cm that's "too early." I don't know what the heck is going on.

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jesse, what a sweet dream. i had lots of pg dreams before getting pg but sometimes they left me feeling sad tht i had to wake up. i hope you dreams come true soon

chemigogo, not sure about that cm. mine kind of comes and goes until I o.

carrie, hope you're feeling better and i'm sure your little bean is safe and sound inside

adina, hoping the best for you!

well, can someone look at my chart and help me? i really can't figure this out.

Denise's Chart

i thought i o'd when i went up to 97.9 cause i don't usually get those high temps til i o but then it went back down. my cervix never did get really soft and open and i haven't had much ewcm. however, it vaguely looks like i o'd early in the cycle. this m/c seems t ohave really messed up my body and perhaps it's still trying to right itself?

i *really* can't wait to get pg again desperatley. which is probably why it won't happen
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cd36 9dpo

Can you believe I have gone through 3 - count them, 3! - HPT so far (all neg, of course). I kept testing just in case I really o'd four days earlier. I thought I was over this craziness. : But I don't think this is the month as I have been unbelievably moody (poor dd got the brunt of it today, now I have major guilt ). I guess I'll be on cd1 soon.

I haven't had a baby dream in awhile. I love having them though. They always feel so good!
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hug Keri. i hate those -hpt.
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Keri KHA!

Denise -- I'm just as perplexed as you... any of your scenarios seem possible to me.

Jesse -- sounds like a great sign w/ both of you dreaming of the baby

Well, my hiccup attack is (yay) totally over. Today's temps are still down a little lower than should be... not sure at this point that I did ovulate, but I am KHA! Maybe I should have gotten progesterone cream (at hfs) when I went in yesterday to get prenatals (also picked up a Burt's Bees blemish stick, which I swear actually seems to have improved my face one day into using! And water-based nail polish, which didn't come out as vibrant as I thought it would...)

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I have major costuming issues to work on, so I may be a little slow responding...
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no news here.

Haven't taken another test - cause I am sure it will be negative. And frankly this is the closest thing to + test that I have ever gotten, so I don't feel like ending the speculation yet. Sad and pathetic I know, but there you go. I do on the other hand have mondo gas...which is annoying the crud out of me.

I have never had a baby dream. Do you suppose that means something?

I had a dream about af coming last night. Course I have never had one of those either.

Keri sorry about the - HPTs. I feel your pain!

Alexis - glad your hiccups are gone!
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CD 19, 5 DPO


Adina - I know what you mean! Do what you need to keep sane and as relaxed and happy as possible. As far as dreams go - I think the world of dream analysis is too complex to say what it means that you haven't dreamed about your baby. We all process all that info in our brains differently.

I once had a baby dream - she was my baby daughter, and I was trying to arrange her in my sling, then she nursed...it was sweet and warm and lovely! I don't remember how it left me feeling - I think good...

each and every one of us!!!
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2 DPO???

3boyz.... hope you are feeling alright... falling sucks ( I did it last month!)
Adina!!!! I can't believe you haven't tested again. Girl, you must have a will of stone! When will you test again? I wouldn't worry about not dreaming about your baby. You probably dream about your baby in other ways, just not in a physical manifestation of a babe.

Well since I dont' know exactly when I ovulated... I don't know exactly where I am... but I'll call this 2DPO, since I ovulated on CD 14 last month. Oh the wait... how I love it!
Well, I must admit something...during my yoga class yesterdayI just felt that my stomach was in my way... and I was super dizzy... and tired.... so I tested... and of course, it was neg. But that puts that question to rest. I'm sure I ovulated. I am sure. If I wasn't then I'd be really bummed.
Well, I've got to pack for my Reiki weekend. This weekend we are going to be learing long distance healing... so I'll be thinking of you gals!
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CD 19, 5 DPO

You probably dream about your baby in other ways, just not in a physical manifestation of a babe.
that's right...or, maybe you do dream about your baby, but cannot remember in your awake state!

Enjoy your weekend, korin, esp with the knowledge that you DID ovulate!!

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