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CD 21, 7 DPO

gonnabeamom. Been there. not fun.

Adina. How frustrating for you. I hope you get some more encouraging signs soon. Hang in there!
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CD 23. Am unable to KHA that I ovulated... I'm in limbo

I am joining the "This cycle sucks" club! My temps these last few days have been low, low, low. Not encouraging... I don't think I actually ovulated Wish I could KHA, but frankly, I just want to hibernate out the rest of this cruddy month! February sucks! (I've always hated this month, anyway.) I've been an irritated shrew these last two days... not fun at all!


The only good thing to come out of this weekend (so far) is that our landlords have suggested that instead of thinking about moving, they should put in a washer/dryer unit for us. So, I may be released from the cycle of pay-laundry.

(Oops, spoke too soo, hhh just said they are waffling, based on today's conversation. Ugh! Gotta go, he wants us to go look at an open house down the street, and maybe even go to a few more...)

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Re: CD 23. Am unable to KHA that I ovulated... I'm in limbo

Originally posted by alexisyael
My temps these last few days have been low, low, low. Not encouraging... I don't think I actually ovulated Wish I could KHA, but frankly, I just want to hibernate out the rest of this cruddy month!
I have always hated February too. FWIW, I looked at your chart, and while your temps are lowish, they're still above where I would place a coverline if you did O... Don't know if that's any consolation though.

Adina, I'm so so to hear of you BFN. ((((hugs)))) to you. Let us know what the Dr says, ok?
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I'm baaaackkkkk

Well, it's been an interesting few days. I ended up in hospital since thursday, suffering with major pain. Turns out that what was happening was my bladder kept going into spasm, which on top of causing pretty nasty pain, prevented me from emptying my bladder which caused a moster bladder infection, which of course caused more pain, causing more spasms--a vicious circle!
Between antibiotics, the weird drug they gave me to settle my bladder and demerol, I'm glad we are waiting to try again, I figure I need a good month to detox from all of this.
I haven't yet had time to catch up on everyones posts but I will.
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Shannon - that sucks!!! UTIs are bad enough.

I hope you feel better soon.
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CD 23 -- limbo

Shannon, ugh! I can feel your pain (you know how men cross their legs when someone mentions the word castration or something similar? That's like the reaction I get when someone mentions they have a UTI -- my legs cross automatically! Ouch!) Hope you heal quickly!!!

Laura -- thanks The temps that I'm taking @11ish are higher, but I do kinda wake to take my temp @9:30/10 (time is supposed to be at 10, but I am not managing to get to sleep very early thesed days) and those temps are *freakishly* low, it seems like.

(For example, on friday at 10:15, my temp was 36.34. At 11:15 (slept inbetween) it was 36.61. I am using the later temperatures, because well, I prefer to see higher temps, even if they aren't high *enough* imo, and also b/c I am getting up @9 to pee in the morning, and I think the earlier temps reflect that waking up... it's so cold in my house. All of which just proves to me that I am not an idea candidate for temping!)

I think if this keeps up, I'll be going to look for some progesterone cream...

Mostly, though, I think I have lost hope. I am trying to KHA, but it is hard.
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CD 21, 7 DPO

wow - can we just fast-forward into March?! HUGE s to everyone having a sucky month.

Alexis - any good news, apt-wise at least? It is a renter's market in TO - hope you find/get what you're looking for!

Shannon, I've "pm'd" you already, but again - so sorry you've had to go through this on top of trying to heal from your m/c. I hope these next few months are truly restorative and healing.

and KHA...? and a little one of these, too...!
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cd38 11dpo

OK, did I start a sucky cycle trend? If so, I deeply apologize.

OK, so I go to the $ store for the first time to get HPT's. They had a huge bin, so I restrained myself and only bought 5. I get home and run to the bathroom and test. BFN, but to add insult to injury when I dig back into the garbage to make sure (do you expect anything less?:LOL ), there is a purple mark right where the BFP pink line should be. Now, I think it's a stain from hitting a drop of pee going back into the pouch. But there's always that teasing little OP voice in the back of my head saying, "But, maybe..." So now, I have top use another test tomorrow.

If I make it to tomorrow with no AF,, it will be the longest cycle yet. Dd is nursing much less an I took Vitex so that could be why. It would be nice to have a normal LP! Too bad it happens the month where I probably missed our opportunity to bd in time!!!

OK, enough about me. Sorry Adina. We need to move on, but getting the wrist surgery now could be a benefit, if you can look at it that way!

Shannon, OUCH! I hope you feel better soon!

Alexis, I think your temps look good to me, but I am not familiar with your norm. I hope they go back up tomorrow.

Here's a little diddy to cheer everyone up...feel free to throw tomatos my way if that makes you feel better too.

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I usually post on the nursing mamas thread
I went from 23-25 day pre-PG cycles to 33-35 day with very short LP (is the LP the latter phase ?)

- well I got af this am - on cd 33
maybe 6 dpo ?

how do you get your chart to post? i tried the http button.

i got some vitex & started that a few days ago.

still debating the progesterone cream thing - is anyone else using this ?

whats everyone else doing?
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cd 13

well things are looking up for this cycle for me, so at least I can break the chain! Some promising cm, and a high (at last!) on my fertility monitor.

This will be brief because I have an appointment with my fertility doc at 7:15 tomorrow morning. I'm theoretically going in for an IUI, but I don't think I've reached O yet, so I'll probably just get an ultrasound and then come back a few days later.

polka--I don't know how to post chart, hopefully someone else can help. I like vitex, haven't tried the cream yet.

coleslaw-good find on the tests! hope all is okay.-I'm KHA for you & crossing my fingers

You too, Alexis, your chart doesn't look too bad to me--but the timing thing could be throwing it off. I don't know, but am sending you a

I'm so sorry you've had to go through this on top of everything else!

Adina--sorry to hear about the bfn--good luck at the doc!

gotta go...
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cd 19

Well, I posted way back in the first pages and then I disappeared. : I did a lot of lurking though, so that counts. I don't know for what.

Anyway, I'm on cd 19 and I still haven't o'd. This is only my second cycle of charting and last time I o'd around cd 17. Now I know that it's only been two extra days, and I shouldn't be obsessing, but I still am kind of bummed. We've deposited the spermies, now where's my eggy?? Uh, yeah. Need to relax.

Also, both last time and this time I seemed to get cm early on and then nothing when it's close to ovulation. I think last time there were about 4 or 5 days between the last time I saw any cm and when my temps rose. This time it's harder to tell because we are actively trying to conceive and sometimes there's semen to confuse things. I was thinking though, that maybe that's just the way my body does things and that maybe that's why I've only had girls. Because spermies that make boys die before spermies that make girls and by the time my egg shows up, there are only (or more) girl spermies floating around. Just idle speculation though. I suspect it'll take more observation of my body to really get a better understanding of what's normal for me.

So, that's where I am and I think I'll try to post more often from now on.
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CD 23 -- KHA that I may be 5 DPO

OK, I am officially calling an end to my funk! No reason except I just suddenly feel better Must be all the cyber-hugs You gals are awesome!

Plus, I popped over to ff and looked at my chart in fahrenheit (you'd think I'd do that more often, but really I just look at it in Celcius :LOL). And in f, it does indeed look better. So maybe there is still hope for me...

Heveasoul -- no luck on the apt hunting... the open house was over by the time we popped over there, but we kept walking, and amused ourselves by going to a for-sale open house (it isn't totally inconcievable that we could buy a house here, just highly unlikely, given that we're going to move again in a year and a half, and we're foreigners!) Anyway, it was totally fun and spontaneous, and now I have visions of that house and what we would do with it... in terms of our washer/dryer problem, Mike thinks it best to be totally pro-active, and keep on them about it (and play the trying to get pregnant card) and give them a month to get with it, and then seriously start looking for another place. Since I really don't want to move (just want my own w/d) that sounds right to me!

Des Hope the vitex will work for you (and progesterone, if you go for it -- I'm also thinking about it, myself!)

Jesse -- FABULOUS news!!!

Korin -- how was your retreat?

Adina -- hope your wrist surgery goes smoothly! I imagine that might make typing a pain for awhile...

OK, we can make it past this month! One week left! Anyone testing in hopes of a BFP soon???? We need some more good news!!!!

Shoot, I hadn't even let myself dream of this til now, but if my temps stay relatively up, and AF doesn't come, I'll be testing @ March 6 (18 dpo -- no early testing for me anymore!) OK, maybe the day before, since my friend who had a dream I was pregnant is having a very large party the night before, and it'd be cool to tell her I was preggers!
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Stephanie, we posted at the same time!

I wonder about that cm thing myself, since I didn't see much of it myself, if it means I'm more likely to have a girl... my mom and my half-sister have only had girls (and they have simliar non-lubricating poperly bodies, we've talked about it a little). I guess only time will tell...
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cd 16

Good Morning everyone!

I'm sorry everybody had such a crap-tastic weekend. Hopefully this week will bring happiness to all of you.

I'm really pretty sick and had to call out of work, this morning (can you believe that I'm on the compter?) I have some sort of upper respiratory infection going on and got up a LOT earlier than usual this morning.

As for my cycle, it looks like I o'd yesterday... But who's to say the temp rise isn't from the infection? And with the early waking time, I'm REALLY not sure. Well, I think I'll survive. :

Adina, I'm sorry about your FRER results. I'm hoping your doctor's appt will help shed some light on the situation for you and good luck with your surgery. When are you planning to have it done?

Everyone else, I'm sorry, but I'm sick and really tired so I'm going back to bed. I hope you're all doing better than I am, if nothing else! :heart
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cd17 waiting to see if i've O'd

i hope i haven't though now because if so, we missed it my temp jumped this morning but i woke up feeling really hot and think it could be because i'm a little sick. i'm trying to avoid a full-blown case but still a little run down.

it seems like everytime i think i'm about to O, dh and i end up getting in a big fight and it totally destroys the mood and that makes me feel worse/more angry ugh! what a vicious cycle! we haven't tried insemination sex (yet :LOL ) but i say go for it if you can convince dh.

sorry about the BFN. those CBdigital strips are pretty messed up. but i guess on the bright side, it'll be good if you can fix your wrist without it disrupting your TTC efforts. good luck at the dr, i hope you get some answers and/or good results!

owww! i hope you feel better soon!

(i had to do that because i've never used that smilie before :LOL) did you retest yet? i was thinking your chart has been looking good so far this cycle...

sorry found you

yippeee!!! i hope it goes well at the fertility dr!!! and i hope you come home DMaIing :LOL

are you hoping for a boy? i hope the you O('d) in time for the y spermies to meet up!

i'm glad the funk is lifting! good luck either getting the w/d or finding a new place! KHA and i hope you get a BFP in march!!!

i hope you feel better soon!
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CD 16

I am starting to wonder if those ovulation tests even work. I have never had a positive one. I get a light line sometimes, but never a dark line like they say I need for a positive.

I have tried to chart this cycle, but my dd is newly potty trained, and when she gets up and comes into my room I have to help her take her jammies off to go potty so she doesn't have an accident. Last time I have my dh help her she ended up peeing on the floor, ahh men, they need help! So by the time I take my temp, it is way off.

But, we are GIO every day, so it shouldn't matter when I ovulate, right?

Well, anyway that is my vent. I really want to get pg this cycle because of certain timing issues, I want the baby to come before dec. Well, I guess we will see.
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i don't have any insight on the OPKs because i've never used them, but from what i've heard, your experience isn't all that uncommon. i'd say if you're bding everyday you're probably covered unless dh has low sperm count in which case you may be better of only GIO every other day. i hope you :
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CD 23, 8 DPO

Good Morning All

Ok, so it's a new week, and February is on its way out, YAHOOOOO!!

Alexis, I'm so glad the blues are movin' on out. The same thing happened to me - 2 weeks ago, I didn't go a day without crying, really crying - it lasted several days. Then it just shifted away...February? partly. hormones? maybe. stress of ttc? for sure. So while I's still not wildly optmistic, I am not despairing either. Thankfully hhh was very comforting and helpful (well, most of the time :LOL ) He's convinced we got it this time : (not sure if he's just saying that for me to KHA, or he's truly convinced - I'm not going to delve into that one - ignorance is bliss!)

Welcome back Dandylion!

Good luck on the timing, Jesse!

rkimb74 - sorry for the frustrations of your OPKs. I've never tried them. Hopefully GIO every day will do it!

Jess, fingers crossed for you and good timing! hope you feel better soon, too!

gristastic - hope you get better soon, too, and hope you caught that egg!!

No news here...feeling less resolve to wait for 15 DPO before testing...now that I have a kazillion hpt strips...! :LOL

Busy week ahead, so hopefully I will remain distracted....HA! Like any amount of distraction supercedes the distraction of the 2-ww!!

and KHA!!
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cd 39 12dpo

It's officially my longest LP yet! Hooray!! But sadly, a BFN. And I stared and stared and stared at that test, thought maybe a shadow, but it was really my eyes going buggy from staring so long. :LOL

Jess, What?! You didn't like my singing? Hmp!
I hope you didn't o quite yet and that you feel better soon. You know? I tend to get very irritable around ovulation and we end up in a squirmish too. Does this happen to you too and that's why there's a fight around then? Or does your dh just end up saying/doing the wrong thing around then? :LOL

rashelle, The cheapy internet ones have never worked for me, but First Response OPK's work very well. However, they are expensive so I try to use them sparingly. (I wish I used them this month as my exact o-date is unclear. Oh well! : )

gristatic, Feel better soon!!

alexis, Good to see someone get out of the funk. I hope today brings higher temps!

Have a great day everyone!!
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polka123 - I've started with Vitex and natural progesterone cream this cycle - though I only started at 6 DPO. Go back a page or two under ttc - there's a thread about Vitex. Also, a few pages back within this thread, Lucysmama was talking about her experience with the cream.

My temps are nice and high...it may be the cream! I don't know, btw, that I actually have a progesterone level problem. My bloodwork up to and including LH levels checked out fine, and dh's SA was fine, so I chose to try with the Vitex and cream right away this cycle rather than go on to the next series of progesterone level blood tests.
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