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I tend to get very irritable around ovulation and we end up in a squirmish too.
how insane is that? Ok, so apparently libido goes up, but you get more irritable...what's she thinking, that Mothere Nature?! So my moodiness of the week before last also coincided with O...hmmmm....very interesting...

Ok, really should get back to work now!
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congrats on the long LP! i hope it turns into a BFP in the next few days! it's funny, but dh is the one who's usually super-irritable just before i O. (or think i'm going to O : ) we were doing really well the other night but then we checked our finances : and that really put a damper on the mood and things went downhill from there. oh well. i don't really think i O'd then anyways. maybe yesterday or today because my temps jumped but i woke up feeling really hot so who knows.

i don't know what effect the vitex/prog may be having on your chart, but it looks really good to me! i hope those temps stay up!
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Hey All,
how do you post your chart?
I tried using the http link but it did not work.
do I need to be a FF VIP member?
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CD 22, 8 DPO

Thanks, Jess! It does look pretty, doesn't it?! But then, it always looks great before it looks terrible...! I know, I know, kha...?!

So, if it was yesterday when you O'd, did you GIO? Don't you hate it when LIFE gets in the way of the BD-aspect of ttc? big s
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cd14 and Oing right now!

So, I`ve got more good news!! I'm really, really excited!

Just went to the dr. (at 7:15-argh!) this morning, and I was feeling kinda bummed, because I had no temp drop, and I had some cm, but not the kind I usually have when fertile. The ultrasound tech looked at my one ovary, and it was classically pcos with 14 little eggs and nothing happening. The dr. started to make grumpy noises, asking me if my cycles were usually 28 days (he's very forgetful ). Then they looked at my right ovary! Well, there was evidence that one egg had already released and the next one is ready to go, and should pop any day now!! Yippee!
This is the FIRST time since I started this whole process in April 2003 that I've had two 'normal' cycles in a ROW! YIPPEE!

All my work (weight loss, soy shakes & small amount of metformin has paid off). I don't know if I'll get pg this time, but at least I know everything is working ok and I won't need Clomid (which this doc has pushed from day 1).

So I had IUI (intrauterine insemination) #1 today, and will go in for #2 tomorrow and possibly a #3 on Wed., if it seems worthwhile. YAY!

rashelle--GIO every day should guarantee you catch that egg--and I think faint lines are ok on those tests...The other good sign is of course cm.

Jessica--I hope you haven`t missed it this month and I hope you feel better too! You've still got some time as that egg can last a little while

gristastic--get well soon!

alexis--so glad you are KHA! We can now chant DMaI together!
DMaI! DMaI! DMaI! And good luck with the landlords too.

Ok-I've gone to a meeting & come back so now I better send this because I've probably missed a number of other posts.

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CD 22, 8 DPO

Yay, Jesse, congratulations! Catch that egg!!!

polka, I don't use FF, but I have before, and it was the free version, and I was able to post my chart. Log in, and first use the tables on the left to create a home page, then publish it. Maybe a more regular user of FF can be of better help...
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cd11 whoa,, getting close!!!

wan2bemama, I am really excited for you!

polka123, if you start the progesterone cream, let me know, will ya? I too have done some reading on it, but so far I haven't taken the plunge.

I am losing track of who asked the question about the OPK's. The internet cheapie ones I used were VERY hard to read. A friend IRL suggested I use the Answer brand because they are so easy to read. So I bought one pkg. last cycle, and she was right. So this time I bought one more pkg, and passed up the pg tests (cause I just go crazy with them anyway) to save money. After all, I'll find out whether I am pg or not anyway! Hey, but this time the pkg. of five came with a free pg test!

My hopeful mood waxes and wanes lately, so I haven't posted a lot, but I keep reading ALL the posts, so sending everyone good vibes!
Sorry Shannon about the bladder infection! I hope you feel much better very very soon.
I am hoping to O this week, so here goes 'nothin!
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wan2bemama-that is great news for you! I so hope those little spermies meet that egg(s)!! Hang in there during the insufferable 2ww!

coleslaw-that is great for your LP too! I would kill for a 12 day LP And you know that 12 dpo is still early so don't give up yet!

Jess-hope you still have another night to make a baby! Tell your DH-no headaches tonight dear!

Arg-I've lost track already-everyone else-hang in there and be well.

So here's my saga...last Wed AF is due (10dpo) and I start to spot and my temps drop but not below coverline-but normal for me-so I say Thurs is CD 1 since we have "light flow" My temp drops lower Fri and I don't temp again until today and it's waaayy back up! Never happens for me-EVER. And it's after 3 hrs of sleep and I'm not sick. I've only had "light flow" Thurs/Fri/Sat and barely anything on Sun and just a tiny bit today so I'm thinking-what the hell is going on here!!?? If the "light flow" was not bright red at times I might be hopeful but it has been...
But I peed on a cheapy strip because you all know how weak we TTCers are and holy crap It was faint and this would be about 14 dpo I think-I have to go and check my chart for sure so I'd expect a darker line but just seeing 2 lines is sooo cool
Now before you all say "a line is a line" you have to remember I've been spotting for 5 days so this is not a good thing and I'm probably going to m/c-in my heart I am so hopeful but in my head I really don't think this is "it" ya know?? This is just how I m/c last April.
Sooooo...time will tell and if I can make it through the next 2 weeks I'll be much more optimistic!

Thanks for listening mamas! Send me sticky vibes please!
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when you log in, there's a button at the side that says homepage. click that and set yours up.
it should look something like this:

Your Charting Home Page Web Address: Usage Tips
Change URL || Add Password || Preview

once you save your settings you should be able to put the link wherever you choose. there's a little preview button so you can see what it will look like.

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yes, KHA!!! and no, we haven't GIO for at least a week now because of this stupid muscle i keep pulling in my lower back/upper butt that is very painful. just when i think it's gone, i move funny and it comes back. i'm feeling good today though so i'm going to take it easy and avoid sudden movements. easier said than done chasing after a 2 1/2 yo

woohooo!!!! that definately deserves a mini-smilie parade : : ok, not so mini i guess :LOL DMaI!!!!!! i hope your eggie pops tomorrow just after the second insem!

i agree about the answer tests, the line is clear and dark and fast. i haven't gotten a BFP with one though so i don't have personal experience on how sensitive it is. oops, i reread your post and you were talking about OPKs but i still stand by what i wrote about the test. i hope you can let me know about the BFP issue later this month

i hope everything's ok!
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CD 22, 8 DPO

vibes Ann! Do you have a m/w or OB you can go see today? Keep us posted!

Oh, feel better, Jess, and I hope you catch your first pp eggie!
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cd 24, still no O

Hi Everyone!
Ann -- how exciting to see two lines, though I know you must be feeling apprehensive because of the spotting. Here's to a sticky baby this time!

Jesse -- Congrats on your well-timed o! I have a good feeling about you this month -- I think your dream was a good omen! Fingers crossed!

Shannon -- so sorry to hear about your health issues. I hope you start feeling better soon. I know you've been through a lot lately.

Keri -- so sorry 'bout that ugly bfn this morning -- but maybe it's still too early. At least your long lp is great news! Let us know when you test again.

Kris -- I hope you're getting some rest and feel better soon.

Adina -- how frustrated you must be with the FRER results. I feel for you...

Rashelle -- I have to believe that GIO every day is most definitely covering your bases! The good old fashioned way!

Heveasoul -- good luck distracting yourself from testing! :LOL

Velvet -- I can so relate to your waxing and waning emotions! Here's hoping you o this week!

Alexis -- like you, I'm feeling better for no particular reason. Hope it lasts!

Well, I'm on cd 24 and I'm quite sure I haven't o'd despite some cm 4 days after af that looked suspiciously like ew. It's not rare for me to have long cycles so I'm thinking I still have a chance to o. AF overstayed her welcome -- 14 days! -- so who knows how long it will be before I o -- hopefully this week or next week.
I've found that place of serenity again (if only it weren't oh-so-fleeting!) I'm trying to accept that my spirit babe will come when it's best for him/her -- not necessarily when it fits in with my expectations, rules, and schedule. I feel great now -- I hope it lasts longer than a few days!
I find that my mood can be dictated by what my temp is in the morning! If it's higher than it should be for o, I'm pissed. If it's lower than it should be for pregancy, I'm pissed. If I'm not careful, it can rule my mood for the rest of the day! Huh-- judging my mood by a number...reminds me of when I obsessively weighed myself every morning when I was a teen-ager!

Anyway, hope everyone is doing well today!!!
Here's some hugs for those who need it.

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Ann - That's GREAT! Sticky sticky!
Jess = OH, i know how those damn back muscles can be! I wrenched something pretty severely in my lower back a few years ago in a swimming class, and it flares up still every so often. Take it easy.
Shannon - Gosh, you don't deserve this on top of everything else. Make hubby take good care of you .

Well, cd 10 for me. I have not bought opk's this cycle, as they have always been so damn inconclusive for me : . I meant to start partially charting this month, but got sick. I am having really good quality fertile EW right now tho, so that's good . I refuse to try this month. Will try to GIO at least a couple of times during the days that i have ewcf (usually about four or five days). Otherwise, i refuse to get all in a twist about it. DD is only 19 months old, for pete's sake, and so needy still. So, mama is still all hers .
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AnnR33; sending you tons and tons of positive vibes for a sticky babe!
Hey jesseviola, I hope I can tell you about the answer BFP by the end of this cycle!
Besides, the test was 'free', and last cycle, all my cheapie OPK's and pg tests cost me the same amount!
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CD 24, trying to KHA that I am 6 dpo

Ann!!!!! Congrats! Oh, we needed good news, and we got it!

Kate -- I think a lot of my bad moods in the morning come from not seeing a temp as high as I think it should be.... so I can understand that! (I never weighed myself obsessively, though. As a teenager, I was actually underweight, which wasn't good, but there didn't seem to be anything I could do about it. Now I am "average" weight, which works just fine for me!)

Jesse -- DMaI, DMaI, DMaI!!!!

Jessviola -- hope your back feels better. My hhh also wrenched his back (playing soccer) last week, and it's no good! He's even (thanks to my prodding) going to figure out whether OHIP covers chiropractic care. This is the first time he's even consented to think about it (he has an anti-chiropractic prejudice, that I personally do not share, as I have had chiropractic adjustments and LOVED it! In fact, if OHIP covers it, I think I'll go myself...)

Potentially TMI paragraph ahead: Oh -- in terms of squabling and not GIO, wow, we had that this weekend! Seriously annoying to me, as I've come to expect the weekend nookie (Sing it with me: "I did it all for the nookie...") Yup. Eevn though it wasn't baby-making sex (at least I think not) I wanted that nookie and didn't get it and was upset about it... may have to waylay the hhh tonight. (self-loving just isn't the same, though it is also good...)

And on that note, I bid you all adieu for now...
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ANN!! Congratulations!!! I understand that you are apprehensive, but try to get those positive thoughts flowing for your baby's sake!! Enjoy the pregnancy for as long as it lasts!!


Jessica, Wow! Back problems are tough to overcome!! Best of luck getting rest. If your dd is anything like mine though... :

KateSt, I hope that peace stays with you for a good long time. It's such a great feeling.

Ohhh, that's all the time I have... I'll try to post more later.
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cd 20

Well, still no o.

Jessviola~ It would be nice to have a boy this time, but I would be happy either way. When my first daughter was born, I had a lot of experience with baby boys because I have three much younger brothers. So I wasn't sure I would know what to do with a girl! Now that I have two girls though, I'm not sure I'd know what to do with a boy! Heehee. It all ends up fine in the end, but it felt that way in the beginning.

My moods are starting to be affected by my temp somewhat as well, though I'm trying to not let it be the focus of my day. A difference of three days from what happened last time is not something to get all worked up about, but I'm starting to think that it may end up being much more than that. Before I started charting I'm pretty sure I had rather irregular and mostly long cycles and maybe it was just a coincidence that the first cycle I charted happened to be 31 days and fairly "normal." I hope I see a temp rise tomorrow or the next day, but I'm not going to get my hopes up. We'll just continue to bd every other day or so, and when it happens, it happens.

(Happen, damn it!)

Sticky baby vibes to you, Ann!

Also, what does DMaI mean?
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DMaI is something I came up with, actually I'm proud of it... it means: Divide, Multiply and Implant! It's sort of a chant to let the egg and the sperm know what they're "supposed" to do... I was thinking about "divide and conquer" when I came up with it... but divide and multiply really seemed more fitting!
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CD 22, 8 DPO

Keri - I missed your post about the BFN. and . Hope it was just too early to test.

patience and O vibes, Dandylion!

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thanks for the healing vibes! so far so good....but my cm isn't very fertile today. i'm afraid i've missed it it's a real bummer to not even be able to hope or imagine for the next 2 weeks or so. bleh. i still hope to GIO tonight just in case (and because it's been a while :LOL )

have you all heard about how when women hang out together or are roomates, etc, they're cycles get on track with each other? i wonder if that applies to cyber friends too :LOL it seems like so many of us are having confusing/annovulatory cycles this month. all this talk about Oing/arguing got me thinking more about it....

and as for DMaI, the other night when i was psyched because i thought i was about to O, i got the kung fu fighting song in my head (korin! ) but the words in my head were, 'and all the eggies were D-M-a-I' :LOL
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