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CD19, 5 DPO DMaI!!!!

Oh girls, how I have missed you all!!!! I went to the coast this weekend for a Reiki retreat.... oh it was wonderful! It was my second reiki attunement - and we learned distance healing.... i kept all of you in my thoughts during the distance healing, wish us all healthy pregnancies and babies!! We had fabulous food, amazing conversation, I taught two women to knit, we took walks on the beach, I led a Yoga class... we chanted, meditated, I did yoga on the beach as the sun set... it was fabulous!!!
So even though I'm not sure I O'ed (must. have. faith!) I still had all the women there practice our mantra.... DIVIDE. MULTIPLY. IMPLANT!!!! I was eating like there was no tomorrow, and sleeping like a baby....but I'm not going to read anything into that!

Now here is the new twist... please shed any light you can on the topic... my CM has be creamy - lotion-like... and relatively copious. ??? I didn't have time to check my TCOYF, but I will when I get home tonight. what do you think? is it meaningless?

Jesse - congrats!!!! DMaI! : DMaI! : DMaI! : Woo Hoo!!!
Ann... I'm gonna KHA for you... I'll send you some healing Reiki energy (now that I have learned distance healing, I can't wait to share it!!)
Keri, KHA!!! you're still early.
Jessviola..... just GIO your little heart out! I'm glad my Kung fu fighting is working for someone else too... makes me feel a little less looney!! Hmmm, i feel a new song coming on!!!

I don't know who was posting about cheapy internet OPKs... but I have them.. last month they were right on the money, but I didn't get knocked up... this month, they were totally ambiguous.... so who knows. But if I"m not PG, then next time I may buy the first response ones.
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Welcome back Chiromama! We could all use some distance healing!!
I was looking up in my TCOYF book about creamy cm, and on the pictures, it looked like that would normally come before eggwhite. Oh goody, 'cause I see that, and I think I am going to O today or tomorrow!!!!
Guess what?? I got a dark line on my OPK! Boy, what makes me happy these days.............. GIO!!
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CD19, 5 DPO DMaI!!!!

Thanks for the info velvet... but that so doesn't make sense for me... I have NEVER had a cycle that went longer than 29 days. and I'm at CD 19..... I don't think I could have Oed last month on CD 14, and then this month a week later?? well maybe we'll GIO tonight anyway.... we'll see, hubby wasn't feeling very good this AM...
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11 dpo, and quietly, patiently waiting

Surprisingly enough, I have almost no desire to test. I'm hopeful, but resigned that whatever is meant to be, will be. (I think I saw too many :BFN when ttc Nova.) Wondering if the spotting on 9 dpo was from gio or maybe, maybe implantation spotting?? I don't know, but I'm waiting patiently to see if AF shows her face.

Velveteen, have fun GIO!

chiromama, your reiki retreat sounds heavely. Is you cm opaque? It sounds fairly consistent with I get before EWCM and I O. I say, GIO!

Everybody GIO, hehehe!

Ann, I am thinking of you, and sending you sticky baby vibes
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cd 14 -DMaI!!!

Thanks for sharing my excitement, everyone-makes me feel so loved!

Korin--welcome back & thanks for the healing energy, it's doing good things for me already! Your retreat sounds AMAZING! I sometimes wished I lived near a coast... Don't know what to say on the cm if it's weird for you...a 2nd O? don't know...

Jessviola-- healing vibes for your back...

On the moods being affected by temp thing, I can really relate. It's all in the past now, but I woke up on Sun. to a 36.7 (high for me) and cried when dw asked me how I was ! I also dreamt about getting a low temp this a.m. and even though I didn't, it apparently was a good sign. but it totally affects me!

dandylion! I hope O comes to you soon!

Ann and for the line...and a big big for you in this anxious time.

Alexis --hope you had a fun afternoon :LOL DMaI!

KateSt. enjoy the serenity & I hope it lasts for a while...

for all & to all a good night!
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CD 26, 1 DPO

Well I was hell on wheels all weekend, and we still managed to get some sex in. Couldn't really get most of us in a good mood at the same time, but I woke up feeling better this morning.

The second time we were GIO, I asked DH what put him in the mood, and he said "I really want a baby". I was completely. Poor guy. any other time I would have been really touched, but right then I was hoping to hear how lucious and irresistible I am.

I am so impressedby the folks, who can keep everyone's situation straight. Somehow as I read each post I think of all of you, and what you are going through, and when I finished it's all a blur. So best wishes to those waiting to find out, hugs to those still waiting for their eggs to arrive, and my condolences to those RTCW.
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Ann! Congrats! we'll all be KHA for you!! A few months ago, Naturegirl had something similar happen, she started a new chart but couldn't figure out why her temps were still up, tested and sure enough at BFP. She has had bleeding thoughout but everything looks good with the baby. It's not all that unusual to bleed in the first trimester. Keep thinking sticky thoughts and maybe get into a doc or mw to get some quantitative beta levels done, that will tell you more.
I'm with Gonnabe, I don't know how everyone keeps everyone else straight!!
Well, I'm going back to lay down, I have a migraine and generally feel like crap. (they warned me severe headache was a side effect of the stuff they gave me to make my bladder stop spasming) They sent me home with demerol pills but I'm trying to avoid taking them, maybe I'll break down so that I can at least eat dinner.
KHA everyone!!!!!!!
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congratulations ann and the other earlier feb bfp's!

sorry to those who are having a rough cycle.
it seems that february has been hard on a number of the women here.

i've mostly been lurking this month, especially close to my test date. since then, i've logged in so many times and failed to post. i don't know why i feel so reluctant to do so...

i guess i should start my bfp thread now. i really really really hope this one sticks.

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woo hoo!!

Flitters! congrats on your BFP !!!!!
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Yayyyy, Flitters! Congratulations and here's to a sticky baby!

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Flitters-CONGRATS to you!! That is wonderful news!!

Laura, you have such willpower-soon though? Crossing my fingers for you!

I refuse to post in the pregnancy forum for fear of jinxing myself. But I may PM naturegirl to ask her about her experience. Still had some spotting today but very light and not red-more brownish so I'm thankful for that. And talk about nauseous! It just hit today-all day and yuck-but don't they say that means there are lots of preg hormones? I'm hoping.
I see my Dr Tues afternoon because me DD is terribly sick so I'll talk to her then about what's going on. I know nature has to take it's course but she may have me take progesterone supp again to boost my chances.
If I can get through the next few weeks and my levels go up I'll start to relax a little but otherwise I'll be cautiously hopeful.
Take care all! Thanks so much for the support and sticky wishes and thanks Chiromom-I'll take all the distance healing I can!!
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Thread Starter 
Yay!!!!! Here's to a great, happy, pregnancy and a lovely, healthy, sticky baby, flitters!

OK, we've had Ann and flitters -- who is our third this time? (And wow -- Feb has a TON of BFPs, ya'll!)

(Korin, cannot wait to hear your new song)

gonnabeamom, I cannot believe you still managed to GIO! We've still not jumped back in the game... don't know what's up. We looked at apts on-line instead of doing anything.... I think my hhh thinks of me as already pregnant (he keeps saying things that assume I am) and is nesting something fierce. He's adamant that we should not be living here when the baby comes... it's sweet, actually

Korin -- I think (am not sure entirely) that after O, it is possible to have creamy/lotiony type cm. (And that some pregnant women see it all the way through.) Let the experts weigh in, though, as I am certainly not one!
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CD 23, 9 DPO trying to KHA (without much success)

Hi there!

I posted this in flitters' BFP thread, but yay again!!! CONGRATULATIONS flitters!!

Ann - sticky vibes to you!!! We'll KHA for you!!

Welcome back Korin! Thanks for including us in your weekend meditations!!

Can't keep up - (((Hugs))) to everyone who is feeling blue/in pain/angry.

I'm a bit grumpy today... had to stay at the ILS last night, due to renovations, so couldn't update my chart, but this morning my temp dipped to just above the coverline. Is 9 DPO too late for implantation? (trying to KHA!)

individual temps don't matter,
individual temps don't matter,
individual temps don't matter...

My LP is usually longer that 9 days, though, so hopefully this is just an aberration...
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cd 40 13dpo!! (breaking records everyday!)

heaveasoul, the il's huh? That'll drop temps anytime!:LOL KHA for you!

Korin, I have creamy cm after o-ing, but maybe you don't want to go by me since I haven't had a successful cycle yet while paying attention to those things.

Ann, It sounds great so far. Let us know what the doc says. I hope your dd feels better soon!

shannon, I hope your migraine has gone away today!

Jesse, I hope your tests proves to be a good sign!

laurata, I wish I had your lack of desire to test. I have tested 5 times so far! :

chiromama, Your weekend sounded wonderful! So glad you had a relaxing time. Thanks for the positive distant energy!

My temps went back up this morning (I have never made it to 13 dpo before!!!!!) so I tested again, but with 2ndMU since I HAD to pee at 5am but couldn't get to the tests at that point. Nothing! BFN! BUT, and I will only tell you ladies this, yesterday I wiped and got a little clump of sticky cm (as opposed to the scant amounts in the past week) which had a bit of brownish tinge to it. I have seen nothing like it since, temps went back up and well, I am starting to get a little excited despite myself. I have blue veins on my boobs and chest, but now I wonder if they have always been there. I have had slightly heavier feel to my boobs and a heavy feeling in my uterus. I don't know. I need to get a FRER!
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CD 23, 9 DPO

OMG, Keri - get thee to a supplier of FRERs!!! fingers crossed for you....!!! for having to look at a BFN this morning.

Yeah, the fact that I'm staying at the ILS mid-week makes me grumpy, too..and I had a restless night with aggravating dreams, and there was a bit of a tug-of-war over the blankets, so I'm hoping I was chilly when I took my temp...thanks for the KHA!
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Morning all,
Migraine is gone today--yippee!
Hevasoul, 9dpo is definitely not too late for implantation--keep your fingers crossed!
Keri, sounds good, and FYI, keep a cup in the bathroom, that way if you can't get it together to test, you can at least save FMU. This way if you unsure as to whether or not you want to test, you can make up your mind later
Well we have to go out shortly to pickup dh's car from the hospital parking lot--and see how bad the damage is : He left the puppy in their on saturday so my parents could pick her up so he could still go to work sat night. Apparently she ate his front seat while she was waiting Poor Steve, he wasn't a dog guy at all before meeting me, lately he's been bitten, peed on and had his front seat torn apart! I'm calling it good preparation for fatherhood!:LOL
Everyone else, KEEP HOPE ALIVE!!!!!!
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CD 23, 9 DPO

Poor Steve, he wasn't a dog guy at all before meeting me, lately he's been bitten, peed on and had his front seat torn apart!
...at least it wasn't his backseat...hahahaha...!

Glad to hear your migraine is gone, Shannon - you're on your way to being well again!!

Thanks for the encouragement, Shannon. Well, the whole "implantation dip" I guess is a debatable subject - sometimes the temps just fluctuate...but I will try to KHA...feeling a bit less grumpy than earlier this morning, but not much...!
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HAHAHA, yeah I like his backseat!
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RUN to the nearest FRER dear! We'll be waiting, and my fingers are crossed for you!!!!!!
Shannon, glad your migraine is gone!

And Flitters, Congratulations!!!!!!

We love BFP's around here!

So here's the OPK story.
Tested day 11 a.m. NO line (GIO)
Tested day 12 (yesterday, a.m.) strong line!!!!!! GIO!
Tested day 12 p.m. line is fading
Day 13~ not yet

OK, this leads me to believe that I started to surge day 11 p.m. I can't wait to test at 12:00 today to see if the line is gone, which would confirm my suspicions.
Since I don't chart, I just do EWCM, cervical position and OPK's, this should tell me a lot, I hope!

PS, hhh goes in today to see about the skin cancer on his toe, we get 'the news'.
Hope weve made a baby!
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