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cd 20 5 dpo

Shannon, your husband ROCKS! I hope you enjoy your supper, and have a wonderful Friday, EVERYONE!
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gristastic; does the insanity start at 5dop?
I'm OK till about then, and then I start getting major psychosomatic symptoms!

I just wanted to say, Shannon! Wow, what a guy!!!!!!!

Ann, this sounds good!!
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cd18, 2 dpo

sorta T

Korin & Kate polka-THANK YOU for your supportive words they mean a lot to us! We are pretty used to the whole debate as it's been raging up here for a quite a while (and some family members are fairly conservative in their views). We were one of the first dozen or so couples married in Canada after the court decision came down last June & we were SO proud & happy to be part of that...we weren't anticipating the FLOOD of publicity we received (Time mag, papers in Spain & Philippines). It's amazing how deep down, a lot of this outrage is about how we shouldn't raise kids : But we only got +ve responses! And it's great to get yours too!

Back on topic...

I'm still not 100% sure about the timing, but I am sure that I O'd on Wed., so I'm now officially entering the 2 ww (but the easier part of it). Getting ready to go away to visit friends this weekend, so this'll be my last post 'til Sunday or Monday (my work has exploded in end of fiscal year stress right now so I can't really post at work-sigh!)

Shannon-that's so great what your dh said!! Love it!!! I bet that kept your mil quiet.

Ann--that all looks so good! YAY to no more spotting! keeping my fingers crossed for you & sending you and reassurance!

Korin--the SONG! OMG! that's hilarious! :LOL --I hope your symptoms are all great signs of a sticky pg! DMaI! BFP! BFP!

heveasoul--Good luck!! hoping for a BFP!

Kate--I hope you get some great signs of O really soon!

to all those I missed
to all & have a great weekend!
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CD 26, 12 DPO BFN

Hello All!

Shannon - for Steve - what a great show of support!!! Big smooch indeed. That must have helped in tolerating an otherwise upsetting part of your day!

Yay Ann - sticky vibes, sticky vibes!!

Good timing vibes and baby dust to you Jesse - btw, you have my 100% support, too !

Go, Korin! Wishing you a BFP this weekend, and thanks for the song(s)!

Hang in there, everyone waiting to test, or waiting to O, and thanks for the encouraging words!

Sadly, I did test and got a BFN this morning. I am surprisingly not distraught...still holding out hope (sorta) that it was just too early to test....I booked today off work to turn our place rightside-up after some renos, so I'm not supposed to be online that much, but I will check from time to time...!
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Velveteen, believe it or not, last cycle, I was pretty ok until I actually got af... This cycle, I'm taking every "symptom" and deeming it my imagination in hopes that I don't break down again.

Jesse, I wanna say that I just can't believe that anyone still opposes same sex marriage and parenthood. I just don't understand the reasoning that would keep two ppl who love eachother from consumating that love in marriage or parenthood. I know plenty of ppl who are straight and horrible parents, (we won't even talk about the amt of conventional marriages that fail) but noone says anything about them.

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CD 20, 3DPO

I am so glad I decided to chart this cycle on fertility friend. It is great to actually know when I ovulated, but strange that it was on CD 17, because I usually have 28 day cycles. Oh well, maybe that is why I haven't gotten pg yet.

Now I just have to wait and see, which to me is easier than the ovulation time because I don't have to worry about doing anything. Anyway, I am just excited about having that red line on my chart! Wish me luck.
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Before I forget about it, Rachelle, it is good that you are charting because maybe you have a short LP, which while it can certainly be a problem with getting pregnant is fairly fixable (I think!) For those of us with 28 day cycles though, charting is likely the only way to find that out, I too have a straight up 28 day cycle, so naturally I just assume that I ovulate on day 14! (which I actually do seem to do) I have not yet begun my charting, the doctor said it likely wouldn't tell me anything until after 1 normal period anyway--and since we're planning on using it more as a birth control thing (for now) I'm not really sure what we're going to do for birth control in the interum, I'd really just like to be totally sure of my cycles and just abstain during ovulation--that said I tend to have a definite jump in sex drive at that time, so I may change my mind half way through. I hate condoms , the Ob figured I'd likely hate a diaphram as well (and it takes about 7 weeks apparently to get one!) and she said with the problems after my d&c, she absolutley doesn't want to insert an IUD (I don't want that either) so that leaves us with condoms or our more likely method of "Pull and Pray"
Korin, loved the song! I showed it to Steve and he got out his guitar and started singing--it was truly the hardest I've laughed in weeks!: : :
Jesse, I'm also all for you and proud to be a Canadian!! I do find it mind boggling that goverment has any say at all in marriage, we were blown away when we found out it would cost us $175 for our marriage licence!! Just what will the goverment be doing for us in exchange for that money????? It costs less for a driving licence!!!!! At least they test us for that--they don't even care if we're in love for a marriage licence!! There is actually another lesbian couple on the Sept pregnancy thread and I was shocked to find out that her partner (I don't know if they are married) has to formally adopt their child--and go through the whole approval process!!! I think that's disgusting! Do you have to do that here in Canada?
Adina, good luck with the new treatments! I still think your cycle is screwed up this time because sperm met egg last time. Here's to them meeting again really soon!
Well all, I'm off now for a haircut (way overdue) and later for a 90 minute massage, I figure I deserve it!
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I'm overreacting, right? cd 29, 13 dpo

Hi again! So we had decided not to try for February and March and to pick back up in April. I was completely resolved of this before I o'd and after I o'd... but those few days right around o... lets just say I'm bad and dh has no willpower I really didn't think much of it because, well, I'm silly. Aparently I figured wanting to wait until April would be enough birth control : Btw, I've continued charting so that I'd have a lot of background charts to help me in April and beyond. Ok, I'll get to the point now! AF is VERY regualr for me. There is a 2 hour for her arrival- thats how regular. And that window has come and gone. And my temp didn't drop very low and then went back up this morning. So... I am probably overreacting, but I am NEVER late. And paired with the temp... Any advice? Am I crazy? My chart is posted in my sig. Whew... I'm going to be so embarassed tomorrow when I wake up with AF!
I'm sorry, I don't know exactly what is going on with everyone... but good luck!
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Hmmmmmmm....... well you could always test However, you must realize that if you are pregnant, I will have to rethink my 'pull and pray' method of bc until June:LOL
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9 DPO - no test yet!

Ah, I made it through the morning with out testing.... I'll try not to tomorrow, but we'll see. My goal is to make it to monday... but heck we all know I can't do that!!!
So I felt like barfing off and on through the day yesterday... a little this am too.. and I ate breakfast - which I don't usually do ( Iknow I should, heck I'm a doctor... but still, I've never been a breakfast eater... so it's a big deal) I got my tattoo finished last night ( an OM symbol right under my belly button - over the sacral plexus - which guards the reproductive system) and holy cow it HURT! it hurt much more than getting it started 6 weeks ago. It was weird, I've never had a tattoo hurt so much before! But I'm not reading anything into that.....
I wonder if I'd be less crazy if I didn't log on here and chat with you all about it.... but don't worry I'm not going anywhere!

Shannon - we call that method the "poke and pray" hahahaha:LOL Enjoy your massage - I have one tomorrow that I can't wait for!

Kris, when are you supposed to test? are you on the same time frame as Alexis and I??
well, I'll check back in later to see what's up. Hope you all have great days!
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cd 24

Well not much going on here. I'm sitting around twiddling my thumbs and waiting on my errant egg. It's hard to be patient. I wish that my first chart had been longer so that I wouldn't have been expecting my temps to go up on or around day 17. Oh well. Not much I can do about that.

I'm worried that I won't have very much cm when I finally do ovulate as I had a good amount earlier in my cycle but really not very much recently. I'm thinking that if it doesn't happen this cycle that I may try cutting out caffiene (mmmm.... Pepsi) next cycle to see if that has any effect on my cm.

Heeeheee. That was an excellent song.
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Ha! "Pull and pray" is better than "don't pull, just pray"! We were good about protection before we started trying, I promise! I guess its just hard to say "I really, really want a baby... just not this month". I think I will test tomorrow.
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haha, Mabel's momma, did you honestly only have sex the day of and a few days before ovulation?!?!?!?! (I just now looked at your chart) and you didn't even pull?? only prayed??? I don't even think my mother in law has enough faith to make that one work reliably:
Korin--wait wait wait wait wait wait!! At LEAST until sunday!! (this coming from one of the couple that got a bfp at 9dpo)
Well off to my massage now, I've never been to this woman but I've heard some really amazing things about her, I just hope she's as good as she's been built up to be!
Catch you later,
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Korin, you also brought back painful memories for me of my tatoo, mine is groin, below the hairline (and a bit above) and right at where the leg elastic of my underwear sit--right at that line was the absolute worst--colour hurts more though as well and I think it's yellow that is the most painful, so if they did the outline last time and coloured it in this time thats why it hurt so much!
Preparation H works great if it swells up at all :
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Wow - you really thought color hurt more than outlline?
I thought the exact opposite.
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Shannon... I know. I'm stupid. But if what you are asking is if I only had sex two days this month then the answer is no. I only put relevant intercourse on the chart! Actually, the pray part was kind of a lie... I don't actually pray. :LOL
Um... see I want to get pregnant. So its not as though I was trying too hard not to! But I guess I kinda figured we hadn't gotten pregnant the last 20 months, why would we now? Blah. I'm really not as dumb as I seem to be coming off!
I've always wanted a tattoo... my problem is I can never think of anything I'm sure I'd want on my body forever. Except maybe something to do with my daughter, but what would that be? I think it comes from my friend who got the Jesus fish tattooes prominantly on her ankle when she turned 18. By 19, she was no longer a Christian. :
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Well, 6 weeks ago, I had the whole tattoo done, but because it's orange, and my skin got red during the tattoo, he couldn't see if all the color took... so yesterday, he was just going over the whole thing with more color to darken it. so I think that why it hurt more... but I was hoping that I was PG, and my belly was just more sensitive!
I'll try my darndest to wait till sunday... but there are 4 cheapie tests in my bathroom... and one FRER....

Adina, how are you doing?
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Um... I can't believe this. I couldn't wait and took a FRER... I'm pregnant. Oh my God.
Ok... I'm going to go be shocked some more.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot... Yea! I'm going to have a baby!
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Oh crap Korin - that is exactly why it hurt more - that skin is still really sensitive 6 weeks after the tattoo. I had my on my shoulder touched up and wow - did it ever hurt more the second time.

I am doing fine. Taking my provera - waiting for cd 1 so I can schedule the HSG. WOohoo. So on and so forth.

Congrats Mabelsmama!!!
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CD 26, 12 DPO


Korin - I'll wait till Sunday if you do. Ha! Not likely- I'm very "testy" this cycle. :LOL I tested this morning and it was a BFN, but I'm using cheapie internet strips this time, and somehow it didn't upset me...I think I will try again tomorrow. In fact, I just realized that I still have one FRER...maybe I'll try that one tomorrow...

Spread some of that dust, MabelsMama!
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