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Congrats Mabelsmama!!! (my son picked that one for you) Many blessings to you!

Chiro and Heveasoul: crossing my fingers for you 2 this weekend! Good luck-chanting: 2 lines 2 lines 2 lines 2 lines.......

Had my beta hcg today and....thank God-372! Totally normal and on track. Still not out of the woods yet but I think it's safe to start getting a little excited.
Thanks everyone for your support! I'll be lurking for more BFPs!
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Thanks for the congrats! Here's some fairy dust:

Now we need some more BFPs so that some of you can come join me in the Nov 2004 thread!
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So what was your reason for not wanting to conceive this month?? You know this may be a sign of things to come..... alright, so mom and want to wait.....well I want to come NOW, and I WILL!!!!!!
I totoally get youwhen you say you are waiting but you really want a baby, this is what I'm having trouble with mentally now. I know we should wait, for physical healing, for emotional healing and because it's stupid not to wait to do all the tests and because it's really stupid to be in the throws of massive morning sickness during my own wedding, but I tell you, when it's that time--and he goes to pull--I'll be the one saying--no don't it'll be fine I can be such a dweeb!!
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CD 11, DH away for the month :-(

Congratulations Amanda!!!

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Shannon, my reason was that if we waited till April, I could FINALLY graduate from college in December. In feel like I've been in school forever! But its not a big deal. I'll just graduate in the spring. Or maybe... wonder how my professors would feel about a babe in sling in class? :LOL

Oh... thats exactly what happens with me: "No, it'll be ok... I won't get pregnant" Haha!
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Wow Mabelsmama!!!! Wouldn't you just know it!!!!
Its so hard to wait when you want that baby now. Congratulations!!!

Dandylion, I am chuckling over your errant egg!
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This I understand, however, I'm kicking myself for putting this off so long--my mother "teased" me, my family has a little history of getting pregnant, unplanned and very young--and of course with no problems what-so-ever. But when my mom was trying for my brother it took her 4 years, and my aunt never did get another after my cousin who's the same age as me. After I was crying that I had left it too late, I was too old, I shouldn't have waited, my mom kinda joked, "well, you insisted on university and then college and then you wanted your business just perfect, and once you had all that done, you had to find the man........." I should have just followed in "my family's footsteps"
I will for sure (alright, last night,you got it out of me!!) be the one saying, "it'll be alright, I won't get pregnant" but I'll secretly be hoping I did. So on that topic---I really don't think there is any chance only 15 days after a d&c of getting pregnant--do you???
Enjoy your pregnancy and I wish you all the best!!

Korin, oh for sure it hurt so bad if it was a touch up!!! My god woman!!! did they not warn you it would hurt like the devil???
As for tatoo content, I have a replica of a painting I did, pastel, somewhat abstract nude. Steve has a beaver with the Canada Flag in it--he wasn't concerned like your friend with the Jesus fish, after all, he'll always be a Canadian and he claims he'll always love beaver..... I have no idea what he's talking about :LOL
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Just popping in to say I have a friend who got pg while practically still bleeding from a miscarriage!! Didn't have a d&c, but hey you just never know.
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Amanda!!!!! woohoo!!!

That is soooooo awesome!!!
I'm so psyched for you!!!!

Shannon... remember that 2 days ago you wanted to properly grieve.... but if you feel you're ready....
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Mabel's-Amanda -
as Homer Simpson would say WOOHOO !!!!!

sticky, healthy baby dust to you.

well girls, west to the health-food store & got some progest. cream/gel !
I'm still researching the use even tho I'm getting the same info.
Anyone else have any info?
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I know I know I think I said earlier..... I can be such a dweeb..... For a well educated, fairly intelligent woman, I can be dumb as a post during sex: The doc told me not to even expect a period for 6 weeks, so I went on the assumption that if I ovulated at all this cycle, it wouldn't be until later. My beta levels are still in the thousands anyway, so since my body still thinks I'm pregnant, I can't imagine it ovulating. KWIM??
So anyway, I'll bend over, , and you guys can kick me in the a$$ !
Seriously though, I know I need to wait, but something happens when you're vulnerable, and common sense goes out the window.
My massage by the way was great, she REALLY does alot of deep tissue work--so I'm a little sore, but I know from the past that it was what I needed.
Night for now, everone take care.
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Hello everyone.

Introducing myself...

I'm Lisa. We're ttc #2. We have one son, Grant, who is 18 (almost 19) months old. We have had 3 miscarriages.

I am currently on day 29 of an anovulatory cycle. I've been pretty down about it today, too.

Anyway, Shannon directed me here. I also posted an intro in the "Nursing Mamas" thread, as well.

Thanks for having me.
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Amanda... all I can say is YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations, lady and I know you'll hear this a million times, but I've got to say this: Have a Happy and Healthy! Best wishes to you!
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More exciting news!!!

No, I'm not posting a BFP... Oh how I wish!

I'm posting that my best friend from childhood just called, and they're inducing her tonight! She has pre-ecclampsia (high blood pressure) and they dont' want her to wait any longer ( baby is due on 3/16) So early tomorrow AM, I'm off to Tacoma to help her usher in this new life!!! I wanted to drive up tonight, but her doc said that there is no way the little guy is actually coming out until tomorrow or even sunday...

So think good thoughts for her!!! Maybe I'll be able to give her a BFP tomorrow!!!

Lisa!!! Hope your stay here is short and sweet! Hopefully our silliness will cheer you up a little... you can read back a while to see some of our fun ovulation songs. :LOL.
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Korin, BEST WISHES for your friend and FINGERS CROSSED for you!!!!

I wish your friend a QUICK and EASY labor with a happy healthy lil baby when it's all said and done.
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Best wishes to your friend Korin!!! You will have to inform us on sex, weight and length. Also you know if you test you will have to hijack an internet connection somewhere and let us know as soon as you do!!!
Good luck everyone!!
Oh and since this is the only place I can be proud of myself for this........ last night we used a condom and Steve works nights, so fortunately/unfortunately, I only really have to worry about this a couple nights a week--so every thursday I need you guys to get on my about birth control!!
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Ok all, I'm off to the birth now.. I'm going to start March OTTRA, since I'll be gone till tomorrow night.
I got a BFN today, but will test again monday., Gotta run!!
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