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Irregular periods while breastfeeding?

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Hi all. Well I have been BFng my DD for 13 months now. At the end of June my period started up for the first time. Anyway, since then I havent had another period. I am not sure what to think of this. I dont see how I could be pregnant because we use condoms every time without fail and they have never broken... I have always had irregular periods though... But does breastfeeding make your periods even more irregular? Just wanted to get some opinions on this. Thanks!

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Mine are very regular when I am not breastfeeding but while breastfeeding they could be off by a couple weeks sometimes and it took me a couple months to get back on track once I was completely done breastfeeding. Since you have only had it back one time, your baby could have increased his/her feeding enough that it is holding off a little longer. The more or less you nurse will probably contribute to a fluctuation in your cycle. I would think that with condoms and being less fertile in general from still nursing, if you were pregnant it would be a miracle.

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thanks diana!
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Mine came back 9mo pp despite around the clock nursing on demand. It was never regular; 4-7 week time spans I think (maybe even longer). Definitely my daughter's nursing habits affected it; when she was teeth and nursing constantly I either didn't have one or it would be really brief. I didn't even realize I was pregnant this time until 6 weeks even though we were trying because I wasn't concerned if I didn't have my period for that long anyway.
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