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UPDATE!!!Friend about ready to deliver first baby

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A good friend of mine is due to have her new son any day now. This is her first child, and I am her main support for breastfeeding. She is hopeful and excited to start nursing, but has seen what I went through with nursing my daughter (hell and back) and I think she is a bit nervous as well.

I want to make her a big food basket to deliver a few days after the baby arrives. I know when Abby and I finally got out of the hospital for the second time, I was so busy with attempting to nurse, pumping and gavage and finger feeding every 2 hours that I never had a spare moment wo make my self a decent meal, let alone meals for my family.

What would you suggest should go in the basket? I know frezer space is at a minimum, so I would like things such a breads, dry goods, and other "milk producing" items and drinks. Perhaps some of those meal in a jars things where you just add some water. I know I have seen those beautifully layers mason jars for pea soup and such, though I have no idea how to make that.

I think I will also include mother milk tea.

Any other ideas for items in the basket.

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The basket is a great idea! Maybe add some nuts for the protein and good fats, or some dried fruit to snack on. Include some little bottles of water to remind her to keep them near the bed and at "nursing stations" - then she can refill them.

I have to say, the soup in a jar thing sounds like too much work to me. In those early days when everything is so hard, even with the assembled ingredients I probably wouldn't have gotten around to cooking soup! IMO you should just make the soup yourself and they'll happily make fridge or freezer space.
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Make the basket itself part of the gift -- something she can keep all her nursing "supplies" in to move about the house when she changes nursing locations. Include some good magazines -- maybe Mothering, but also something like National Geographic or Smithsonian. A bottle of water, of course, is key. Lanolin. Luna bars or the like? Trail mix is good. These aren't all food, I realize, but help with the nursing process.

Good for you to support your friend! I also loved having a meal show up at the door after my DD was three weeks old and going through her first growth spurt.
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A nursing pillow would be a great present if she doesn't already have them. I like the My Brest Friend the best.

Here's a website for recipes for the soup in a jar thing:


Oatmeal is great for milk supply, and of course quick and cheap, too.
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Make the basket itself part of the gift -- something she can keep all her nursing "supplies" in to move about the house when she changes nursing locations
Excellent idea.
Make sure it's a one-handed basket though :LOL
I would have loved this! Maybe get her a breastfeeding book like the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, or the Breastfeeding Book by Dr. Sears.
And maybe a subscription to Mothering magazine? I know one thing that kept me sane during the hours of nursing at the beginning was having something to read!
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lots of muffins (you can put some wheat germ in them for extra goodness)


if she is a meateater, JERKY


dried fruit

M&M's! (sorry, but I love them and think that they sould be included in everything)

gift certificate for a place that delivers food or for a PPD to come in for a few hours.
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I would also include a list of local lll groups or lactation consultants, so she can seek help if there are any problems.

Great idea!!!
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what a wonderful way to support your friend. lots of great ideas. these are my picks:

mother's milk tea
luna bars
local LLL number
'womanly art of breastfeeding' book
granola (oats are great for milk production)
bottled water
fenugreek capsules (often used to increase supply if that is a problem)
this website address
and lots and lots of encouragement

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I second the recommendation for M&Ms! In the early days of breastfeeding, I kept a bowl full of M&Ms and pretzels by the rocking chair, right next to my ENORMOUS glass of water. Something about sweet and salty together really hit the spot at that time.

I would have been so happy to have a friend to put together this type of gift for me. Good idea!
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What a lucky friend she is to have you! I too would have *loved* a gift like this. I think sticking to the breastfeeding support theme is great - a good book, LLL info, magazines, breast pads, lanolin cream, healthy snacks, water, tea, maybe print up some funny cartoons about breastfeeding from breastfeeding.com to keep it light. Maybe a coupon for a home cooked meal and an offer to attend a couple LLL meetings w/her (it can be a daunting idea to a new mom). Great job mama!
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A "one free out-to-lucheon" ticket from you and take her to a LLL meeting AND lunch after!
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Thank you for all your advice!

My friend delivered today, and I am going to deliver the basket when I visit tomorrow. I included The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, the current issue of Mothering, a nice large water bottle, chapstick, those breast gel packs that can be heated or cooled for breast relief, gentian violet incase of thrush, granola bars, some snack mix I made and layered in a nice jar (mixed nuts, M&M's, small PB crackers, etc) some nice burp cloths, and a card with the local LLL leaders names, phone number, meeting times and an offer to take her and the baby to lunch and a meeting when she is ready.

I think she will love it! I know I would have!
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That is awsome. You are a really good friend. I would have also loved for someone to be that supportive of me. I am sure she will love it

mama to juniper
wife to ben
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Wonderful! She is going to be so happy. What a great friend you are. All breastfeeding moms deserve this.
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