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William Otis's birth story

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I finally got it written. I'm going to post it, but may come back to edit it more later.

We got to bed about 12:30 am and that's when my contractions started. They were about 10 mins apart at that point. I was going to try to just go to sleep, but every time I started to drift off, a contraction would start and they were strong enough that I couldn't ignore them. I finally got up after dozing off and on for a while. I had a feeling this might be it (although I didn't want to admit it and get my hopes up) so I started on my "what to do when labor starts" list.
It was about 2:30 am when I got up. I started up the computer so I could time the contractions and then started mixing up some wipe solution. At this point the contractions were 5-7 mins apart. I timed them until about 3:30 when I tried to lay down again. Wasn't going to happen. I started debating whether I should wake up Josh or not. I also felt I should call the midwife, but couldn't make myself do that at 4 am. LOL About this time I started losing some of my mucus plug (I thought, maybe so at the time, but I wasn't sure)
I finally got Josh up and we discussed what to do. Finally we decided that we would head out since we had an hour drive to the birth center. We figured that if nothing else we would get there about the time the restaurant opened and be able to get a good breakfast.
So at 5:30 am I let Mom know we were leaving and we got Fiona up to go sleep in our room with Colleen. On the way to Yoder Josh finally called the midwife. We were over half way there. He told her the contractions were at 5 mins apart (sometimes less) and a minute long. She said we should get on our way and we relieved to hear that we already were.
We arrived at the birth center and they checked me at about 6:30 am. I was 4 cm dilated, 100% effaced and the baby was at -1 station. Also, I had a bulging bag of waters. So I got to stay.
They ran the tub for me and I got in. I'm not sure how long I stayed in it. Josh was so tired (with about 4 hours of sleep) that he finally laid down on the tile next to the tub and dozed off for a while.
I finally decided I wanted out of the tub. So they helped me out and I put on a tank top to walk around. The contractions were 3-5 mins apart now. I would walk until I felt one starting and then I'd sit on the edge of the bed and lean against Josh during it.
At 9:40 they checked me again and I was between 5-6 cm. We decided to go ahead and break my water at this time. The midwife commented on how tough my bag was. A few contractions later they picked up in strength. It wasn't long and I was feeling a bit pushy toward the end of them. I held on to Josh during these. I couldn't sit because it felt like the baby was so very low. So, I would wrap my arms around Josh's neck and hang from him while he held me.
Then I hit transition and fell apart a little during each contraction. They were just so intense. Finally during a contraction I felt extra pushy and felt him move down. A few contractions later we moved me onto the bed. I pushed for 7 1/2 mins. I'm so glad it didn't take longer because that was so hard. I was glad to be pushing, but it hurt so bad. I got his head out and was glad to take a moment to breathe. Then I pushed the rest of him out and they got him right up to my chest. We were going to wait to cut the cord, but I was starting to bleed already so they said they thought it was better to go ahead and cut it. I said ok. Then they gave me a shot of pitocin to get the bleeding to stop. I was fine with that. I was happy to let them take care of that while I got to snuggle and love on my new sweetie.
They didn't take him to weigh, measure, etc until I said I was ready for it. I was tickled when they said he weighed 8 lbs 8 oz because just a day to two earlier I had guessed that to Josh. lol Then they wrapped a blanket from the dryer around the both of us and laid us down to nurse.
We were driving home when William was about 5 hours old. So much better than the hospital.

Oh, and here is some newborn squishyness.

William in my DIY gauze sling at 6 days.
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Congratulations! I've been waiting to see your post as we shared our due date Enjoy your babymoon!
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Aw, great story. I had a tough amniotic sac too. Congrats again!
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: Great story! Congrats again!
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